Wow, Another Perfect Morning!

Okay, gang, if you didn’t listen last night to Phil’s livestream, the replay is below and you don’t want to miss it!! Very good things are on their way!


Including the news that SOME STATES HAVE ALREADY DECERTIFIED!!!! Including California — 55 rigged electoral votes for the fake Biden, GONE!! I could not be happier.

And, as we suspected, NO children were shot in the TX school “shooting.” They were indeed kidnapped but have been rescued. Clarity is coming.

Get ready for an incredible June, gang.

Phil Godlewski, REPLAY (58 mins , including intro music):

And from Phil this morning (related to last night’s livestream):

“The man on the left [top], previously unnamed, was seen in Q drop 4241 on May 14, 2020.

The man on the right [bottom] is Gregg Phillips from True the Vote, featured in 2000 Mules.

I’ve always said that Q is deeply involved in the NSA.

I’ve recently said that True the Vote is likely operating as part of the NSA.

Is this the same person?

I report, you decide.”


Please don’t forget: Tonight, worldwide meditation at 5PM Eastern time, 5 minutes only! (If you missed the details of this, check yesterday’s post about Simon Parkes.)

• Working as an individual or as a group.
• Visualize the human race (you could perhaps imagine lots of people).
• Imagine a heavy dense black cloud/fog sitting on their shoulders covering their head.
• Imagine this dense cloud to be cube shaped.
• Now visualize this cloud dissolving in the fashion as sugar placed in hot
• Due to the satanic element and the way it re charges itself we do not want to blast it we have to dissolve it.
• At the moment you see this blackness dissolve please visualize a bright
  white light coming from source to the human race bringing a lifting
• Please visualize this heavy blackness dissolving to reveal the human race,   always be clear that this blackness is ignorance. You are to dissolve ignorance and free humanity. 

If guided meditations are eaiser for you, this meditation was put together specificlly for this evening (5 mins):

Okay, gang. This was just beautiful — my heart is rejoicing for so many private reasons.

Jeff Beck with Johnny Depp – “Let It Be Me” – Gateshead – June 2022 (4 mins):

And everything looked (and sounded) off the charts in Barcelona last night!

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds:

Next stop, Lyons, France! Monday & Tuesday. Buy tickets HERE!


More on XRP, XLM, etc.

Internet of Value and The Level Playing Field! Be ready! (Beginners Guide) (40 mins):


Restored Republic news updates (19 mins):

X22 Report: Hunters Become The Hunted, [DS] Control Lost, Attempt To Regain Power Will Fail (51 mins);

And that is it for this beautiful Sunday morning.

Thanks for visiting!! Enjoy your beautiful day, wherever you are in the world.

I love you guys!! See ya!!

The Everly Brothers: “Devoted to You “:

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