Overwhelmed by the Woke-ness

Honestly, I have nothing to really say today that is “news”.

Everywhere I look, I am overwhelmed by woke-ness.

“In my day,” (if I may speak as an elderly person, now that I’m 62) people who regarded themselves as “liberal” (black, white, brown, Asian, gay, straight, or LGBTQ) were usually people who had read a lot, had actual educations, traveled, understood something about the actual politics & psychological make-up of the world — and they knew how to express themselves.

Currently, the people passing as “spokespeople” for the woke community of this country come across like illiterate idiots. Why anyone would want to get on that particular bandwagon mystifies me. It truly does.

I have known so many trans people of every ethnicity for most of my life and what passes for trans “spokespeople” now is an affront to the human dignity of all of them. Of everyone I ever knew.

This clip is only 10 minutes, but see if you can stand watching it for only 2 or even 3.

Brandon Tatum and Bryson Gray GO OFF On Black Trans Panel | PART 2 (10 mins):

I’m also overwhelmed by the thought processes behind those people who think the whole world should be Christian. For instance, the thing going on with GAB (social media platform) right now astounds me. Even though I can’t stand Rachel Maddow (who attacked Christian Nationalists on TV).

GAB sent out a statment that responded, in part:

“Christian Nationalism is not merely a political movement. It’s a social, cultural, and spiritual one. Christian Nationalism is not merely limited to the right wing in the United States. Our King has dominion over this entire earth. Every square inch. Christians around the world are rising up right at this very moment to claim what is rightfully His.

We are done being the footstool of the Enemy. We are done being pushovers. We are done with simply wanting to be left alone. Now we want to win. Win souls for Christ. Win elections. Win in the culture. Win in the education system. Win with our own technology. Our own media. Our own entertainment. Win for the glory of God.”

Wow — segregate much?

I’m not comfortable with “radical” anything, Left or Right. History has shown that it doesn’t ever work out too good…


President Trump spoke in DC yesterday. Here is a replay on RSBN:


As far as we know, Birx was arrested quite a while ago and, according to Real Raw News, which doesn’t always get the facts straight, she was allegedly executed already for Crimes Against Humanity. So keep that in mind when you’re seeing any of this in the news now. It’s just another White Hat psy-op:

Birx admits she and Fauci made up ‘the science’ on social distancing, lockdowns

[…] Birx recently wrote a book that contains numerous admissions about the crimes she committed while working as Donald Trump’s Covid-19 Task Force adviser, one of them being that social distancing and lockdowns needed just ‘two weeks to stop the spread..’ […]” [full article here]

And, as always, “Nancy Drew” has a timely reminder for us!! Birx, then & now:

“Pa-leeeez.🙄😂 Wakey wakey”

(Prison looks good on her, don’t you think??)


I am just so tired of all these charades, aren’t you? Even if they’re intended to wake-up the sleepers, I’m just so over it.

But on we go, still waiting on the announcemnet of the decertification of 2020. And meanwhile, Airforce One is parked at Mar-a- Lago….hello. For heaven’s sake. How much more in our faces does it have to be? Trump fucking won. He’s the President. Can we get on with it now?


Yesterday, I had a very brief conversation, of sorts, that just stunned me. A woman, in her mid-50s, asked me if Chase was one of the evil banks, and I said, “Yes. In fact, the Romanovs were murdered just so that their gold could be used to start that bank.”

And she got angry and said, “I don’t care about that. I’m just so fucking sick of all these fees Chase is charging me.”

I was dumbfounded. I know she was only angry because she didn’t know who the Romanovs were and she felt intimidated by that. But this is a non-“woke” person, a Conservative, she voted for Trump, reasonably awake, etc.

It just staggers my mind, gang. I am so worn out these days because it comes at me on all fronts. She doesn’t care that the Romanovs were murdered. What the fuck, right? The ignorance. It makes me want to shoot myself. Literally — which is the sole reason why I don’t own a gun. Now more than ever, I just want to shoot myself. I think about it every fucking day. It gets harder and harder just to leave the house.

But I think that’s why God entrusted the welfare of all these rescued cats to me. He knew I would never leave them unprotected. That I would guard their well-being with my own life.

But I can barely stand it anymore. The Awakened Conservatives are dangerously naive. The woke Liberals are dangerously ill-informed.

I was trying to enjoy my dinner in peace last night — I had such a rough day yesterday, thinking about Kent’s passing, etc., and in the middle of dinner, a friend texted me: “Can you please pray? My 3-yr old neice was found face down in the swimming pool. They’re taking her to the hospital right now.”

How horrible.

Of course I can pray. I can drop everything and pray. I have powerful prayers. Still, it didn’t make for a peaceful dinner at home. (And this morning, I got word that the little girl was saved and is now back home.)

I just really need all this to be over now. They’re saying August now for the EBS. But I’m thinking they probably said that last August, too, right? I’m just over it, gang. I really am. I am so exhausted.

Meanwhile, I gotta scoot. There’s a monkeypox pandemic tearing across the country at breakneck speed so I gotta go back to work and sell a ton of supplements.

Have a good Wednesday, wherever it finds you.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

I leave you with this. From that breath of fresh air in my world–

James Tabor: Excavating Jesus Making Dead Stones Speak(1 hr 24 mins):

2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by the Woke-ness”

  1. Title:
    What is Colloidal Gold? (by mountainwellbeing.com)

    Use plastic spoons only!!!
    Dosage cats: 4-8 drops of coll. gold in their drinking water plus 20-30 drops of coll. silver
    Use hexagonal/structured (alkaline) water to avoid kidney problems.

    I am tired, too but I think we have to be patient…
    Best wishes,

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