Close to the Vest

Okay, gang. Information is going to be super slim from now until September 28th (?) .

First and foremost– from yesterday. SG Anon:

SGAnon discusses recent comms from <45> referring to the treason, and nuclear terrorism, committed by POTUS44, Hussein Obama, and how it will tie into Election Fraud of 2020, the coming war in Europe, and the coming conflict in the Middle East.

The future is Golden. Hang in there Patriots, we are almost at the public conclusion for Phase 1.


Hussein Obama’s Treason | “World War” Coming | New Alliances | Future is Silver & Gold (42 mins):

Also, this was actually from Sunday, when Putin was putting out all those Ukraine comms. It was unverified footage, so I didn’t post it, but I’ll post it now, in case it’s valid:

After Xi and Putin held recent talks, Chinese military asset movement into Ukraine leads us to believe that coordination is now integrated at LEVEL-2.

What if Russia and China are coordinating with POTUS to eliminate the NWO?”-Q

It’s also from SG Anon — allegedly “Chinese Military Patriots Arrive in Ukraine | The Unveiling of New Alliances” (1 minute):


From Aquila — (There’s a lot of footage coming out from various places in Russia, of young people protesting the mobilization into Ukraine, and also trying to flee the country.

You have to wonder what these people will tell their children and grandchildren if they are ever asked about the part they played when Russia literally saved the world…)

Here’s just one sample of people trying to flee across one of the borders last night:

“🇷🇺⚡️Men at Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport are waiting to leave Russia after mobilization drive kicks off.”

However, plenty of people are in a hurry to sign up.

Again, from Aquila:

“🇷🇺⚡️Russian men reaching a local commisars office in Yakutia for enlisting following Mobilization in Russia.”

“🇷🇺⚡️Another video of Chechen men accumulating in Chechnya’s military Commissar’s office.”

Then this, from this morning:


New Document’s were leaked showing Russian Mobilization includes 3 Waves reaching 1 million men instead of the earlier announced 300 thousand men.

List of 305,925 names comprising the 1st of presumably 3 waves of Putin’s draft has been leaked.

Pieces fiting together to further corroborate that 1 million people are intended for the draft, not 300,000.”


Last evening, Phil posted this:

“Yep. Totally normal to have a gun ship flying over Luzerne County PA.

Nothing to see here.

Joe Biden is President.

Carry on.”

“Circled 6 times now.”


This is disturbing. I’d read a ton of stuff last year regarding Elton John’s alleged pedo status.

The fact that he’s giving a concert on the WH lawn when there is a fake president (and a shadow President) is cause for a great deal of pondering, gang.

From “Nancy Drew“:

“I just wanna know what this enormous structure is, going up on the South Lawn! What in the world?🤔”

Elton John to Perform at White House for ‘A Night When Hope and History Rhyme’ Event
Elton John will be entertaining the audience at an event held on the South Lawn on Friday called, ‘A Night When Hope and History Rhyme,'”


Very intensely WEIRD, gang!! You have to watch this short video.

(If you’re new to this — the royal family were arrested/executed a couple of years ago for some horrific crimes against humanity. They were all replaced by actors/body doubles. Hence, the new “King Charles III” is fake.)

Posted on Charlie Ward’s channel.


In the House of Commons – Parliament have sworn allegiance to King Charles I, NOT Charles lll.

Enjoy watching the continued shit show🔥

Interesting 🧐🤪🤪🤪🤪 they need the media to pump it, and gullible souls to suck it up” (4 mins):


Good news from Project Veritas:

“BREAKING: Jennifer Norris “No longer employed with Trinity School” Following Project Veritas Undercover Video Revealing Classroom Indoctrination”


From Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺Military registration and enlistment offices around the country are crowded”


And something beautiful from Yellow Vest Ireland:

Tau & the Drones of Praise – Ceol ón Chré (official video):


And a new one posted by James Tabor yesterday–

A Virgin Shall Concieve (18 mins):


And don’t forget!! The book-signing tour reaches Scotland today!

And a very happy birthday to Nick Cave. 65 years young today!


And that is it, gang.

Stay safe, wherever you are in the world. We are deep in the End Game now. Expect EVERYTHING — but remember that this movie has a great ending.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!!

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