Alive & Well & Living in Russia?

Welcome to Tuesday, gang.

If you still have access to your bank account, you are among the lucky ones! (I still do. But then my bank is a tiny local, rural bank. So we’ll see!)

Yesterday, Russia gave permanent resident status to “Edward Snowden.”

This is optics. Most people believe that “Edward Snowden” is/was the alias of someone more commonly known now as Phil Godlewski (we also believe he is “Mr Poole”, and also the prototype of the Anonymous Hacker)…

From Phil yesterday:

“Thanks for all the well wishes!



“I wonder what Mark Poole would think of all this Snowden talk.

I think he might find it interesting.”


I also want to share this, just becuase I think it’s great. A follower of Phil’s drew this:

And Phil is planning to do a livestream on Thursday, 9/29, at 7PM. Check his channel for updates. (Ignore the “FAKE” warning.) (In a perfect irony, the one that says “FAKE” is acutally is real channel…)


Talk about Fog of War, optics, and wake-up time–

From Chris Sky:

“WORLD WIDE RED ALERT. China announces that their new Central Bank digital currency will EXPIRE if not used. IMAGINE a world where you cant even save 1 dollar for your or your familya future because the governmemt FORCES you to spend EVERY DOLLAR. Thats the world where you will OWN NOTHING, but definitely wont be happy. Are you understanding why people like me are “still fighting”, now?”


More irony/optics/Fog of War here—

From Aquila:


Russian media channels confirmed gas supplies to Europe via Nord Stream 1 has been completely stopped.

Both strings of the pipeline “Nord Stream 1” and one of the strings of the non-launched “Nord Stream 2” recorded a sharp drop in pressure. Pipeline repair equipment is unavailable due to sanctions.”


A couple from Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺🇺🇦 On September 27, referendums on the accession of the Liberated territories of Ukraine to the Russian Federation end. And the procedure for their admission to the Russian Federation may take place on September 29. We analyze what Ukraine is losing:
▪️regions in which referendums are held have rich black soil, mineral deposits, developed industry, large economic, industrial and human potential, developed mining industry, transport and industrial infrastructure;
▪️until 2014, only Donetsk and Lugansk regions together accounted for 16% of Ukraine’s GDP;
▪️integration of agricultural regions (Zaporozhye and Kherson regions) will turn the Russian Federation into the largest player in the grain market;
▪️Odessa actually remains the only access point of Ukraine to the sea (at the same time, Odessa remains in the sphere of interests of the Russian Federation);
▪️Ukraine is losing about 9 million people, and taxpayers in uncontrolled territories will move into the Russian legal field.

As you can see, the situation is amazing, but at the same time, no one is talking about the future arrival of winter, when the lack of energy resources and other economic difficulties will force European countries to radically reconsider their policy of supporting Ukraine.”


“🇷🇺❗️The current results of the referendum indicate that the residents of the Kherson region see their future and the future of their children within the framework of a single state – as part of the Russian Federation, – Head of the Electoral Committee Marina Zakharova”


“🇷🇺 The turnout in the referendum in the LPR by the middle of the 5th day is 90.64%, according to the republican CEC”


“🇷🇺❗️Vladimir Putin: Saving people in the Donbass and in the liberated territories of Ukraine is at the forefront for the entire Russian society.”


“🇨🇳🇷🇺 The Chinese authorities do not intend to curtail the policy of openness and will continue to actively purchase goods from other countries, including oil and gas from Russia, said Vice Minister of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China Wang Shouwen.”


A snippet from Restored Republic via LightDancing (14 mins):


This is so sad, gang. These people were all doctos or medical students in Canada. Their only crime was being utterly brainwashed by Big Pharma. Now they are dead.

A 2-minute slide show.





Last but not least, gang.

Weird situation around the Netflix show Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

I don’t have Netflix so I haven’t seen it. But in my opinon, Dahmer was a very tragic human being. Not only that, he was born & raised right here in Ohio. (Lots of serial killers were, as it turns out, including Charles Manson.)

Anyway, while, in general, the show is getting really great reviews, many in the LGBTQ+ community — of which I am a part and always have been and I am now 62 — are upset that the Dahmer show is categorized as LGBTQ+.

I guess because it gives the community a bad name…

Also, it is “re-traumatizing” any surviving victims.

Gotta love that last one, gang. Doesn’t every single solitary TV or film about an actual killer, or any true tragic event, re-traumatize anyone that survived it? That’s entertaingment, gang!!

Anyway, if more of the community were less indoctrinated and more educated these days, more compassionately literate, then they would stand a better chance of seeing why Dahmer was tragic and why what happened to him, along with the atrocities he eventually committed against other unsuspecting gays, is a vertiable testimony of what can happen when gays (or anyone, for that matter) is taught to believe that everything inherent in him is an abomination…

It costs lives. Each life, sacred. Every last one.

Anyway. Long story, short,,,,

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis composed the soundtrack for the show.


And that’s it for today.

I have SO MUCH going on in my life right now, gang, that it is truly making my head spin. I can’t go into it on the blog yet. All of it is good, and all of it is kind of overwhelming.


If you live in FLORIDA, or anywhere in Hurricane Ian’s path, or anywhere in the world where bad stuff is happening — stay safe.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys.

See ya!


We are approaching the 5th anniversary of Tom Petty’s death….

This song is in my head a lot these days. So many changes, changes, and more changes, and so few friends left. (Although, finally, the changes in my life are good ones and freinds are returning.)

From Tom Petty’s bazillion-selling 1994 Wildflowers album, “To Find A Friend.” Enjoy.

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