Just Unreal

I don’t have much to say here today, but only because my head is exploding.

Everything shifted so quickly into Bizzarro-Land, gang.

Tonight, though, Phil is planning a livestream at 8PM Eastern time. You can watch him on rumble, DLive, and Locals. Here’s hoping he will have something concrete to report.

Yesterday, he did a brief video in his car, attempting to explain what happened in Mar-A-Lago, and also explaining the difference between Trump’s filing the paperwork for his candidacy and actually “running for President” in 2024.

Knee-jerk Reactions (17 mins 17 seconds):


SGAnon has still not done his #26 Audio File, but he did post some very encouraging things on Truth Social yesterday, including:

“Irregular warfare
Pas de Calais
Today’s research on this end=VERY GOOD
Pieces paint the picture
I am compiling and aggregating information presently. File 26 will be next. TBD on the release at the moment
Sooner rather than later, for certain

Yesterday we had a moment of fear and confusion. Shake it Off. #POTUS45 is 17 steps ahead.
This is the War for Mankind’s future.

>> 11/15/2022 was the day the “Republic of the United States” began the Public_Return process”

[It always saddens me when I see just how deeply Rolling Stone has sunk. They have become nothing but a puppet for the Cabal. 40 years ago, they were an incredible magazine, dedicated to actual investigative journalism. Doesn’t anyone at all remember Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers?]

SGAnon also posted this yesterday:


It was never about retaking Congress
Senate never mattered. Never part of the plan
Savory. Irresistible.
“My Candidacy for President of the United States” (when?)
It was never about 2024. It was about “historic 3rd term” narrative.
Irregular Warfare.
2022 Midterms appear to have been Pre_Op/GO “Test” of the waters of public sentiment.

“Future proves past”
“Who will put an end to the endless?
Taking control”


So, as we suspected yesterday, there is a lot more behind what President Trump unleashed at Mar-A-Lago on Tuesday night.

All we can (continue to) do is WAIT, gang. Frustrating and disheartening as it is.

However. Lest we forget…


From Simon Parkes yesterday:

President Trump’s Address…

Very few picking up the real reason for the Trump address.

Many commentators calling it a nothing burger, is to fail to see what is hidden within it.

Trump says of Nancy House speaker, she is on her way to another country to get fired.

Read that as shot in Gitmo

Trump did Not say he was running in 2024. He said, I am running for the Presidency.

And he referred to himself as C in C [Commander in Chief]

This last point is of Golden importance”


Some good news…

From Real Raw News:

Military Tribunal Convicts Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel

[…] The panel gave its verdict and held Bancel responsible for the deaths and injuries, suggesting he be hanged by the neck until dead as restitution for his crimes against humanity.

[…] Bancel is scheduled to hang on November 18, at GITMO.”

[full article here]


And then there’s this, if you can stomach it. Kanye West is one of the sanest men in show business right now. If you’ve missed it, look at what Western media is doing to try to destroy him — it will make you puke. Once they finally bring down the mainstream media, this war will be over. So fucking frustrating that brainwashed people everywhere will NOT turn off their TVs.

RT: The World of ‘YE’ (6 mins):


And check out this curious video from Bruce Springsteen’s latest release, from his new (terrific!) album, Only the Lonely. The song is “Turn Back the Hands of Time.”

What time is it on that clock in the background of the video??? Q-time, that’s what time it is!!!!! Curious, indeed…


And that’s it for now, gang.

Here’s hoping we can get something substantial from Phil tonight regarding what actually happened on Tuesday night. We shall see.

Enjoy your Thursday out there, gang — wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

Good God! What a Night…

Boots to the ground again, gang.

Whatever that was last night, I sure don’t know.

I was increasingly nervous as last night approached, because I couldn’t really believe that President Trump was finally going to do away with comms & optics & signaling, and simply speak in plain language about what was really going on out there. However, I was really hoping he was finally going to do that.

But I was also getting nervous about the prospects of full-on Martial Law happening because of it.

It even seemed like he might say something publicly about (fake) Biden being a pedophile :

From Phil — yesterday afternoon:

“I think this was not because of health.”

