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Hang on, gang. The week is only begininng!

From Phil’s channel:

And from Simon ParkesWOW. Check this out:

Big thing no one is talking about. The British Army is released from its oath of allegiance to the Queen and Monarchy!!”


And from Charlie Ward — 30 hotels in London booked solid with UN soldiers… why? (2 mins):


And posted on Phil’s channel & elsewhere — a massive number of UN soldiers in London:


From Ultra Pepe Lives Matter:

“You’re going to be so glad that you held the line through this entire precipice.
You’re going to be able to look yourself in the mirror and be proud that you refused to give up the promise of a better future.
These are remarkable days.
And you looked through the darkness and found God guiding you through this hour.
You didn’t lose sight of what’s precious, unassailable hope.
Joy is so much sweeter to the taste now that you’ve known so deeply the anguish of the battle.
And believe me, joy is coming.
I can see feel it so clearly.
God is winning. He won.”


In Italy — (beautiful speech!):



From “Nancy Drew” — some questions:

“What REALLY happened with Xi? What happened on the 24th? 😉🤔 Why were over 9,000 flights cancelled across the mainland on the 23-24, and bus/train service cancelled surrounding Beijing, which has yet to be explained? Why was there an 80km long line of military vehicles outside of Beijing as well?🤔”


From Q the Storm:

“Ukrainian Armed Forces ammunition Warehouses in the Belenky / Zatoka area of Odessa just got hit by Russian kamikaze drones. Huge explosions being reported”

“Ukrainian sources say that the warehouses in Odessa were packed with so much ammunition that they expect the explosions to last for at least 1 to 2 more hours”


From Alan Sweeney :

“Teenager speaks out against schools forcing far left ideologies on students. He raise the fact that far-left ideologies are in fact discriminatory against certain races. He also states that schools are now more focused on teaching students about activism versus actual education which is creating a polarized society. He also claims that students are too scared to speak out in case they’re punished by the schools administration or getting their grades reduced for simply having a different opinion.”


A great Scavino comm:




From Simon Parkes:

Connecting Consciousness Meetup Las Vegas, Nevada October 1st…

Connecting Consciousness – Spiritual and Wellness Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. October 1st

We have a 1 day in-person CC Spiritual and Wellness Conference in Las Vegas on the 1st October with a line up of special guest speakers (including Simon and Becky who will be attending virtually).

If you are a CC member and are interested in attending, please reach out to your local Coordinator as soon as possible for more information.”


2022 09 25- CONNECTING CONSCIOUSNESS Update (2 hrs):


A psy op on SO MANY levels, gang!

From Bannon’s War Room:

Things Go Really Bad After Biden Publicly Blames Elton John For AIDS At WH ShowPopulist Press ©2022
Music Legend Elton John is on a lengthy “farewell tour” traveling the world.

[…]He also has collaborated with other musical giants and written scores for musicals such as “The Lion King”. [Disney = pedos, gang]

[…] founded the Elton John AIDS Foundation […] [How come they didn’t “discover” that Fauci created AIDS through vaccines? Hmmmm]

[…] He also worked to raise money for the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, which helped “track and understand the spread of the virus…[…]

[…]“The President of the United States awards this National Humanities Medal to Sir Elton John for moving our souls with his powerful voice, one of the defining songbooks of all time….” [Fake president, fake award]

[…] He also thanked George W. Bush, who was not in attendance, for his “astonishing” work to expedite the fight against HIV and AIDS. He addressed the former president’s wife, saying, “President Bush accelerated the whole thing with his PEPFAR bill. We would have never gotten as far without President Bush — please tell him for me, give him a big hug. [WTF???!!! Well, since GWB was excuted for High Treason and Crimes Against Humanity, we’ll have to hold a seance to give him our deepest thanks.]

BEST part of the evening, I guess:

“Unfortunately Biden, speaking to an audience at the White House at the end of a performance by pop music legend Sir Elton John, appeared to blame the singer for the AIDS epidemic, or wasteful taxpayer spending, or… something.

“By the way, it’s all his fault that we’re spending $6 billion in taxpayer money this month to help fight HIV/AIDS,” Biden said[…]” [again, fake president, fake speech]

[full article here]


Another great one from Tony Lin — Lancet Myocarditis Study: Over 90 Days After Onset In Vaccinated Adolescents And Young Adults (10 mins):


An invitation from James Tabor– (online event)

Don’t Miss This Event: The October Bible & Archaeology Fest (14 mins):


And I’ll close with a couple of posts from Phil’s channel:

[This is regarding his livestream on Saturday night]

From Terri Christie:

“Am I the only one who saw the reference to V for Vandetta? In the end, this anon with this mask blows up all the governments buildings and icons with fireworks and plays a symphony while doing it. He does that conducting motion while it all burns. I feel like that’s what Phil was alluding too. It’s all burning down, the final act is in play.”

From Phil:

“is that the “Phantom of the Opera” I hear in Scavino’s latest video?

What are the chances of Dan Scavino posting this, and this masked dude using “conductor” hand motions 1 night before?



And Chris Sky arrives in Paris today….. you can message him through telegram


And I’m going to close there for now, gang.

Stay alert! Please keep cash on hand!! ATMs and banks are experiencing closings and outages.

Enjoy your Monday, as this massive End Game gets under way.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

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