What A Beautiful Day Today!

Honestly, gang — it feels like Spring here this morning. It is so sunny and the birds are singing. I even saw the first starling gathering twigs and leaves from my backyard to build her nest up in one of my gutters again…

Plus, it is supposed to go up to 72 degrees Fahrenheit today. Just amazing, even though it is still February.


Did you listen to Phil’s live last night?? I listened on my way home from work.

If you didn’t listen, you will want to hear it because he explains the new “Internet” that is coming — the one that truthers have been calling the “Quantum” Internet, but Phil says it is actually called The Next Phase — and, eventually the (Final) Phinal Phase.

It is a little disconcerting since so much of my life is online and has been since 1997. I’m not sure how it will effect, say, all the books I have for sale all over the Internet. Or even this website here on WordPress — will these things all be gone and then I have to start it all over from scratch? I couldn’t really understand everything that he was explaining. But anyway. If you missed it–

REPLAY — Next Phase (1 hr 41 mins):


Phil also had a ton of stuff on his telegram channel yesterday regarding Flat Earth. You can click here and scroll. I particularly liked these two photos:

“This is your planet.

This is where you live.

Not on some floating ball of rock in outer space, where “nothing” exploded and created “nothing”, and then POOF, life emerged.

God created our world.

God created US.

There is much left of the world to be explored.

(photo taken from a leaked Apollo 13 mission)

and no, Apollo 13 was not what the Tom Hanks movie said it was.”

“More proof.

WAKE UP. stop believing the same exact group of people that told you Joe Biden won the Presidency, and there was no fraud.

If you continue to let yourself be fooled, [they] are undoubtedly going to fool you again.

and next time, it will cost you dearly.”


From Dan Scavino yesterday:


I found this very curious indeed! It was in my inbox this morning and I don’t know who sent it …hmmmm.

Elon Musk Zone — you’ve been lied to about ChatGPT (18 mins):


The FBI is Collapsing Right In Front Of Our Eyes (Ep. 1954) – The Dan Bongino Show (48 mins):




And that is really it for today, gang.

On the personal front —

It’s nearly that time again! It will soon be “Read an Ebook” Week on Smashwords, and as part of the promotion, all 4 of my eBook titles on Smashwords will be available to download for free for one week: March 5th – March 11th. I will keep you posted!!

All titles are erotica and intended for adults only:

The Muse Revisited, Volumes 1- 3 and Freak Parade. (Links in the dropdown menu above describe these titles.)


Okay, enjoy your day, gang!!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys See ya!


Awesome song for this beautiful Spring-like day!!!

The Turtles, singing their hypnotic smash hit “You Showed Me” from 1968. Enjoy!!

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