BREAKING: Joe Biden Abruptly Cancels G20 Meeting Amid Reports of Serious Health Concerns
‘They called an early lid. So we will keep you posted’…”

But I was also worried that the “announcement” wasn’t going to amount to anything at all. That it would just be more of the same — comms & optics & signaling that only the Q Patriots seem to grasp. Getting us no closer to being able to speak publicly about all the atrocities, the rigged elections, the satanists and cannibals that have been running (and ruining) this world.

Alas. It was, indeed, more of the same. A sort of rally loaded with comms, but this time in the luxurious ballroom at Mar-A-Lago.

It was depressing, to say the least. The chats exploded with all sorts of outrage and grief.

Phil said (among other things on his private chat):

“Over the past 2 years, I have learned to back away before making emotional statements.

Right now, it is best that I back away, process what I just heard with my own ears, and come back at some point tomorrow.

I will say this: There is something we are missing.

I just don’t have the answer yet.

But I will.”

SGAnon had a lot to say as the evening wore on, but his initial response:

“Like many of you, I am concerned.

Very interested to see where this goes”

And he ended the night with this:

“I share the concerns of All of you. This announcement has the potential to directly affect my young one re: the k!llshots

2 slow, peaceful deep breaths, and then read the rest

This is a moment.
To be better.
To be The Few.
This is that moment where pain from battle must be turned to logic and calm focus.

>The US NG remains forward deployed, fully federalized, and running ops
>Brandon has never set foot in the US Pentagon

We press forward, for the Children.

‘Night all


And from Derek Johnson:

“More Comms in the speech.

It’s a public DISTRACTION from the
Operations going behind the scenes.

NOW & 2024…

Especially with the New York Times reporting Military Tribunals coming mid-2023.

NOTHING is off the table.

He did NOT concede in this speech. Announcing 2024 isn’t conceding.

He also said something about 2020, Biden, and AMERICA can’t take two more years til 2024

It’s a “Look Here Not There” going on.

It’s ALSO another form of WAKE YOUR ASSES UP and make your voices known in your communities while the Military continue Operations.

More to come… 🇺🇸”

And he ended the night with:

“Keep jumping ship ‘Americans’ who don’t know your History and Optics 🔥 Nothing is a coincidence…

Lead, Follow, or Get out the way 💯🇺🇸 #Nov15″

There were also false flags going on late yesterday — Ukraine sent a missile into Poland and blamed it on Russia. CIA/Mossad set off a car bomb in Istanbul, which lit up the whole night sky.

And “Nancy Drew” was following something very curious in DC yesterday:

“3 Federal Protection Service Agents outside of the DOJ at 2pm.
Unfortunately, there is no way for me to know exactly what their business is there today. What I do know, is this is not a common occurrence. I am by the Capitol now, it looks just the same. That hotel I was talking about in my live is being carefully guarded. Chits hitting the fan here. I wish I could stay longer but have to head home now. Let’s see what this announcement brings”

So there were other things at play that we couldn’t see.

And it is still very worthwhile, listening to this short audio file SGAnon released yesterday afternoon, especially because of what he has to say about Putin and Ukraine (8 mins):

And — interestingly enough — Dan Scavino posted to Truth Social very very early this morning, for the first time since November 7th.

I can’t embed it here, but it’s an image of the Trump Derangement meter going off the chart. (You can see it at the link above.)

So, clearly, SOMETHING big really was going on but I sure don’t know what.

If you missed it, you can watch the replay here (1 hr 15 mins):

One nice thing Trump did assure us of, though — Nancy Pelosi is indeed gone, baby, gone. (“She is in another country — fired,” he said. Does this mean “firing squad at Gitmo”?)

Only time is going to tell us what the heck last night was all about. All I know is that for the last few days, I was extremely apprehensive and nervous. Yet, this morning, I woke up in the most incredibly happy mood…

So we shall just wait and see, gang.


In other news —

Nick Cave sent out an amazingly beautiful Red Hand File early this morning. It was a wonderful thing to wake-up to after such an insane night. He said, in part:

“…and it affords us, among other things, the great privilege of being wrong; we feel supported in our unknowing and, in the sincere spirit of inquiry, free to move around the sometimes treacherous waters of ideas. A good faith conversation strengthens our better ideas and challenges, and hopefully corrects, our low-quality or unsound ideas.[…]”

You can read it in full here.


And that is it for today, gang.

