Holy McSh*T, What A Day!

Yesterday was unreal, gang.

If you follow Phil (or Charlie Ward, for that matter), you already know that yesterday was off the charts ugly. Ugly ugly ugly. I actually found it a little frightening — the number of alleged Truthers who are blatantly falling under the Deep State bus. How much of this is optics? Not all of it, that’s for sure.

BTW, Charlie Ward is not dead. You can find proof here and here.

And the footage posted to Phil’s channel last night — that thing in the sky generating the insane lightning? — wow. Okay.

And Shadow of Ezra has some footage of intense lightning at the White House, and the lightning seems to be coming from the ground (?).

That’s what I mean by these insane storms we’ve been having this summer. They are ferocious and they seem unnatural. Not “nature-made”. That is why my PTSD is always getting triggered now. It is exhausting to live like this.


I was expecting a nice day off yesterday but that’s not what happened. The least of which — it was time to renew my Driver’s License and I was so excited to finally be rid of the truly horrific photo they took of me last time. HOWEVER… yes, that’s correct. They managed to take an even worse one this time. Seriously. Like, what is the deal? I have never looked like this in my life and now I am basically married to that photo for the next 4 years…

Then, in yesterday morning’s mail — a notice from my local tax bureau informing me that none of my local taxes have been filed for the last FOUR YEARS(!!).

I won’t say which online tax company I use, but unbeknownst to me, they didn’t file my local taxes for the last 4 years (plus they also didn’t file my state taxes for this past year, either. I found that out the hard way, too).

Luckily, I didn’t owe any local taxes, but I did have to dig out FOUR YEARS’ worth of tax paperwork and file for all four years yesterday afternoon. Thank God I save everything tax-related

I also spent time yesterday going over most of the materials for the Biomedis Trinity — a multi-frequency healing device — that the customer at work gave to me the other day to try out.

Essentially, it’s pretty straightforward & simple, but it does so many things that it’s actually complicated at the same time. Or, I should say, it’s complex. I spent a couple of hours going over the materials and still haven’t even used it yet. (Mostly, I want to see what it does for stress. It can alleviate PTSD, too.)

I still can’t get over that a total stranger gave me — another total stranger — a brand new never-opened $500 multi-frequency device to “try out” and let him know if it’s working….

(Does that seem a little suspicious to you? It does to me, too. But then I’m a Conspiracy Theorist…)

Well, anyway.

When I say that I find it a little frightening, what happened yesterday with the alleged Truthers — there were so many Truthers that I used to follow last year, but for various reasons stopped following them — most of them because of their comments about General Flynn. I didn’t think they were Deep State, I bascially just thought they were naive. Now I’m wondering if I was too generous toward them and they actually were Deep State.

Now, I follow about 3 actual people, plus several pseudonymous Q-related channels.

From Phil yesterday:

“What if I told you that 75% of “Truther” accounts are actually being run by Deep State employees.

Would you believe me?

Maybe you should start to expand your thinking.”


Oh, and FYI — Ashli Babitt was a psy-op. She never was Ashli Babbitt, she was an actress, and she didn’t die. You can ignore her “husband”.


From Q the Storm — he echoes something Code Monkey Z has been saying for awhile:

“Kari Lake wins the GOP Primary! Takes every county.

The more votes they count, the more come in for Lake. Like I said, it was a mathematic certainty based on the rest of the performance of the State.

This proves that the stall we have witnessed was a political one. There was ZERO reason for them to stop counting, not once but TWICE. It is a BLATANT attempt at fraud. And the extreme discrepancies between the mail-in vote and day-of vote clearly shows that fraud was attempted.

Katie Hobbs is compromised and needs to be arrested immediately.


This happened yesterday, too.

From Shadow of Ezra:

“Hot August Day Four”


This is kind of devastating.

From General Patton Q:

“In order for victims of Jeffrey Epstein to receive compensation from the Epstein Victim’s Compensation Program set up by his estate, they have to sign away their right to testify against Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Epstein Estate has paid out $125 million (so far) to about 150 individuals through this court-approved “voluntary compensation program”.

Meaning for slightly less than a million dollars a piece, they have silenced 150 witnesses that might have otherwise testified against Ghislaine Maxwell, or in one of the other 7 lawsuits still active against Epstein.

They are buying off victims.”


A news update from yesterday by RedPill 78:

Desantis Smackdown, Az Election Shenanigans, Colorado Update & FBI “Investigations” (33 mins):


Phil attempted to go live last night, but overhead aircraft — and maybe other stuff –were jamming his wifi.

He will attempt to do a livestream tonight, instead. At 10 PM Eastern. Check his channel later for updates.


Don’t forget!

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Klam, Austria tonight, and then in Gliwice, Poland on Sunday, August 7th. Buy tickets here!


And that’s it, gang. I’m exhausted. More storms coming today, tomorrow, Sunday.

Enjoy your Friday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

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