A Beautiful Life Today

I don’t know, gang, another morning where it still feels like everything has changed. Like the war is over.

All the psyops and optics and horrors are still out there, but the undercurrent feels so different. So beautiful.

Sort of free. For the first time in 3 years.

There are a few big news items I’m simply not going to touch this morning. But this video from Sarge sums everything up, if — for some hard to fathom reason– this Great Awakening is still new to you.



After a brief family emergency, Real Raw News is back and promises an update soon on Lori Lightfoot’s military tribunal.


JAG Arrests OMB Director Shalanda Young

United States Navy JAG investigators on Tuesday arrested the criminal Biden regime’s director of the Office of Management and Budget, Shalanda Young, on charges of treason for wiring $17bn of taxpayer money to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, which oversees the armed forces of Ukraine and is controlled by the supreme commander-in-chief, the criminal Volodymyr Zelenskyy. […]

[…] “It’s our position that no American money should go to Ukraine. In Young’s case, there’s no public record of the transaction. Why? Because it was meant to be secret, clandestine. The illegitimate administration and the media have done a bang-up job convincing the masses that Putin is evil and that Zelenskyy needs cash and weapons to repel Putin. We have compelling data that our money is funding child trafficking rings in Ukraine, and Zelensky allows them to operate with impunity. Young’s transgressions are treasonous,” our source said. […]”

[full article here]


This item is from GreyCoder.com — it’s from last summer, but it’s another step in getting us off of the [DS] internet:

Magic Earth: A Private Navigation App That Works Offline

Magic Earth is a free navigation app for iOS and Android. This app works offline — you can find your location on the map and get directions without using WiFi. This feature is especially useful when traveling to locations with limited connectivity. I find it particularly useful when hiking in remote locations.[…]

[full article here]


In other news…

If you’re a follower of Jesus of Nazareth, you likely know that up until around 350 AD, when Pope Julius I declared December 25th to be Christ’s birthday, Jesus’ followers celebrated his birthday in the Spring.

Well, if you watched the David Wray video series that James Tabor posted to his YouTube channel recently (I re-posted all 4 of those videos here), especially the last one – David Wray: Understanding Earliest Christian Astrological Iconography – you likely already know this: that ancient followers of Jesus, both Jewish & Christian, celebrated Jesus’ birthday on April 17th (born in 6 BCE).

So that means Jesus has a birthday coming up on Monday!! He is going to be something like 2,035 years old… Anyway. I just love this stuff, gang.

If you missed that amazing video, here it is again (1 hr):

And from James Tabor yesterday– My First and Favorite Interview on My Book The Jesus Dynasty (46 mins):


If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you likely know that I have 2 degrees– one in Audio Engineering (analogue) and one in Evangelical Christian Ministry.

And while I love certain traditions of organized Christianity, I am more interested in where History and Theology are at crossroads when it comes to Jesus. I never stop studying. (I am currently taking a lecture course on Genesis (which is fantastic); a course on Biblical Israel (another eye-opener); retaking a course on the Old Testament (taught by the incredible Professor Amy-Jill Levine); and, yesterday, I couldn’t resist starting yet another course by Bart Ehrman, this one on How Jesus Became God.)

Anyway, I was adopted into a Conservative Jewish family when I was born and so I also have an extensive knowledge of Judaism and the Holy Scriptures (called the “Old Testament” by non-Jews). And I began learning Biblical Hebrew when I was 5 years old.

Long story short!! I found this photo online yesterday. Technically, the building still exists but it’s been completely overhauled and is no longer a synagogue. But in the 1960s, in Cleveland, this is the synagogue where I studied Hebrew 3 times a week, as a wee bonny Jewish lass. Not only did it look exactly like this back then, but it almost always snows in Cleveland so I thought it was amusing that the only photo I could find of the original synagogue, featured snow!

And just down the road from the synagogue, was this incredible supermarket!!! (It’s still there, but they remodeled it to look absolutely boring many years ago…) However, when I was a little girl in Cleveland in the 1960s, this grocery store looked exactly like this!! Isn’t that just the best architecture???


Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world. By the way, our XLM is up!! Gold and silver are up!! My fractional silver, that I’m trying to buy in small increments, is now rapidly outpacing my spending power since they’ve cut back my hours at work…. but oh well!

Get into precious metals ASAP, if you can, gang! I think that even a little bit of investing will help you out really soon.

All righty.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!


A stunning song by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Wonderful Life,” 2003.

Wonderful Life

Come in, babe
Across these purple fields
The sun has sunk behind you
Across these purple fields
That idiot-boy in the corner
Is speaking deviated truths
Come on, admit it, babe
It’s a wonderful life
If you can find it
If you can find it
If you can find it
It’s a wonderful life that you bring
Ooh it’s a wonderful thing

Speak our secret into your hands
And hold it in between
Plunge your hands into the water
And drown it in the sea
There will be nothing between us, baby
But the air that we breathe
Don’t cry
It’s a wonderful life, wonderful life
if you can find it
If you can find it
If you can find it
It’s a wonderful life that you bring
It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing

We can build our dungeons in the air
And sit and cry the blues
We can stomp across this world
With nails hammered through our shoes
We can join that troubled chorus
Who criticise and accuse
It don’t matter much
We got nothing much to lose
But this wonderful life
If you can find it
And when you find it
And when you find it
It’s a wonderful life that you bring
It’s a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful thing

Sometimes our secrets are all we’ve got
With our lives we must defend
Sometimes the air between us, babe
Is unbearably thin
Sometimes it’s wise to lay down your gloves
And just give in
Come in, come in
Come in, come in
To this wonderful life
If you can find it
And if you find it
It’s a wonderful life that you bring
It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing
It’s a wonderful life
It’s a wonderful life

c- 2003 Nick Cave

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