I imagine I will stay glued throughout the day to Phil and SGAnon and Nancy Drew and Derek Johnson.



Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I’m not posting today, gang. Like everyone else in the Q movement, I am impatiently waiting for tonight, to hear what President Trump is going to say.

I have no clue but it is allegedly going to be huge. We can only continue to wait and see. And quietly pray, of course.

Enjoy your Tuesday, wherever it takes you. Here, it is rainy and cold…

Thanks for visiting, though.

I love you guys. See ya!

Not Even Jesus Would Win A Rigged Election!

Here is the replay of Phil’s livestream last night, in case you missed it (1 hr 25 mins):


From SGAnon on Truth Social at a little after midnight (expect another audio file sometime today):


A nice time to go poking around in the dark recesses of the slavery-conduit known as “The Internet”

Imagine an iceberg, floating in the ocean like the cork that it is.
Approximately 75% of that iceberg will be beneath the waves, out of your view.
You can see the top 25%, but without a submersible, or thermal dive gear, you cannot see what is by far the largest part of the berg.

Welcome to the ‘net.
Except the gen_public accessible “top”, is 9%.
The other 91% lies beneath the waves”


Derek Johnson chats with Hannah Menshouse–

We Are Watching Optics • Military Movement & Trump’s Role – Connecting The Dots with Derek Johnson (1 15 mins):


From il donaldo trumpo –(really listen to this, gang; it’s how they gradually undo Trump Derangement Syndrome in the normies. Is comedy the antidote to Operation Mockingbird?):

“I TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!” (2 mins):


Michael Malice & James O’Keefe Talk The State Of The Media, FBI, and Project Veritas’ Latest Stories (10mins):


Another new one from James Tabor–

The Search for the Lost Shapira Scroll– Was it Genuine or a Forgery? (44 mins):


And that’s it, gang.

There is not a whole lot that I can focus on right now until they announce something/anything re: the PEAD and the military, the truth about 2020, etc.

While we’re waiting…

Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


From one of the TV projects I’m revisualizing for the theater. The late, great Trini Lopez singing, “If I Had A Hammer.” Awesomely addicting!! Enjoy!!

Ay, Caramba!! Another Legend Falls!!!

I traded in the beloved red Honda Civic Sedan, for a brand new black Honda Civic Sport Hatchback yesterday.

I was planning to lease it, but it wound up being cheaper to purchase it. So I am now it’s proud owner.

However, gang. That is one fast little car! Unbelievable.

I don’t mind going fast in Muskingum County, because the Sheriff is almost never out & about. The next county over is a different story, though. I try not to speed in the next county over. Cops everywhere.

I didn’t realize that I was speeding in the next county over last night, until I suddenly saw the police car and looked down at my speedometer…

Holy Fucking-McMoly. I got my first fucking speeding ticket. Ever. In my life. Only hours after purchasing my very first, very fast brand new car…

Val from Brooklyn texted me her sentiments last night:


All righty.

Phil will be live tonight at 9PM Eastern time. You can watch him on Rumble, DLive, or Locals.

I’m very eager to hear what he has to say. His last couple of livestreams — not counting those short videos he does in his car — have been strangely curious indeed.

However, he started early this morning, with this interesting post:

“One day in the next coming week, you will wake up to a completely new world.”

[I am of course hoping he means a good one….]


From General Flynn:

“Our election system in America is corrupted, completely broken, and every single American should be totally embarrassed for our country right now, I don’t care which political party affiliation you are. Anyone who tells you any different is being dishonest. There should be a 100 percent hand recount of every single election that just occurred this past Tuesday to restore confidence. Otherwise, we stand to lose the USofA as we know it.”


Posted (in part) to SGAnon’s Truth Social page:

“[…] Why did the USAR transfer ALL command communications authority to the US Space Force?
Why has Cho Byedan never uttered the words “Space Force”, even once?
What was Space Force really for?
Who oversees Space Force operations?

“We have it all”

These people are doomed”


President Trump’s daughter, Tiffany, got married in Mar-A-Lago yesterday:


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“☀️Finally we are proud to announce that:☀️

The website belonging to the newly established ICIC (International Crimes Investigative Committee) is now online.


Here you will find all the broadcasts, news, scientific information and documents we collect as part of our investigative work.

