Digging the End Game, Gang!


Okay. I had the most beautiful weekend. But I didn’t get to make a trip to the cemetery as I was hoping to do, because the guy who is coming to clean out my gutters — in preparation for the estimate to get a new roof!– had to keep delaying when he would get here. Until, finally, late yesterday afternoon, he said he was coming “next Saturday”….

Ah well. It wasn’t so bad, though. I just hung out here in the beautful weather and relaxed for two straight days. And I’m guessing that the cemetery will still be there when I finally get a chance to get out there.

All righty.

Phil’s livestream was very interesting last night, gang. If you missed it, the replay is below.

He had some really interesting comments to make about other “truthers” — a topic I try to stay away from on the blog. But, as we are in the end game now, you might find his comments of interest to you (I have a few related comments posted below from Q the Storm, too).

Phil also has an account set up at goldquiz.com, if you want to begin investing in precious metals. Since, with my retirement checks beginning soon, I will finally have a little money leftover at the end of each month, I’m eager to see if I will have enough to turn it into precious metals. I have an appointment this week, so we shall see!

Phil’s main intel, though, is about Big Pharma finally being taken down for real. This will be over the course of the next couple months, before the year is out. (And don’t forget what I posted about RFK Jr’s recent court victory against vaccines!!)

You can listen to Phil’s replay here–

Phil drops another huge piece of intel, coming directly from his mysterious source. We also talk about the next few months, and what we should expect in order to be prepared. (1 hr 35 mins):


This next post was sort of harrowing, gang. I tell you — if you are fighting against them, the [DS] will get you, wherever you may roam! (I can speak with absolute experience on that, even way out here in the Hinterlands.)

From Alan Sweeney Uncensored:

“First of all, I want to thank everyone over the past 2 months for the phenomenal support I received on the 1000km Walk from Galway to Brussels. The success of the walk was a result of your support and on the toughest days, I never felt alone.

I want to use this opportunity to explain what happened at the end of the walk. On the 15th of August, I arrived in Ninove, Belgium (25kms from Brussels) where I had a choice of either continuing on the N8 or bypassing the N8 via Liedekerke. I decided to depart Ninove and entered Liedekerke where I remained for a few hours as it was considerably hot and humid day in Belgium which was causing me to sweat excessively.

I departed Liedekerke at approximately 8pm to arrive in Anderlecht as early as possible the following morning with the ambition of getting my phone repaired. This was due to damage it sustained while walking along the Grand Union Canal in England, where the screen was cracked, and the phone received further damage while I was in Roeselare, Belgium.

I continued walking during the night, where I repeatedly heard the sounds of a bike in the darkness behind me over a 2 hour time period. I was naturally expecting a bike to pass me, however it never passed. I arrived at Plankenveld on Jan de Trochstraat, where I was 14km away from the EU Commission in Brussels. I took a rest on the side of the building and fell asleep. I awoke for a brief period and noticed a bike parked near me with a pair of shoes attached to the handlebars, however I was unaware that I was being robbed.

I woke a short while afterwards only to discover that my phone and bag had been stolen in my sleep. The bag contained, my passport, bank card, mobile phone, 7 power banks, charger leads, baseball cap, sunglasses, water and sports drinks. I immediately crossed the road to a house and rang the doorbell to ask the woman to call the police. A police van arrived and 3 police scouted the area however didn’t find any traces of the thief.

I travelled to Dilbeek Police Station and provided details of the theft and they advised me that the best course of action was to go the Irish Embassy. I requested the police to return me to the place I was robbed so I could continue and complete the remaining 14km of the walk. The police then provided me with printout maps containing directions to the Irish Embassy and returned me to the site of the robbery.

I immediately departed Plankenveld, reentering the N8 which led me directly into Brussels, arriving at approximately 1pm on 16th of August. While walking towards the Irish Embassy I passed the EU Commission which marked the end of the 1000km walk from Galway to Brussels. The overall walk took 50 days to complete which a final completed distance of over 1,050km.

When I arrived at the Embassy, I explained the theft that occurred and my personal circumstances. I called AIB Bank, who confirmed that 2 purchases were made on my card following the theft. A purchase was made for Indigo Anderlecht Carpark and another purchase was made at Erasmus Metro Station.

