The Good, The Bad, Everything Else is Ugly

Okay. The good news first.

I did get approved for help with my mortgage! They will cover my entire delinquent amount and make up to 6 months of payments for me. Hopefully I won’t need all 6 months, since my retirement checks will start coming in late September.

But what a relief! Now I can focus on getting caught up on the car. And maybe even be back to normal around here by Fall. Yay.

The bad news, which I was expecting–

The arborist came and the tree has got to go. I knew he was going to say that but it makes me so sad. The mayor already has my tree on the list of trees that have to come down.

However, the arborist also agreed that there is no merit to the lawsuit against me (my tree falling on my neighbor’s house and doing a ton of damage — Act of God).

And then, I guess the rest of the news is just plain ugly, gang.

I’m really really over it. I still check the channels, the paltforms, the headlines, the videos all the time, but I only want to post things here that are in some way truly informative, and are not just opinions, and not just meant to make us feel completely impotent and crazy.

I do find things that are edifying that I can’t always post here, due to their format. But it’s not “news” that is somehow going to help you get through your day, so I just move on now.

But, man, there is some truly, truly ugly stuff going on out there. And some of it is aimed directly at me. I’m not putting negative energy into “ignoring” it but I am trying to find the highest frequency from which to approach all of it. If that makes sense.

Anyway. I don’t want to let it get me down, but people are indeed quite sucky. It takes a lot of focusing to look beyond it to something better.


Phil has a new “Locals” community. You can join for free, but there is also a monthly subscription option with perks. Visit this link:


Some good news for Alex Belfield (the Voice of Reason, UK) and his current lawsuit (The Crown vs Alex Belfiedl, 8 counts of stalking):

Day 19 👨‍⚖️ BBC Security ‘Agreed Fact’ “Non Threatening” “Don’t See…Any Danger” Disclosure (1 minute 38 seconds):


And if you live in Ohio— VOTE on August 2nd. Even if it’s still rigged, please VOTE.

Here is a very easy-to-use search tool for your new voter districts:

Here is the latest voter guide, released yesterday — where do your candidates stand on Medical Freedom??

Every single one of my current Senators/Representatives support vaccine mandates, mask mandates, allowing employers to mandate vaccines as part of your employment, and NOT mandating that schools need parental consent before vaxing your kids!

So that Guide above is incredibly informative. You’ll know who is already in office and where they stand on all this; and who is opposing them and where they stand on all this.

(Every single candidate opposing my incumbents are pro-Medical Freedom. It’s just so important to vote, gang. Even if your vote gets stolen, there will be a record of it somewhere and it will count eventually.)


And that is really just it, gang. Please enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!

Breakfast-listening music! Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, “No Second Thoughts” off their second album, You’re Gonna Get It, 1978. Enjoy!

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