It’s Getting Curiouser & Curiouser

Okay, gang. Another day with not a whole lot of actual news — unless Trump flying into DC yesterday to “play golf” is interesting to you…

Anyway, this will be brief, yet again.

A few posts that are military–

From ASB Military:

“Yesterday another Iranian cargo Boeing 747, which had been at Sheremetyevo Airport for almost a day, left Moscow after unloading.”

And a few from Intel Slava Z — yesterday & this morning:

“🇦🇲🇦🇿⚡️Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan stated that as a result of the aggravation on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border there are casualties in the ranks of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces”

“🇮🇷🇦🇿🇦🇲 Iran expressed readiness to provide any assistance to resolve the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan – Iranian Foreign Ministry”

“🇦🇲🇦🇿⚡️Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan will arrive in parliament within an hour and tell the deputies about the situation on the border with Azerbaijan – parliament speaker”

“🇦🇲🇦🇿⚡️In Azerbaijani social networks, 7 dead and 4 wounded Azerbaijani servicemen are reported.”

“🇦🇿🇦🇲⚡️Pashinyan said that Armenia’s losses as a result of shelling on the border with Azerbaijan amounted to 49 people killed, this figure is not final”

“🇷🇺🇺🇦 It is reported about the further advancement of the assault units of the “Wagner Group” after moving in the industrial zone of Bakhmut (Artyomovsk). “Musicians” with the support of the artillery of the RF Armed Forces are grinding Ukrainian positions and destroying the firing positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the city and its environs.”

“🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡️Kiev lost more than 800 people per day as a result of strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces, including near Slavyansk, Artyomovsk, Kharkov – Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation”


Some posts regarding the new banking system–

From XRP Nesara Gesara (Mel Carmine’s channel):

“Heres some fun things to know.

Did you know that EVERY single account at Wells Fargo (and many other banks) have a corresponding account that holds equal amounts of XRP and XLM? Yep, even those tiny savings accounts with $10 in them.

Did you know that Wells Fargo (and many other banks) have their own wrapped tokens that represent some of the largest publicly traded tokens currently on the market?

Did you know that Wells Fargo and XRP have a contractual agreement to provide exclusive services to one another?

Did you know that XRP has a contractual agreement with every single quantum compliant bank?

Did you know that there are entirely new banks being founded as we speak with 100% of reserves being held in Gold, XRP, and XLM? Entire Banks, with ZERO USD reserves.

I have so much to share I don’t even know where to start!

I’m currently making a list of all the things I can think of that I could not touch on before.”

And if these changes in the banking system, and why it is needed, are all new to you, this will help explain–

Q News Patriot: The True History of the Titanic | The False Flag and Satanic Sacrifice that Started it All (35 mins):


Some Trump-related stuff!

President Trump wants to hear from you!!

“I have received and read the TREMENDOUS comments from Patriots across our great Country sharing their thoughts at I want you to know that I hear you, and I will NEVER stop fighting for you! I hope you, your family, and friends keep in touch by visiting to Share Your Thoughts. We must save our Country! We must Make America Great Again!”

When he wasn’t playing golf, President Trump was very busy on Truth Social yesterday. Here’s just one of his many re-truths:

From JFK TV:

“President Trump ReTruthed

Into THE STORM We Go. 🐸🇺🇸

Whether you believe it or not, it’s getting pretty interesting now. 👀”

Also, President Trump will have a rally this Saturday evening (the 17th!!!!), here in Ohio. You can watch it here.


More from Phil:

“how many before it’s mathematically impossible? 😏”


This was fascinating. It was shared in my local Connecting Consciousness group this morning:

Natural learning (unschooling)

Learning to read, write, count, and to show interest in science, geography, and history without teaching our children? This is exactly what happens in families who support natural learning, also called unschooling![…]”

[full article here]


From the Gateway Pundit:

“Ethically Unjustifiable” – Scientists from Harvard & Johns Hopkins Found Covid-19 Vaccines 98 Times Worse Than the Virus

[…] “Per COVID-19 hospitalization prevented in previously uninfected young adults, we anticipate 18 to 98 serious adverse events, including 1.7 to 3.0 booster-associated myocarditis cases in males, and 1,373 to 3,234 cases of grade ≥3 reactogenicity which interferes with daily activities,” the study stated. […]

[full article here]


From DC Clothesline:

REAL American History: The TRUTH About Democrats and Our “Racist” Past

[…] For decades I have watched racial equality become a mainstay of American politics and culture, but no one is telling the truth. Here is a good example… Barack Obama supported slave trade in Mauritania that was only ended at the hands of Donald Trump. Read this article, if you don’t believe me. I was the only American journalist, to my knowledge, to feature the truth of this story.

Today I am going to give you several videos that teach the real truth of black history in America. If you watch all of these videos you will know more about REAL black history in America then most with degrees in history. Why? Because real racial equality in America is mostly censored. They know that most will not do their own research, and simply tune into fake media sources to get the “facts.” The problem is that they are not teaching you facts, they are simply following their own strategy of division. A divided house will surely fall folks. […]”

[full article with videos HERE]


Last but not least!!!!

There was an interview with Nick Cave on Sunday in the NY Times. (Nick Cave’s memoir, Faith, Hope & Carnage, comes out Sept. 20th)

Nick Cave Lost Two Sons. His Fans Then Saved His Life.

If you are reading this on your phone, you might have to pay for the article, but on the computer, it is free.

Read it here.


And that is it, gang!

Oh! FYI — they loved what Sandra and I turned in regarding the play, and now the full working draft is due in Toronto, with Sandra, on October 30th (!!!!)

These next 8 weeks should prove very interesting, especially since I am also starting a new part-time job…


Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Tony Lin strikes again! I love his videos.

Shocking: Israel Lowers Menstrual Irregularities Rate By Including Men’s Data (7 mins):



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