Catching Up!

Okay, gang. Today will be posts that I was going to post yesterday, and then some for today.

SGAnon did a quick audio file update during the night — US Governors and State Senior Leaderships Being Contacted, Briefed by the US Military | NCSWIC (14 mins):

And from SGAnon on Truth Social

“Just a nugget for you all – why would Q pick Nov 8 for public action? (Anticipated)

Here are just a few reasons:
>Nov 8, 1917 -> Bolshevik Canaanite Vlad Lenin makes his first speech in newly overthrown Russia
>Nov 8, 1960 -> JFK elected POTUS (Q)
>Nov 8, 1997 -> Yangtze River diversion completed; constr. of 3GorgesDam begun
>22nd Anniversary of Year 2000 Election Fraud, where 41, 42, and 43 stole the Presidential election.
>Anniversary of 2016 Presidential election

Hold on tight Patriots.”


Trump is supposed to be doing a rally in PA tonight (?) but it’s not listed yet on his rumble channel. But if he is doing the rally, you can watch it HERE.


Simon Parkes had a quick intel update — NOVEMBER 8TH MIDTERMS INTEL UPDATE… (33 mins):


From Alan Sweeney in Ireland:

“280,000 workers who were on the PUP scheme still facing tax bills
Hundreds of thousands of people have yet to contact Revenue to sort out how they will pay tax owed on the Pandemic Unemployment…”

[full article here]


A huge WTF (?) from Intel Slava Z yesterday:

“🇪🇺🇷🇺⚡️ EU instructed lawyers to prepare the confiscation of assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.”

Also yesterday:

“🇹🇷🇸🇪🇫🇮 Turkey does not believe that Sweden and Finland have fulfilled the conditions of the agreements reached for their entry into NATO, said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu”


From Aquila yesterday:

“❗️🇺🇸 US Black Hawks also Airborne over Northern SK 🇰🇷”


From Bannons War Room yesterday:

KARMA: Trump Just Got PERFECT Revenge On NYAG Letitia James

Donald Trump sues NY Attorney General Letitia James claiming she’s abused her position to wage a ‘war of intimidation and harassment’ — The Republic Brief
Old School Journalism You Can Count On”

[full article here]


From Derek Johnson yesterday:

“Ahhhh you know… Nothin’ to see here… Don’t listen to Laws, Orders, Regulations… they don’t matter…

Especially a 33 Mile No FlyZone Radius around D.C. with a UH-60 Blackhawk flying with no Call Sign around 500 feet altitude ☠️

Keep movin’ 🤣🇺🇸 #IFYYK”


From Chris Sky yesterday — a little boy in Mexico dressed as Chris for Halloween, and Chris was able to meet the boy & his family:

“Shout out to Noah and his amazing family! I was lucky enough to be able to meet this powerful, young freedom fighter. Kids like this are why I fight and why I want my own. Thank you for inspiring me, and inviting me to your home.”


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“The PR firm for @ pfizer and @ moderna tx also work embedded within @ CDCgov to promote the CovidVaccine.”


Mike Pompeo was interviewed on the Black Rifle Coffee podcast– (personally, I would strike-through “former”, just sayin’)

Mike Pompeo – Former United States Secretary of State | Black Rifle Coffee Podcast Ep 234 (32 mins):


And speaking of strike-throughs

Phil posted this today:

“GhostEzra is an Anon a former Anon that is very involved no longer involved with the Q movement. He is was an essential part of the grass-roots movement, to help educate the normies and Red Pill the sleepers.

As his username suggests Even though he has an attractive username, GhostEzra has a very good source has no real intel regarding our movement, and his intel and/or reporting should be followed should be ignored and discarded by anyone who reads it.

Want to be cute with strikethroughs? Cool. Let’s do it.”

He ALSO posted this, which personally meant a lot to me:

ALSO, this by way of We the Pepe:

Reports: Facebook Gives Out User Info To FBI Without Legally Required User Permission

The platform allegedly provides the agency with user information with “a partisan focus” – effectively eliminating all the legal barriers the FBI theoretically has to go through if they had to ask for the information themselves.

The data sharing is allegedly part of “Operation Bronze Griffin,” a new report from House Judiciary Committee Republicans claims.

And, of course, the data provided to the FBI tends to “only to concern users from one side of the political spectrum,” the whistleblowers say.

Want to guess what side it was?”

[FYI, I have been off of FB for a couple of years now. Aside from the censorship, I found FB really incestuous and mean-spirited]


Posted on Yellow Vest Ireland:

Off-the-charts Russell Brand– Oh Sh*t, It’s REALLY Happening (13 mins):


I love this idea–

From Rick Green:

“Defund the left by defunding the universities. Don’t send your kids or your money to these communists…then push your state legislators to stop using your tax dollars to fund these institutions trying to destroy America! Patriot Academy Campus will be a game changer for families to avoid this non-sense.”

Campus – Patriot Academy
Help Build the Patriot Academy Campus Sponsor a Brick! Sponsor a Brick How can you help? Sponsor a brick! If you would like to be part of making the Patriot Academy Campus a reality, you can sponsor a brick…”

[sponsor a brick HERE]


Two posts from Secret History — because I LOVE this stuff:

In 1919, a young Alfred Hubbard created a mechanism which
newspapers dubbed the “perpetual motion machine,” while Hubbard himself called it an atmospheric energy generator.

To attract investors, Alfred held showboat rides. Confessing to greed, Albard feared losing the rights to his miracle invention and actively sought to sell it for more.