These are available to anyone who wants to inform themselves and their fellow human beings and who would like to network with like-minded people in the future.”


From Stew Peters — (I used to love to watch this TV show!):


The Brazilian Report had some incredible footage yesterday of the peaceful protests still ongoing in Brazil. Most of them are videos that I can’t embed here, so go to the link and scroll. Here is but one image:


And that’s it for today, gang.

Even though I only post a handful of items these days, I am constantly on the channels and I find this whole Midterm thing stressful and curious, indeed. I know that “we won.” It is clear that “we won” because of the enormity of the calculated chaos being pummeled upon us by all sides right now. But how this resolves and what is coming up next is anyone’s guess.

President Trump is allegedly going to be speaking on Tuesday, November 15th at 9PM Eastern time. That may be very revealing, but maybe not. We have to just wait and see.

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!


Meanwhile, enjoy a little more “Fun, Fun, Fun”!

Fog of War Will be Lifting Soon?!

I don’t have anything new to really share here today.

But apparently, those buses in front of the White House yesterday were indeed more of those prisoner transports, as tribunals continue.

And tons of military planes went to Florida yesterday.

From DerekJohnson:

“There’s a storm coming ☠️🇺🇸

All P-8 Poseidons at once heading to Florida 😎”

President Trump’s announcement on November 15th is supposed to be something substantial, or significant. We shall see, gang.

That said, SGAnon had a great audio file last night —

#25 General Orders to US Mil Commanders | Infiltration Highlighted in all Areas | Trust the Plan (47 mins):


This was really chilling. It was posted on Phil’s channel by way of ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter. It’s one of those things where you have to use the LINK to watch the short video, because I cannot embed it here. But it is worth watching. It is so fucking scary, the shit that went on in Hollywood:

Wow listen to Kanye drop truth bombs on how elites are controlled.

“My momma was sacrificed….Bill Cosby his son, you’re out in Hollywood…a lot of people come up missing.
They want to monetize and traumatize.
They can control Shaq, Charles Barkley, Jay Z and Beyoncé but they can’t control me…I’ve never killed anyone so I can say whatever I want & not go to jail”


A horrific update from Yellow Vest Ireland:


From Charlie Ward:



Tony Lin — 2181% Increase In Hypertension In 2021 From Military Database – Debunking PolitiFact (14 mins):


Another incredible one from James Tabor — a Herodian priestly mansion from the Mt. Zion dig, dating to the time of Jesus.

Jewish Hellenistic Art & Architecture in the Time of Jesus (1 hr 12 mins):


I’ve posted this meditation before, but it is a really good one for coping with what is happening right now. I’ve been doing this one first thing every morning for the last couple of months, gang. It really helps.

david j — Allowing Your Right Action to Unfold (20 mins):


That’s it for now.

On the personal front — it’s looking like Sandra and I will be forming a production company, to oversee 5 theatre projects (combined between us) and one or two independent films. I’ll keep you posted!! But this means a TON of writing for me, so one of these 2 part-time jobs I’m currently working will probably have to go. I can’t even think straight anymore…

Meanwhile, I’m leaving here SOON to go get my brand new Honda Civic Sport Hatchback!

Have a great Saturday, gang, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


I leave you with my current favorite from B-Sides & Rarities Part 2, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: “Fleeting Love.” Enjoy!!

An Update of Interest!

A new Q drop:

Phil commented:

“Kind of sounds like what I spoke about in my Live last night, does it not?

Game recognize Game 🤝”

[Just FYI — Phil has been saying for months now to get your retirement IRA’s and 401Ks into precious metals by visiting goldquiz.com.]


However, this was incredibly interesting!

Also on Phil’s channel. It is a very short video that I cannot embed here, so please go watch it HERE. Phil’s comment:

“Not sure who is narrating this, but he’s right. They are indeed Military buses.

Hold on to your hats, folks.”


That video above seems to be pointing to what might really be happening since the rigged Midterm elections!

Okat, that’s it for now!

The Game Continues…

Okay, sort of frustrating, gang.

Early yesterday morning, SGAnon announced something really important that he was going to reveal in a new audio file last night, and then — lo & behold!– he had another one of those “family emergency” type things that kept him from releasing his intel.

