On We Go, Gang!

Let me just remind everyone that I don’t watch ANY mainstrem media news. At all. I haven’t had cable in over 5 years. While I have an actual television set, I only use it to watch (very old) movies.

So I have no clue what all the lies are that MSM is broadcasting about the elections. So, as far as I know, strictly from the channels, is that there was massive cheating, which is what we were told to expect if the elections were to actually take place, which they did.

I am confused about what actually happened, but I don’t really understand why so many people are so upset. Maybe they should just turn off the TV?

From my POV, alone out here in the TV-less hinterlands, everything happened exactly as they said it would happen. Elections would be held and massive fraud would once again ensue, but that they would all be caught. Again. Doesn’t mean I’m thrilled with it — like everyone, I am anticipating some sort of visible Martial Law and some sort of EBS. When that will happen, I just don’t know, gang.

Phil did a great impromtu livestream from his car yesterday (well, he did 2 yesterday, but the second one I really liked a lot). Here is the second one:

Treason is a bitch 😎 (25 mins):


From General Flynn on Truth Social:

Steady America—not over until it’s over.

We won the House.
Strong chance to win the Senate.
AZ GOP (and other state’s) leaders will prevail.

Our election system needs a complete and total overhaul.

Local Action and being very consistent and strong in one’s message won the day!

America First prevailed and now we start the recovery and accountability process.

Steady America! “


From President Trump:

“Incredible how dishonest the Fake News Media is. The Failing New York Times has gone crazy. So many of the people I Endorsed went on to victory on Tuesday Night, nobody was even close, and they literally make up a story refusing to write the facts, and only quoting enemies and losers. Almost all of the people I endorsed WON, yet if you read the story from two Trump hating writers (who only do as they are told!), you would not even recognize the truth. They truly are, THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!!

219 WINS against 16 LOSSES IN THE GENERAL ELECTION, and yet the Fake News writes only unrecognizable junk. No wonder they are all doing sooo badly!”


From Real Raw News on Monday:

Special Forces Arrest Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel

U.S. Special Forces on October 30 arrested Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel on charges of murder as the pharmaceutical mogul and eugenicist exited a posh restaurant on the outskirts of D.C., where he had planned a business dinner with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky—but she never showed up. […]”

[full article here]


I was not able to watch episode 1 yet, because I fell asleep before it started last night. But here is the link to episode 1 of the new docuseries by Ty & Charlene Bolinger, Propoganda Exposed! [Uncensored]. (2 hrs 33 mins)


From Yellow Vest Ireland:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Gives A Strong Message To Ireland

Health Conference Ireland 2022 took place yesterday in the City North Hotel where eminent physicians from all over the world came to present the evidence we were all waiting for.” (18 mins):


SGAnon had many posts on Truth Social yesterday, but he closed out the night with this one:

“Remember Patriots,

Q tells us to avoid “Pay for Play” within our movement.

Use discernment. Many of those persons you think you know in the Truth movement, are opposition. Others are defectors, individuals who made questionable decisions they later regretted, which caused their forced cut-off from genuine back_channel intelligence.

Others made mistakes that just weren’t permissible, however honest they may have been.

Exercise Wisdom.
Q is real. Q voices must also be “Real”


Just after midnight, Derek Johnson had no less than 21 images of various National Guards from various States out & about.

“So many Nation Guard out of their States today 😎🇺🇸”

Here is just one of his images:


And from Secret History:

Euclid’s Theorem, inscribed 1500 years before Euclid was born

This is a clay tablet with geometric and arithmetic calculations that repeat the theorem of the ancient Greek mathematician, the father of geometry Euclid. It was created in Shaduppum, Mesopotamia, around the 3rd or 2nd millennium B.C. Euclid was born around 325 B.C.”


Another new one from James Tabor–

What Did the Apostle Paul Really Think About Peter and James the Brother of Jesus? (30 misn):


And I’ll close with Phil’s final post from last night:

“Kari Lake won Arizona by over 1M votes



And that’s it, gang.

Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!


I leave you with this! Literally, my favorite song when I was 4 years old… Guess that explains a lot. Enjoy!!

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