In 1920, newspapermen quickly lost interest in the invention and the inventor. In 1929, having patented the “radioactive internal combustion device for the internal combustion engine”, the young genius suddenly abandoned the invention, went to jail and to his patented generators former investors have lost interest dramatically.

For some reason, as soon as it comes to atmospheric electricity or alternative energy sources, inventors die, go to jail, or quit their life’s work.”

The first description of the people of the giants in Patagonia was made by Magellan in 1520.

But it was not the only one and it is not possible to write off Magellan’s testimony as a tourist story. In all, more than 10 navigators (John Byron, Thomas Cavendish, Juan Esther and William Adams, etc.) wrote about the unusual inhabitants of the Americas. The Patagonians were between 2.5 and 3.5 meters tall. Anthony Knivet described bodies found by him and his team that were even slightly taller than 3.5m.”

[FYI, giant skeletal remains were found all over this area of Ohio, but the Smithsonian conveniently “lost them.”]


From Nick Cave — upcoming book signings in Australia:


From James Tabor, currently in the Holy Land–

Reporting Live from Biblical Tamar–South of the Dead Sea (24 mins):


And I’ll close today with a very, very long one from Derek Johnson:

“Only a National Guard C-17 Globemaster at 2:35 AM EST on Friday morning leaving the great state of Maine entering International Territory…

SIMPLY and ONLY Title 10 which specifically says the National Guard is a 👉🏻state-based👈🏻 military force that becomes part of the reserve components of the United States Army and the United States Air Force when 👉🏻activated👈🏻 for 👉🏻federal👈🏻 missions.

In which SIMPLY and ONLY the 👉🏻PRESIDENT👈🏻 can Federalize the National Guard to Active Duty as written in the same TITLE 10 Chapter 12406:

In which President Donald John Trump Federalized the National Guard to Active Duty as written in Executive Order 13912 March 27, 2020:

And also 10 US Code Chapter 1209:

No more than 1 MILLION on Active Duty for no more than 365 👉🏻CONSECUTIVE👈🏻 days meaning continuous Operation until completed and National Emergencies TERMINATED according to Federal Law…

And you visually saw this ACTION as you witnessed 35,000 PLUS National Guard roll into D.C. On January 17… who was the freakin’ President?

You visually witnessed a FENCE placed around the Capitol Building which is outlined in 47 US Code 606 👉🏻titled👈🏻 “War Powers of the President” in which he can close Government Use of Facilities:

President Trump issued THREE National Emergencies that Congress failed to address to the Nation which was THREE National Security Breaches.

National Emergencies must be addressed by Congress 👉🏻 THAT Congress not today’s Congress.

The ONLY person who can terminate a National Emergency is the PRESIDENT when Congress FAILS to address them which is found in Title 50 Chapter 34:

The FAILURE to address THREE National Emergencies gave President Trump the Power via:

Article II of the Constitution
Emergency Powers of the President
War Powers of the President
Executive Order 12148
National Emergencies Act
The Stafford Act
Executive Order 13919
Executive Order 13848 (National Emergency)
Two Verbal National Emergencies declared March 13 & 27, 2020

To extend his powers (as President as Franklin D. Roosevelt also used in WWII as he served 13 years dying in office) by FEDERALIZING the National Guard to Active Duty to ADDRESS the National Security breaches and threats to our Nation.

What proves it is a Covert Sting Operation along with joint partners all over the world are multiple Optics and Code Language but MORE SPECIFICALLY…

Executive Order 13848 which declared a National Emergency AND an Election Fraud Committee and how they would report to the President all in ONE order signed September 12, 2018, which specifically states:

(e) the term “United States election” means any election for Federal office held on, or after, the date of this order;

(h) the term “covert,” with respect to an action or attempted action, means characterized by an intent or apparent intent that the role of a foreign government will not be apparent or acknowledged publicly; and

And where the Maritime Law comes into the equation along with the HUNDREDS of Maritime Patrol Aircrafts that have been in the skies EVERY single day since January 2021 is:

(i) blocking and prohibiting all transactions in a person’s property and interests in property subject to United States 👉🏻jurisdiction👈🏻;

The United States has two faint gray lines around the borders in the oceans and gulf.

The lighter gray = state Maritime Borders 👉🏻 Jurisdiction

The darker gray = United States Maritime Border 👉🏻 Jurisdiction

Gold-Fringed Flag = Admiralty Court 👉🏻 Admiral 👉🏻 Navy 👉🏻 Water 👉🏻 Law of Water = Maritime Law

HOW did President Trump know to pass into immediate Law an Executive Order with a National Emergency and Election Fraud Committee with all of those clauses two years before Covid and Presidential Election?

The Constitution of 1787 and the constitution of the District of Columbia are separate:

Section (15):

Stoutenburgh vs. Hennick:

President Trump stepped down as President on January 20 and stepped up as Commander-in-Chief… via Emergency Powers and War Powers of the President as all other Presidents had the same powers if needed.

👉🏻Two separate Laws, Roles, and Duties. Military Law is separate than Federal Law. Military was founded first. Military can act without Congress.

You’re witnessing the most Biblical, Monumental, Historical, Covert Operation to date… and it’s all been visual and also outlined in Laws, Orders, and Regulations of the Military.

I can build the track, provide a uniform, water, Gatorade, show you how to run, etc. etc. etc. but I CANNOT make you run (read).

If you don’t like it or President Trump, well, it sucks to suck ☠️💯

It’s simply Law and Orders. Like ‘em or leave. It’s happening NO MATTER what 🇺🇸 #1776Nation”


That’s it.

Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world!!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!!

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