Big Changes Coming

So much happened yesterday, it was just crazy.

My schedule here on the blog is going to be changing. I got a second job — a job I really, really wanted and was kind of expecting for a while now. But yesterday, I actually got it and will probably start it next week.

I am going to try to keep working at the health food store at least a couple days a week, but the new job will require that I leave the house really early in the morning — 5:30am — so, unless there’s a bg intel drop, I likely won’t be blogging on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays in the near future.

Also. If you are familiar with my bio, you’ll know that for many years I was working on a play with Sandra Caldwell, a transgender actress based in Rhinebeck, NY — a musical that she wrote about her life. (If you’re on a laptop, those photos are of me and Sandra at her house in Rhinebeck, while working on her play.)

Before COVID, we were anticipating that her play would be workshopped in Toronto. Then everything came to huge halt.

Yes, of course! Then yesterday, I was suddenly hired back on to that project as a consulting writer and it is going to be workshopped in Toronto and now suddenly, I need to work on that project, too, at breakneck speed.

And there is other stuff going on, too, regarding my writing career, but I’ll save that for another day. The bottom line is that I am now, quite suddenly, really, really busy.

The news is brief today. The main news, of course, is that with the death of the Queen finally being announced, the end game should be moving ahead really quickly.

Phil did a livestream last nght, where he discussed in detail what we can expect to happen with the worldwide central banking system, beginning sometime within the next 10 days.

He anticipates many outages at banks and ATMs and he recommends that you keep as much cash on hand at home as you can. Also, of course, he — like everyone, these days(!!) — recommends investing your cash in precious metals, primarily gold & silver. The Federal Reserve is coming to a public end.

Here is his replay in case you missed the live — “Phil addresses today’s public announcement of the Queen’s death, and talks about what it means for us going forward.”

Queen – September 8th, 2022 (1 hr 54 mins):

A reminder from the real Vincent Kennedy — another important thing happened on the day that the “Queen” died:

From CaptKylePatriots by way of Farrell Hedges:

“2 Queens same day publicly, there’s no coincidences. Australia getting its sovereignty.”


A reminder from JKF TV:

“King Charles III was a life long close friend of serial Pedophile Monster Jimmy Savile and was even directly advised by him for years…”


A reminder frm “Nancy Drew” — (a young naked boy, escaping out a window from Buckingham palace):

“1994… Buckingham Palace. In case anyone has forgotten.”

(If you don’t know what the image above refers to, watch Fall of the Cabal. The royal family will never mean the same thing to you again, ever.)



Lin Wood had this to share last night:

“One more tune dedicated to Elizabeth. And sadly to many others like her.

The love of money is the root of ALL evil.

But every lie will be revealed.

Good night.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸”

Johnny Cash- God’s Gonna Cut You Down :


And Nick Cave sent out a beautiful Red Hand File yesterday, about loss and the beauty of life and what connects humanity. You can read it here.

And that is it for now, gang!

Enjoy your Friday, wherever you are in the world. Stay alert to upcoming banking issues! Keep cash on hand.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!!

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