Quiet But Ominous

When Phil is posting at 6 in the morning, you know something is up. I’m just not sure what.

He ended the evening last night with a series of comms, and then posted this:

“Buckle up, Patriots.

Things are about to get juicy 🧃”

Then this morning, he posted some things about the rigged elections in Macicopa County, AZ, and then this, at 6:30am:


I guess we will just have to see how this week goes, gang. But it feels intense.


This was curious, indeed. Read it all the way through and just copy & paste the links if you want to read more — From Whiplash347:

“❗️Big plans for this week:
1) Twitter Press Release soon
2) Liquidity injection of 500b+$
3) A secret meeting of the leaders of the former Turan.
4) The announcement of documents regarding co-operation of former Turan countries and Stellar.

*Military Takeover of Lobstr✅️
Primary Servers being relocated to Serbia. Secondary Belarus.
Telegram will mark WhipLash347 channel as official.

Take down of NATO in Serbia?
The Reforming of Kingdom of Yugoslavia – After Clinton/NATO campaign split it up.
Eyes on Pelosi & FBI Director Wray
Q says Trust Wray.

BRICST Twitter Campaign begins Monday August 1st using the WhipLash347 channel.
Will provide a list of all the Corporation’s twitter pages Monday.
Ready for the launch?🚨🚨🚨🚨

These will also begin.

StellarBritain.digital Launched🔥🔥

  • Papua New Guinea National Bank
  • Cote D’voire [Ivory Coast] National Bank
  • Venezuelan National Bank


  • Moneygram August 3rd SDF Update.
  • #ProjectGuardian adding 1st lot of Liquidity.
  • BPFI – Going Live to the World.
  • Australiamines.digital telling all employees mid August.
  • BelarusBank switching over to ISO20022 Overnight July 31 to August 1.
  • Swiss Custody EUA Aug 20
  • Bricst Assets on Binance Aug 28

https://t.me/intelslava/34392 RV for Iraq 🔥🔥
https://t.me/intelslava/34380 – Algeria joining BRICS. Algerian BRICS Asset is in channel❗️❗️
https://t.me/intelslava/34400 USS Ronald Reagan approaching Taiwan

Pelosi landing in Taiwan Tuesday Night….⛑⛑⛑⛑⛑⛑⛑
Dam is about to break 📢📢📢📣📣📣
Think Bridge × 2
Pendulum – Like a Thief in the night
Playing with the 75th Rangers in the bush.

Yes on Stellar.


7 ton Leak Mihama Nuke Plant in Japan.
US Jets just landed in Okinawa.

Russia going to Cyber attack Lockheed Martin. 11.4 incoming.

Latvia who will rejoin USSR gonna name Russia a Terrorist August 2.

Something about NZ too”


A follow up to one of the items above — from ASB Military:

“Algerian President Abdelmajid Tebboun said that the republic is interested in joining BRICS.

Tebbun also noted that joining the BRICS would allow Algeria to avoid participation in ‘bipolar conflicts.'”


A handy reminder from SnowdenHacks:

“The same people who control the media are the same people who are part of the evil and corrupt system?
Crimes against Humanity.
You are not meant to think for yourself.
You are not meant to challenge their power [control].
Obey and accept.
Illusion of Democracy.
Illusion of Freedom.
Why does the media push division?
Why does the media incite violence?
Why does the media pit race v race?
Why does the media pit religion v religion?
Why does the media pit sex v sex?
Why does the media pit class v class?
Divided you are weak.
Divided you fight each other.
Divided you pose no threat to their system of control.
Controlled media plays a major role in shaping the narrative(s) to keep you powerless [helpless] and asleep [unaware of truth].


And a reminder from General PattonQ:


This is a huge wake-up call for Canada. There are deep layers of truth here, mixed with the usual fake stuff (Fake Pope, Vatican gold is now gone, etc).

Pope admits to Genocide, motion to arrest him begins at UN – China-Rome alliance in jeopardy (7 mins 11 seconds):


Front Porch LIVE with Rick Green and the Patriot Academy–

2022 PA Leadership Congress Kick Off at the Green Family Ranch.
Tonight you’ll get a mix of our weekly Good, Bad, & Ugly in the fight for Liberty and you’ll also be joining us from an extremely packed Front Porch as we welcome the PA Leadership Congress students from across America for a time of fun & fellowship to kick off the largest Leadership Congress in Patriot Academy history.” (27 mins):


Sunday LIVE Phone-In With Alex Belfield ☎️ 31st July The Voice Of Reason UK (1 hr 37 mins):


Awaken with JP: Waking Up From a Coma in 2022 (10 mins):


Ancient Hebrew Research Center is offering a very cool one-hour downloadable video , $6:

An Introduction to Ancient Hebrew

This video examines various aspects of the Ancient Hebrew language including; the relationship between the Hebrew words of the Bible and the Ancient Hebrew culture; the differences between Greek and Hebrew concepts such as time and space; the meaning of the letters in the ancient pictographic Hebrew script; and the root system of the Ancient Hebrew language. [Purchase Here]



If you live in OHIO, please vote tomorrow! Even if it’s rigged — just do it!!

Go HERE to easily find your new districts

Go HERE to find out who your incumbents are, what they stand for or DON’T (i.e. Medical Freedom) and who is opposing them and what they stand for, too.


Don’t forget–

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be at Rockhal in Luxembourg tomorrow, Tuesday, August 2nd. And then in Rasttat, Germany, on Weds. August 3rd. Buy tickets here!


And that is it for today, gang.

Just stay alert. It is intense out there.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!!

Breakfast-listening music!!More from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ Hard Promises album, 1981 — “A Thing About You”. Enjoy this great big jangly classic, gang!! See ya!

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