I have every reason to suspect at this point that the theft was pre-meditated and planned in advance to disrupt and prevent me from completing the walk. I also understand that the situation could have led to me being seriously assaulted or killed in my sleep and I’m taking the matter very seriously.

Tomorrow I’ll be creating a livestream to discuss the walk and to answer any questions you may have. Thank you once again for the support, I simply can’t thank you enough”


Rick Green’s Front Porch (front car seat) session from last night–

Lots of revelations this week as the truth keeps coming out in so many areas. As Churchill said, “Never, Never, Never Give Up!” (25 mins):


An amusing redacted meme!

From il donaldo trumpo:


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich — this is going on right now, but you can catch the replay later at the same link:

Corona Investigative Committee ISRAEL
Session 2 “MoH Coverup”
in English and Hebrew 🇺🇸/🇮🇱

“Topic excerpt:
▫️ Leaked videos from an internal Israeli Ministry of Health meeting: cover up of data and deliberate misleading of the public
▫️intentional confusion within Israel’s Corona advisory committees, their revolving door and failure to disclose vested interests
… and more!”

[Watch HERE]


Here are those comments related to the things Phil was commenting on last night…

From Q the Storm:

Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Greg Reese and co. have zero credibility moving forward when it comes to their perspective Re Trump.”

“FACT – Diet Truthers – who ignored the Q drops for the past 5 years and listen to Infowars etc – struggle to understand the 30,000 ft view perspective of the ‘Operation Warp Speed’ move by President Trump.

Alex Jones is a liar who pretended he spoke to Q for anyone who still listens to Infowars.

‘…Hey everyone look at us, we got Q on the phone…..’ 😂

Bill Cooper warned us about Alex Jones the Stratfor shill.

‘…..oh look…he must be reals because he exposed Bohemian Grove by “breaking” in…’ 😁

Any so called ’truther’ in the alt media who still choses to ignore and dismiss the Q movement have exposed themselves as being diet truth.

They are either compromised or they cannot escape their ignorant two party system or anarchist biases – whatever it is we do need to call it out.

We don’t just ignore such information in the alt media.

That is what the sheeple do.

So Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Greg Reese and co. have zero credibility moving forward when it comes to their perspective Re Trump.

Ask them why they ignored the Q drops???

Diet Truthers are black pillers who actually hold back the truth movement due to their cowardice (…but but but Q is kooky), ignorance or being an infiltrator.

David Icke and Alex Jones deliberately ignored the Q drops for 5 years…

It is super weird guys – lets not pretend its not.

An honest truther would have done a deep dive to figure out for themselves why people call Q a military operation.

Nah….they didn’t. Why?

Well it is just easier to not do any research, be weak and dismiss the subject as Operation Trust 2.0 to try to sound clever.

If they try to say they did look into it but all they took away from it was ‘..sure it was just a larp…derp.’ – then this means they have terrible discernment, are not logical thinkers as they do not have the pattern recognition abilities ANONs have.

Infowars are the pied piper of the truth movement, taking people away from the hardcore issues that are not already out there.

They cover what everyone else does to fit in as a reliable news outlet in the movement.

Infowars do not really break stories that shake the truth movement with new info…but they do lie about Sandy Hook and PIZZAGATE when the Deep State get exposed.

They are controlled opposition.

Ignoring the entire Q movement for 5 years after the media banned anyone talking about it, speaks volumes about who they are and whether or not you should be listening to theirs or anyone else in the alt media who could ignore the Q drops so called geo-political “expertise”.

Just say no to diet truth.”


Also– watch out for someone posing as MEL CARMINE on twitter!! He is scamming people, big-time re: bitcoin!




New to Q? This will help you!



Last night in London! Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds — plus shoe!!! (Don’t forget. the tour ends at the end of the week. Buy tickets for Spain and Portugal shows HERE.)


That’s it for now!

Enjoy your Monday, wherever it takes you!!

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!!

For Greg — the last record we listened to together. (Greg, who had long blond hair and blue eyes, is 48 years gone now. How I miss you, baby!) David Bowie’s “Sorrow”, from Pinups, 1973.

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