Does Anybody Have A Clue What’s Going On??

I guess somebody, somewhere does, but I can’t seem to find them on bitchute or rumble.

Just the weirdest shit is happening, gang — which usually means it’s covering up something else, or it’s just some sort of weird psy-op.

For instance, yesterday — what the heck was that fake arrest thing in DC? Was it just another way to demoralize people who want to see the removal of embryos from human uteruses kept safe and legal? I don’t know…..

From il donaldo trumpo:

“Never seen invisible handcuffs before…”

And from “Nancy Drew“:

“Today’s “situation” in front of the SC seems fishy to me. Arrested? Where’s the cuffs? How can she wave at the end? Why did they wait so long to do this, it’s been so quiet and roads opened again after 2 months. Why today?Why did they have what appeared to be yoga mats placed neatly spaced on the street to kneel/sit on? When I left today at around12:30 I drove between the Capitol and the SC to check it out. It was super quiet on the streets, no sign of any protestors around, and not a sign of anyone in green. No Capitol police around. Now sure they could have all shown up within about a half an hour, but normally protesters gather earlier than the actually scheduled time. It just doesnt add up. Could this be staged for optics or a distraction? Did Ilhan Omar look “different to you?🤔🧐 odd that Sean Feucht was at the Capitol, actually inside the building today, worshipping today? Who loves Sean Feucht? Hmmm……🤔

So, for some reason, my vid this morning from the capitol was removed completely. Gone🧐🤔


A couple of private channels posted this image yesterday, and I thought it was interesting. Keep in mind, they’ve said all along that Zelenskyy was a “puppet,” but they were never completely clear about which side…

“Those who shook hands with Zelenskyy were removed.”


From Phil’s channel by way of Secret History:

Why don’t we use magnetic field technology?

Modern Mechanix magazine published the news about the invention of a unique weapon in 1932. The magnetic cannon does not use gunpowder. Powerful currents flowing through coils around the barrel magnetically affect the steel casing, pulling it
through the barrel at tremendous velocity.

Each coil has its own generator and projectile running through the barrel. It automatically feeds the coil. A rotary switch could be used to adapt this idea to machine guns.

Using such technology would lead to the collapse of the fuel market. After all, there would be no need for gunpowder, gasoline, or gas.”


Sheriff Mark Lamb of ProtectAmerica.Vote had an announcement yesterday:

“ is launching a National Election Integrity Voter Hotline to provide voters with a point of contact to report potential fraud and to connect them with their local sheriffs.

If citizens see something unusual, we are asking them call our voter integrity hotline and we will route the concerns to the appropriate Sheriff’s office in their community. Sheriffs are the last line of defense and they can help enforce election integrity. 

The Hotline goes live in August and we need your help to ensure the hotline is fully staffed.” [donate here]


Alex Belfield, the Voice of Reason UK, had an update from his current court case– (The Crown vs Alex Belfield, 8 stalking charges).

Day 12 Court Report 👨‍⚖️ Stephanie Hirst Witness R v Alex Belfield (55 mins):


And also from Phil by way of Brian Cates:

“Most of the public doesn’t understand how this works.

The President has full declassification authority. When he declassifies something, it’s declassified. Period.

Now, a lot of people assume declassification = instant public disclosure of that formerly classified stuff to the news media and the American people.

That’s not how it works.

If, for instance, Trump declassified a whole bunch of stuff related to the RUSSIAGATE SCANDAL that was the subject of it’s own ongoing Special Counsel probe – which is exactly what happened here – that means this newly declassified and unredacted documentation was given to the prosecutors in the Durham Special Counsel’s Office.

Which means none of these declassified documents will be publicly disclosed until doing so will not damage, sabotage, undermine or harm any of the criminal cases that Durham and his team have been building.,

But this is too complicated for the normies to grasp. So the people who still watch the MSM and trust it have to be given a narrative to explain what’s about to happen in a way they can understand it.

So here’s the narrative that’s being rolled out:

Trump declassified key Russiagate documents, but the DOJ thwarted the public release of the declassified documents for 2 years and finally Trump and Kash made so much noise about the DOJ suddenly is reversing itself, revealing it thwarted a direct Presidential order, and is getting ready to let DURHAM make the disclosures.”


And, honestly, that’s really all I can find that seems to be some sort of actual news, or something of interest that isn’t fake…

Go out and enjoy your beautiful day, folks, while we wait for them to announce the SCOTUS decision to decertify 2020.

Thanks for visiting!!

I love you guys. See ya!

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