Game Over (& Over & Over & Over)

SGAnon announced last night that his role is over now, as far as intel goes.

He will continue to help us decode comms, but only one Truther remains in the game now…

SGAnon had many interesting posts throughout the day/evening yesterday — you can find them HERE on Truth Social.

Here is his audio file upload from last night, with his final intel drop —

Kamala Has Left the Building | Military Brilliance in US Midterm Elections | Enjoy the Show (28 mins):


Simon Parkes had an update this morning to try to help all of us figure out what the heck just hapened, however he doesn’t actually tell us what the heck just happened —



And Phil kept us busy all evening with excel spreadsheets….and then his first few posts from this morning were:

“Wait until I we show you how bad the fraud was 😏”

“Everyone, relax.

We got this.”

“I warned everyone, for many weeks now, that the Midterms could not occur due to the same systems being in place. There’s simply no reason to believe any of the fraudulent mechanisms from 2020 would not still be present in 2022 (and beyond), without major election reform.

Just because there are some good candidates for office means nothing. Donald Trump was the most popular human being to ever run for office. Yet he “lost” to a geriatric who barely campaigned.

Why did anyone think this election would be different?

I gave you all 3 possible scenarios:

1.) the midterm elections would be canceled (most likely)

2.) the midterm elections were safeguarded, and accurate results would be tabulated (least likely)

3.) the midterm elections were still rigged, and the White Hats set up a major sting to expose ALL (moderately likely)

The WH’s have decided on option 3.

Now watch how this all plays out 😎”

“What happens if:

1.) The Republicans assume majority control of the House

2.) The Republicans assume majority control of the Senate

3.) Election fraud from the midterms of 2022 is revealed to the new Congress

What happens then? How do you think they will vote once it’s revealed?”


So, in summation — by Friday Nov. 11th, we are supposed to see the military make a move regarding the election fraud which took place yesterday, tying it to 2020.

Then Nov. 15th, Trump makes some sort of announcement.

I guess we will see. We’re still supposed to be really happy by Christmas….


If you want to follow what is happening on the streets of Brazil, go here:

The Brazilian Report


An announcement from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich — (watch video at link, 3 mins):

“☀️ ICIC – International Crimes Investigative Committee ☀️

The German-American attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is determined, in continuation of his work over the last two years. To contribute to the investigation of these crimes with his new team and to make the perpetrators of these crimes visible.

At the same time, ICIC will track down and publicise alternative proposals for new ways of life, forms of social organisation and networks that are already sprouting like mushrooms worldwide from the creative potential of the many people affected by these crimes.

Thank you for still supporting us!”


From Candace Owens & Blexit, posted on Instagram:


And in other news–

Nick Cave sent out a really moving Red Hand File yesterday, about his son Earl and how his son has managed to thrive, even after the death of his twin brother.

“…I don’t know what lives inside of Earl, what he has had to endure, but he is a strong, funny, extraordinarily kind young man with a razor-sharp wit and a warm, generous laugh, and he seems to me to be doing well…”

You can read it HERE.


Okay, that’s all I’m going to post today. Lots of really unhappy, confused, dumbfounded Americans out there this morning. I don’t want to stir that pot.

I guess, we’ll just wait on Phil. How does that sound?

Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

Never Forget.

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