At least It’s Friday!

Okay, gang. In keeping with the new plan that we are primarily waiting for the decertification of 2020 to be announced publicly…. there is not going to be much news.

First off– from Intel Slava Z (among other channels):

“🇯🇵❗️ Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dies after attack in Nara city, he was 67 years old” [FYI –he was shot while giving a speech]


Tonight — I think this is going to be an important one, gang. President Trump has not appeared in Vegas since the attempt on his own life there. Watch the rally here at 8PM Eastern Time:

And for some reason that can’t be talked about, Phil is in Vegas right now, too, but it does have something to do with President Trump.

And Phil had a private Q&A last night for paid subscribers to his website only. But we have the replay on rumble. Very interesting questions got answered. Be sure to listen (you can FF through the first 15 minutes or so because he addresses how the Q&A will be run, etc..)

Replay – (1 hr 23 mins):


A handy reminder from the BLEXIT Instagram page yesterday:


Gunpowder Magazine had a great update in their newsletter yesterday:

“On Monday, June 13, 2022, Ohio became the 23rd U.S. state (with two more already approved for 2022 and 2023, totaling an unprecedented 50 percent) to enact a Constitutional Carry law.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine publicly stated that SB215, referred to as the “permitless carry” or “Constitutional Carry” law, which passed through the Ohio House and Senate without any Democratic votes, took effect.

Literally half of all states have now adopted Constitutional Carry including Alabama (to become effective on January 1, 2023), Alaska (since 2003), Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia (2022), Idaho, Indiana (effective July 1, 2022), Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota (for ND residents only), Ohio (effective June 13, 2022), Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.”

[In short — no one’s gonna fuck with you in at least 50% of the United States.]


From the Gateway Pundit:

Director General of the Danish Health Authority Admits Vaccinating Kids was a ‘Mistake’

[full article here]


A very interesting, although brief, overview– read his book Paul & Jesus, if you want to go more in depth on this topic.

James Tabor- Six Minutes on How Resurrection Faith Was Born (6 mins):

From some things I’ve read recently on Instagram, it sounds like some sort of horrible HAARP weather attacked the Bad Seeds’ Verona, Italy concert on Monday. It wasn’t just “rain,” as I had initially heard. It sounds like extremely high winds were mixed in with the rain and the heat.

I don’t think that the Bad Seeds are prone to believing “conspiracies” so maybe they don’t believe HAARP exists. Obviously, I don’t know. But it does sound like it was a harrowing event and it was a blessing that the show happened at all, without any deaths.

What the stage looked like before the show but after the wind came through:

Another great photo from the Verona show:

And here’s a photo from the show in Korsova last night:

Tonight, they will play Serbia, and after that, it looks like they take some sort of a break until they play Ireland on July 30th. We shall see!

And don’t forget — starting today, worldwide (except in China)!! On the MUBI app — the new documentary, This Much I Know to be True:


And that’s it.

Here in the Hinterlands, I am back to studying French on the Mondly app! I really love it. So relaxing for me, and it has beautiful memories for me of my previous life. A life that perhaps will return, but better. And I’m still studying the origins of the Christian movement. All, while waiting to hear back from somebody/anybody on the various screenplays and plays I’m working on.


Try to enjoy your Friday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning! The Youngbloods and their enormous hit from the summer of 1967, “Get Together.” (I have such vivid childhood memories of this song, gang. I always believed in it and I still do. It’s funny how the Q movement is all about this kind of stuff, but so many people still believe we are just a bunch of batshit-crazy “conspiracy theorists.”) Anyway. Listen and enjoy, gang. It is as timely as ever!!


A very interesting special report from Restored Republic, by way of Lightdancing.




Restored Republic news updates (30 mins):

X22 Report: The [DS] Just Blinked, News Is About To Unlock, Power Returning To The People (41 mins):

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