Hmmm…. (If you’re keeping track: when SGAnon can’t or won’t go public with something, it always seems as if someone in his family “gets sick” or needs him “to be a dad”. When it’s Phil who can’t go public with intel, he either “gets a very bad cold” or he gets a phone call at the last minute and then his whole conversation abruptly changes midstream.)

However, this one thing was posted to SGAnon’s Truth Social channel that I found interesting– tracking notable resignations since 2017. Take a look. Some of them are quite interesting:

Notable Resignations WorldWide


Phil did a sort of unexpected livestream last night at 8PM. What it was really all about is your best guess.

In my opinion, it was weird as fuck.

Surely, I am not the only person who remembers late November, early December of 2020, when intel was coming out about Italy and Mi6/UK, Obama & the CIA, Mosad, & Italy’s military satellite and their involvement in the rigged US election, and how Space Force & the NSA were monitoring it all by satellite.

And then the US Military going in to Frankfurt, Germany and grabbing that Dominion server in a firefight with the CIA; a firefight that left Gina Haspel either dead, or arrested and then executed for High Treason…

So Phil’s live last night left me wondering, you know — where’s the big news here? We’ve known for 2 years that they could & did track all this stuff before. This is so weird.

And then, as soon as he was finally getting to something that sounded of real importance, he got one of his infamous “phone calls” that he had to take off-camera, and when he came back — lo & behodl! — he began talking about something else.

If you missed his livestream, here is the replay (1 hr 40 mins):


SGAnon did have an interesting short video post on rumble yesterday–

Flags Mean Things | They Have Hidden in Plain Sight Because We were Never Taught These Things (1 min 26 seconds):


The rest of it, gang — I just don’t know. It seems like the White Hats are working overtime to get as much chaos into the public arena as they possibly can. Just unbelievable noise & chaos. And that old reliable trick : “don’t look here, look over there.”

Why?” is a question I don’t have the answer to, but you can bet that all of this “red wave/red ripple,” “everyone’s cheating so go out and vote/oops! everyone cheated,” DeSantis vs. Trump, and all this other garbage is going on for a REASON.

Today is Veteran’s Day here in the US, and this is the day that, allegedly, the military would be stepping in PUBLICLY and questioning the authenticty of the Midterm election results. We’ll have to see. Something tells me the game plan has seriously shifted around, but I have no clue why — since the intel we rely on is nowhere to be found. Are there really that many black hats still out & about, eluding arrest??

Who knows. Well, some people know, but I’m not one of them.

So. That’s it for now. By some miracle, I have all of today off! So if anything of interest comes up, I’ll be back to post it on the blog.

Meanwhile, Honda called and said my brand new car was delivered! I’m picking it up in the morning. It is going to look like this!

Rather masculine and grown up, isn’t it? Not at all like me…. We’ll see if it does what my current Honda Civic does — meaning, always goes 95 MPH on the deserted highways of Muskingum County but instictively knows when to warn me that the Sheriff is lurking!!


Thanks for visiting, gang. Hang in there.

I love you guys. See ya!


The new Bruce Springsteen album was officialy released today: Only the Strong Survive. (It is all cover versions of soul classics.) I have not stopped playing “Nightshift” all morning.

I love his version of this, and all the memories of NYC in 1985 that spring up inside my head while I listen to it. I was moved to tears a few times, as I drank my coffee, stood at my bedroom window and stared out at the rain in the still-dark world outside. (Gang, my memories of NYC in the 1980s are really something. I feel so honored to have lived there during those truly intense times. Good/bad/shocking and just FULL of life. Sadly, that NYC is no longer there and never will be.)

Anyway. I posted this before, but here it is again! Enjoy. See ya!

Quick Alert

Gang, there is now a lot of panic flying around the chats about infiltrators, traitors, and the Truthers.

Stick with the Q movement. Be mindful of who you have doubts about and go with your gut.

I only follow Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, Phil Godlewski, General Flynn, Lin Wood, Dan Scavino, Kash Patel, and President Trump., And more recently, SGAnon.

everyone else, I eventually stopped following.

I look at other non-Q channels, but I only do that to see what’s going on.

Just breathe, gang, turn off the MSM, and don’t buy into the panic. They’re going to throw everyone under the bus’

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