At Least We Have Something To Drink To Today, Right?!

Loyal readers of this lofty blog no doubt recall that I can’t stomach “International Women’s Day”. Nothing like trying to imply that women are so lowly, let’s at least take one measly day out of 364 and honor all the great stuff they do!

If there’s a human being that you know and even if it turns out that she’s a woman, and she does something cool like survives all day and maybe even helps others survive all day, too — and if you think that’s pretty cool then just let her know somehow. But do it 365 days a year. And let’s just get on with it.


Phil’s live last night was strange. But I think maybe he was targeting listeners who are new to the Awakening process because everything he told us last night about Jan 6th, we already knew. And that video he showed, it was posted here on this blog over 2 years ago, too. I have no idea if it’s still posted here or if it was deleted, because I never go back and read any of my daily posts. I don’t have time for that. Or actually even any interest in doing it.

But anyway. I think his goal was to reach as many people as possible with the details of the setup that was Jan 6th.

And as we know, there was even more to it than that — or to what Tucker Carlson has shown so far. And some of that has to do with footage from within the Capitol before anything ever even got started. The telltale signs of the true setup; of how deep it went. We saw all that stuff within days of Jan 6th, as long as we weren’t watching TV…

One thing that still bothers me about Jan 6th — and loyal readers of this blog already know this: As soon as Trump said “come to DC, there will be fireworks” I began to tell everybody to stay away from DC. Something big was up and it was going to be violent. In my opinion, Trump was telling us that. And it seemed plain as day to me. So the fact that so many truthers I respected went merrily off to DC astounded me. However, without all of them and their phones capturing the other side of the alleged “riots” we wouldn’t have this truckload of evidence today.

But in his live last night, even Phil said that someone he knew personally in the Federal Government called him, back then, and told him to “capture every angle with his camera”, and that alarmed Phil and caused him to stay home and not go to DC on Jan 6th.

And that’s what confounds me. Why was it so obvious to me that something big and awful was up — and since something big and awful really was up, why were so many innocent people encouraged to walk right into it, and why did people go to jail for it and why are they still in there? Better yet — are they actually still in there?

Nothing about that side of it — the White Hat side, setting up the [DS] setup — sits well with me, if those people really have been in jail this whole time. But let’s not forget, the White Hats were able to steal all those laptops that day and arrest Pelosi….

Anyway. The stuff Phil said at the end — about Ohio and all the child sex trafficking here which led to the recent train “derailments” — really turned my stomach. And I also remember one evening not too long ago, when I was lying in bed after one of those horribe storms we had was subsiding, I distinctly heard an explosion. I waited for the emergency vehicles to start up their sirens, or to see if anyone at all even went out to their porches to look around — nothing. But I know I heard an explosion. And I guessed that a tunnel was taken out and now I’m guessing that probably I had guessed right.

If you missed Phil’s live, though, and you’re one of those who thinks Ashli Babbit was real, then here’s the replay!

REPLAY — CRUMBLE – (2 hrs):


From Alan Sweeney in Ireland, yesterday:

“The UK is introducing an Illegal Immigration Bill which will now allow authorities to deport and arrest Illegal immigrants versus providing free housing and social benefits. It apparently costs the UK taxpayer 7,000,000 pounds per day to house illegal immigrants in 3-5 star hotels and other accommodation. This is a common sense approach which should be implemented by all countries to prevent unnecessary harm and costs to society.”


From Bannon War Room:

Supreme Court Steps In With Monumental Ruling on Prayer Vigil Dispute

Despite a group of people who claim it violated the Constitution when it held a prayer vigil in response to a local shooting in 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court in its ruling on Monday declined to hear an appeal brought by a Florida city. […]”

[full article here]


Explosive New Video Proves the Police State is Here (Ep. 1963) – The Dan Bongino Show (58 mins):


To watch this video, you have to go to Phil’s channel because I can’t embed it here, but it is worth watching.

The fact that Chris Rock is saying this, basically at the top of his voice, makes me think White Hats are making the stages safe for true comedy again. You know — the kind of comedy that actually challenges people to think again?

Chris Rock slays Epstein Island guest, Will Smith.

Aaron Rodgers was right.
This Epstein Client List reveal, has Pedo-Wood doing some CRAZY sh!t in a sad attempt to distract from the most important question in today’s time…

Who are the names of the rich people who were, and might STILL BE, paying professional child traffickers for services to molest and murder / sacrifice children?”


From Real Raw News:

Putin Exterminates “Mad” Covid-19 Vaccine Scientist

[…] The HIV-enhanced vaccines were administered to 37 of 600 Phase I trial participants in August 2020, and those unfortunate souls were told to return for a blood draw 90 days following the first vaccination. The Chumakov Center never disclosed to them the presence of HIV in the shots. […]

[full article here]


Front Porch Live — More Ugly Than Usual But Some Good, Too (40 mins):










Jim Fetzer — ‘NO VIRUS’ GOES INTERNATIONAL! (15 mins):


Not Q-related but still news —



James Tabor — (Part 3) — More with Barbara DeLong: Understanding Paul–Apostle or Apostate? (2 hrs):


All right, that’s it for this fine International Women’s Day!!

Enjoy your women, gang, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!!


Yes, another one from that great Mavericks’ album back in 1994, What A Crying Shame— this one, a cover of the Springsteen song, “All That Heaven Will Allow.” I just love their version of this song, gang!! Enjoy!!

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