To Post or Not To Post?

There’s still not much that I would call news, gang. Everything is really filtering down to psyops being revealed, all over the place. Which isn’t actually “news.”

However, this is what I found for today!

From Real Raw News:

JAG Sentences Janssen Vaccine Scientist to Death

The United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps on Friday convicted and sentenced to death Janssen Pharmaceuticals scientist Richard Tillyer, who stood accused of maintaining a confidential company database detailing how Janssen prevented trial participants whom the vaccine had sickened from seeing their personal physicians. Instead, Janssen’s compulsory NDA mandated—through coercion and litigation threats–that the sick use hospitals and clinics where the pharmaceutical company had a presence, even if the ill had private or employer-sponsored health insurance. [… ]


Admiral Crandall accepted the panel’s verdict and judgment and decreed that Tillyer should hang for his crimes. Tillyer was either an Oscar-worthy actor or honestly didn’t grasp the gravity of the decision, asking the tribunal whether he was “going home.”

“Yes, you are going home, in a different sense of the word,” Admiral Crandall said, and scheduled Tillyer’s execution for Tuesday, March 7.

As of this writing, Real Raw News is still awaiting news of the hanging.”

[full article here]


From General Flynn:

NEW: Ivermectin Cover-Up Exposed! (7 mins):


Neutral Swiss — CANADA: Discussion with Sherry Strong about the disqualified criminal WHO & Their failed Coup d’Etat (1 hr):


The January 6th Meltdown Explodes (Ep. 1964) – The Dan Bongino Show (58 mins):


Sanity4Sweden – MEDIA’S NEW STRATEGY – WE GOT THIS! (5 mins):


This video was sent to me from a member of the Ohio Connecting Consciousness group (Simon Parkes’ group). Around here, we have a huge interest in this topic, since, back in the 1800s, the 2,000-year-old skeletal remains of giants were discovered in burial mounds all over this area. (Oh, and the Smithsonian immediately took the skeletons and then, yes– “lost” them!)

L.A. Marzulli — Unbelievable Connection! (On the Trail of the Nehphilim) (29 mins):


Well, this course has been going on for 12 Lessons already, but I only got his newsletter last night… lots to catch up on!

“This teaching is class twelve of Ross’s ongoing series on The World and Words of the Prophet Jeremiah. We are studying the days of King Jehoiakim and this class picks up at the beginning of the reign of Jehoiakim and Jeremiah’s famous Temple Sermon related in chapters 7 and 26 of the Book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah offered opportunities for repentance to this son of Josiah, but rather than accept the Torah recently put before the people, he chose the sword and then used it to kill a prophet of the LORD! Jehoiakim became the prophet slayer!”

Ross K. Nichols — Jehoiakim The Prophet Slayer – Class Twelve (1 hr):


From Dr. James Tabor — The Religion of Jesus the Jew (18 mins):


And that’s really it, gang. The rest is the same old psyops, carnage & noise (sadly).

But have a nice Thursday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


Yes, my renewed love affair with the Mavericks’ 1994 Grammy-winning album, What A Crying Shame, continues — with their version of “O What A Thrill”. And if this song doesn’t make you remember how love feels then maybe nothing will!!! Enjoy, gang!

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