Saturday! LFG!!

Okay, gang, this is a brief one. Loyal readers of this lofty blog know that I participate in a CC worldwide zoom meditation out of New Zealand at 6am on Saturday mornings, so it gets hard to fit in “news gathering” before leaving for work on Saturdays.

If anything urgent comes up later, I’ll post about it. But meanwhile, there is only a little bit that I want to post this morning.

First off. Check out Phil’s replay if you missed his very revealing livestream last night! Go Phil!!!!!

REPLAY: Phil addresses the (most) recent false allegations against him. (1 hr 29 mins):


Interesting news from DC Clothesline:

Life insurance claims skyrocket after COVID jab rollout, prompting insurers to take legal action against vaccine manufacturers

“(Natural News) Life insurance claims have skyrocketed since the COVID jab rollout, dwarfing the number of claims made during 2020 when a high-mortality-rate-pandemic was supposedly ravaging the Nation. Yale epidemiologist Harvey Risch believes that insurance companies are on the verge of taking legal action against vaccine manufacturers over vaccine-associated death risks that were downplayed from the very beginning.

Risch points to an explosion of “early unexpected mortality claims” after the COVID vaccine rollout. This influx of life insurance claims is not even COVID-related, and insurers are struggling to pay out. Risch says that vaccine manufacturers misrepresented the “all-cause mortality” from their very own clinical trials, not only deceiving the population into taking dangerous vaccines, but also misleading the insurance companies who are now forced to pay for thousands of needless deaths in young and middle-aged adults.” [full article here]


From Shadow of Ezra — yesterday:


From Q the Storm — yesterday:

“NOW: Turkish President Recep Erdogan flies to Sochi – where he will meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

New alliances will be made. Turkey will leave NATO soon.”




Vindication (!!)(at least for my off-the-charts PTSD caused by all this off-the-charts WEATHER) — from Chris Sky:

“It’s a good thing weather modification is just a crazy conspiracy theory? … so “who wants a job in the weather modification industry?” … i told them i do… so i can make it sunny all the time. I dont think i got the job…..”

Weather Modification Int’l – PILOT CAREER CENTER
Information about Weather Modification Int’l on PILOT CAREER CENTER. Welcome to Pilot Career Center – Pilot Jobs and more! is a dedicated 24 hour webservice designed for…

[check that sh*t out HERE]


I guess in honor of Chris Sky’s birthday (!!)— I will indeed be going to The Cidery in Granville this evening to hang out with a couple of my actual girlfriends. Yay. (My ex-husband in Seattle sent me some extra $$ yesterday for my recent birthday, and now I can afford the gas and a glass of incredible cider, and more importantly, some time with friends on a Saturday evening.)

The Cidery in Granville, Ohio


Allegedly, one of the actors playing the fake Biden did indeed die last week (?), as Phil had said would happen. The other fake Bidens keep testing positive for COVID, btw. However. We apparently have another new fake Biden in the arsenal now:

“Has schlong Covid helped Joe’s hairline?

Who tf is that?

Perhaps the rumors of Joe Biden’s death are true..

Eyes on 👀”


Simon Parkes & Charlie Ward did a quick update to prove they are neither dead nor in Gitmo (15 mins):


Visit Alex from now on. No longer on YouTube.

NOT GUILTY!! From Alex Belfield — FULL STATEMENT (3 mins):


And that’s it for now, gang. Enjoy Saturday, wherever you are in the world!!

I love you guys. See ya!!

If you have never listened to this song, gang, please do!!! And think of someone you love.

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