Okay, What A Great Day

Yesterday, I mean. It was just a great day.

I completed the mandatory credit counseling course, so I’m one step closer in the bankruptcy filing process. Yay.

And I got the house cleaned. Another yay.

The weather was beautiful, and one of the neighborhood cats – a really beautiful little cat who, indeed, has a home of her own — hung out on my kitchen porch most of the day, wanting me to come outside and pay attention to her. It was too cute! And I was happy to do it. Especially since none of my indoor cats, who are all rescued ferals, ever want me to pay attention to them. (And right this minute, one of the homeless strays I feed at night, is curled up in a cozy ball, sleeping on one of the chairs on my kitchen porch. I love the fact that he feels so safe here.)

Anyway, yesterday was also about THIS!!

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds finally launched their Summer European Tour in Denmark, after being postponed for two years!!

They will be in Barcelona on Saturday!! You can still get tickets HERE.

This also happened yesterday — in Madrid! The Rolling Stones!! All that confetti is because it was Ronnie Wood’s 75th birthday on Wednesday. (If you look closely, you can see the actual Keith on stage, standing in front of the giant-sized Keith on the screen. Followed by a really, really happy-looking Mick and Ronnie!! The stadium was absolutely packed.)

Blixa Bargeld and his band, Einstürzende Neubauten , were in Berlin last night. They are also on their first tour of Europe in two years (their awesome album, Alles in Allum, was realeased at the start of that first fun summer of COVID lockdowns…):

Brian May (guitarist with Queen), shared this photo from their show in Glasgow last night. They, too, are on their first tour of Europe in two years:

As you can see, a couple of people in Glasgow showed up!! (What makes me laugh — sort of — is that Brain May also stated on Instagram that, during this tour, due to strict COVID regulations, he will not be able to meet with any fans outside the venues after the shows…..hmmm. Yet, inside the arena… hmmm.)

Anyway!!!! I’m just so happy that no one at any of these massively- attended shows seems to be wearing a fucking MASK!!! Yay!!!


On a serious note.

From Simon Parkes. It’s primarily for members of Connecting Consciousness but probably anyone who wants to participate can just join in. It will last 5 minutes:

“This coming Sunday the 5th of June, CC is to hold a Worldwide meditation. We are to hold this in tandem with actions being undertaken by the White Hats. 

The biggest issue facing humanity as a whole, are the large number of asleep people! The purpose of this meditation is to wake as many of these people up as we possibly can, in doing so we speed up worldwide political events. “

Sunday 5th June 2022 at 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EDT), 10pm British UK time (BST)

•    Working as an individual or as a group

•    Visualize the human race (you could perhaps imagine lots of people) 

•    Imagine a heavy dense black cloud/fog sitting on their shoulders covering their head

•    Imagine this dense cloud to be cube shaped

•    Now visualize this cloud dissolving in the fashion as sugar placed in hot coffee/tea

•    Due to the satanic element and the way it re charges itself we do not want to blast it we have to dissolve it

•    At the moment you see this blackness dissolve please visualize a bright white light coming from source to the human race bringing a lifting enlightenment 

•    Please visualize this heavy blackness dissolving to reveal the human race, always be clear that this blackness is ignorance. You are to dissolve / ignorance and free humanity”

For 5 minutes, only, gang. And right at the exact time mentioned.

Okay. Phil is going to try to do a livestream tonight, probably at 9PM EDT, but check his channel later in the day to be sure. You can also follow Phil Godlewski on Rumble and DLive, to get alerts when he goes live. I find DLive easier because, often, Rumble will lose the feed midway through since too many people jump on there. (However, Rumble is great for the replay.)

All right! That’s it for today, gang. The rest of the news is the same: the election was rigged and no one is decertifying it yet; the vax is a dangerous bioweapon; Biden, Macron, Trudeau, et al, are fake; monkeypox is fake; shortages are fake but gas & food prices are still rising; everyone in America is still getting shot and killed but no one is telling us the actual story… etc., etc., etc. And most people, the world over, are still sound asleep.

Enjoy your Friday, though! Wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic did not do a general news update this morning.

Gila Jed: A Financial Reckoning is Coming (12 mins):

Alan Fountain Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin (30 mins):

X22 Report: Confirmed, Durham Got What He Needed, Election Fraud Exposed, Down She Goes (42 mins):

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