A Quiet Thursday??

I guess we’ll find out as the day goes on, but it should be a quiet, cool & sunny day here today in Crazeysburg.

Not much news — if you don’t count Latvia getting weird on Russia and Belarus. And if you don’t count any of the relentlessly awful noise about vax side-effects and the continuing “monkey pox” unfoldment.

And, of course, the “raid”…


News from Nick Alvear of GoodLionTV: He has a new album out of Venus Looking Glass music, Running Out of Darkness, and it is all 432hz music so that is pretty awesome!

The album is donation-based — give what you want or even download it for free. It’s up to you! Download here.


From Q the Storm:


“Could be a very interesting way to reveal some spicy evidence against the Deep State.

What I mean is,

-Trump baits hostile elements in FBI into raiding his home

-The docs they find are declassed already, there is no crime to charge Trump with

-But FBI now has them, and they shouldn’t

-So Trump sues them to get them back for his library

-Thus, making them public while all eyes are on the FBI, him, and the docs”


If you’re anywhere near my age (62), then you most likely recall that when we were little, we didn’t suffer from even a fraction of the sicknesses that children get nowadays. It’s really off-the-charts. I’m not just talking about autism and attention deficit disorder, either. Kids nowadays are always sick with something — and half the time it’s something you never heard of before.

A reminder from McInerneyGeneral:

“What happens when Big Pharma takes over your government, media and education system.”


From Chris Sky — a succinct explanation of what’s really been going on. Send it to people who might be starting to wake up.

“I did this interview for a norwegian woman with contacts in norway, germany, india, canada, uk and south america. Theres even a spanish version” (19 mins):


Quick chat between Mel Carmine and Clay Clark– Alternative New Currency System? (5 mins):

Mel Carmine and Tom Paladino– Discovering Scalar Light, Tesla, NESARA will end the Illuminati. (25 mins):


A couple from Shadow of Ezra:

“Trump security increased. Assassination threats are real.”

“Why is 45 still surrounded by generals?

Who still has the ultimate authority over our branches of military?”


And check out this interesting video from Phil yesterday in his car — loaded with clues & comms? Hmmm.

“Update on my case”


Other than that, it seemed most New Yorkers wanted to see Trump arrested yesterday. For what, we can’t imagine. Just for the sake of hating him, I guess. While Trump pled the 5th throughout yesterday’s bogus deposition.

Headline from the Baltimore Sun, from Richard Citizen Journalist this morning:


And this just came in from Q the Storm — this is actually great news, gang. It forces all this testimony into the public eye:

Breaking — FBI delivers subpoenas to Republicans who questioned The Steal…”

And this just in from Phil’s channel:


And that is it for today!!

Don’t forget — tonight in Oslo, Norway, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. And tomorrow night, they’ll be in Gothenburg, Sweden. Buy tickets here!

Okay! Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys! See ya!!

I leave you with — yes!– more Paul Simon. I’m on a roll. This one is “Gone At Last”, his joyfully raucous duet with (the late) Phoebe Snow from his truly incredible 1975 album, Still Crazy After All These Years. Enjoy!!!

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