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Those Wacky Folks in Airstrip One Do Not Disappoint!!

Overall, yesterday was a pretty good news day, here in the United States.

Texas is suing Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Not for v* t*r fr* ud but for unconstitutional irregularities, which are actually easily proven. Those States didn’t use their legislatures to create new mail-in voting measures (which, alone, wreaked havoc on a national el* cti *n.) (Which we all saw coming.)

So that is, indeed, extremely good news. The Praying M*d *c video below explains the details of how these cases work in the US Supreme Court.

So that was good news.

And plenty of ridiculously eye-opening stuff about Hunt*r B*d *n and his relationship with the Ch* n*s* came to light yesterday (aka sexual blackmail at the Four Seasons Hotel).

And also the woman now being called the “Ch*n*s* Honey Trap Spy, F* ng F* ng”. (I’m guessing that her life is as good as over, gang. I sincerely hope she had a good time while it lasted.)

Watch D*n B*n g*n*’s show (video below) to get all the details on all of that. It is quite amusing even though the situation with all these sexually-compromised US politicians and Ch* n* is so fucking ludicrously sad (and dangerous for America).

But still, overall — good news, because it is all beginning to come to light.

Even though the FDA officially approved the Pf * zer vaccine yesterday, the FDA is still apparently warning against the safety of  getting that second shot (the vaccine requires 2 doses, so warning against that second dose seems a little weird), and the FDA is also warning people in the UK not to mix vaccines (as they are allegedly planning to do) (meaning, don’t mix Pf *z*r, Moderna, and the Astro-Zeneca vaccines) because it could be unbelievably dangerous.

So, since none of that makes sense, it could be: a.) disinformation on all fronts, or b.) that fucking Pf* z*r vaccine actually is as fucking scary as German scientists are warning it is…

However, in keeping with the Orwellian awfulness in NYC (aka Airstrip One), this happened yesterday (not funny at all):

NY State Assemblywoman L* nda R* s* nth *l, a Democrat who represents New York’s 67th Assembly District, quietly introduced a bill on Dec. 4 that would require “C* VID *9 vaccine to be administered in accordance with the department of health’s C* VID*9 vaccination administration program and mandates vaccination in certain situations.”

Every New Yorker, except those medically exempt, are required to receive the vaccine if the state’s vaccination efforts do not achieve “sufficient immunity from C*VID *9.”

And then the President of the National Vaccine Information Center (Barbara Fisher) fired back this warning to the Democrat-Comrades in Airstrip One’s “Legislature”:

“It is inappropriate for public health officials and state legislators to be introducing legislation that mandates use of an experimental vaccine being considered for release under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)” […]

“Until a C* VID *9 vaccine is formally licensed by the FDA and recommended for use by certain populations by the CDC, it remains an experimental vaccine,” she said. “This kind of bill sends the wrong message to the public.”

[full article is here]

You know, as bad as I feel for all those people in NY, I wake up every fucking morning out here in the remote Hinterlands of Ohio, thanking God that I am no longer a fucking New Yorker.

Honestly. Such scary shit. How deep into Airstrip One’s pockets are the Ch* n*s* anyway?? I’m guessing that we will eventually find out.

But some other good news!! B* d*n, who is NOT the Pr*s*dent – El*ct, is officially, NOT the Pr*s*dent – El*ct! (Here’s hoping that folks like B* ris J* hns* n found out about this. It could prove embarrassing if he didn’t stop calling B* d*n on the phone.)

Inauguration Committee Fails to Pass Resolution Acknowledging B* d*n as Pr*sid*nt-El*ct

The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies voted down a resolution to acknowledge J*e B* d *n as the president-elect as President D*nald Tr**p and other Republicans continue lawsuits challenging the results of the Nov. 3 el* ct* on, according to several members of the bipartisan panel.

[full article is here]

So, all in all, even though we’re still fighting this fake virus p*n d *m*c, things are indeed looking up.

I hope you guys have a happy Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Too awesome for words. Too many cats, out of too many bags. You GOTTA watch this one, gang!!

More on the Ch* n* s* vs. America front:

Supreme Court update (Texas, et al, and how it works):

Watch this again!! Spread the word!! Because it’s unbelievably important! Crimes Against Humanity international  lawsuits. The world vs. the fake C* VID p*n d*m *c. (Banned from Y* t* b*):

Always fucking awesome!! The X *@ R* p*rt:

B*r*s J*hn s*n makes his move!! (Or not.)

Life In Oceania! How Sweet It Is!!

Okay, gang.

Each time I think that I’m going to be able to take a break from all this and just get back to my regular blog posts, something horrific jumps up and I feel I need to keep wearing my d* g* t*l soldier hat, and post about it.

The links and  videos at the bottom  are v*t* fr* ud-related. And the ones immediately following this section, are more horrific things re: the Pf * z*r C * VID vaccine.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be, since they are already being censored by American social media) I am having to rely on German-language videos.  Berlin is the home base of the international lawsuits/class-action suits alleging Crimes Against Humanity for the fake C* V*D panic.

To be honest, the realities of that become more horrifying every day.


Nick Cave sent out a heartbreaking Red Hand File yesterday, following up on his announcement that the Ghosteen Tour that had been re-scheduled for 2021 was now being entirely cancelled.

He also said that he & the Bad Seeds would take this time to make a new record, instead. Which only makes me wonder: well, then what actually happens to the Ghosteen tour? Does it just completely evaporate? A new record would likely indicate a new tour….

All of it makes me so sad. For private reasons, I wanted to see that Ghosteen tour happen, even if I couldn’t afford to attend it anymore. And I honestly believe now, right down to my bones, that this p* nd* m*c was fake from the beginning (not the virus itself, but the need for panic was faked — hence the Crimes Against Humanity lawsuits now underway internationally).  The evidence is mounting all over the place (and it eerily keeps pace with the mounting evidence of the e* l* ct* on fr*ud here in the US).

(Remember: If you are being mandated to wear m* sks and be in l* ck d*wns, the scientific and medical research assures us that they do not serve ANY health-related purpose re: the virus. The sole reason for any of this is to control you, frighten you, isolate you, and keep you from speaking freely.)

Anyway. I digress.

You can read Nick Cave’s brief Red Hand File here. He also indicates he is taking a break from the RHF until 2021. So I guess we should all just leave him alone and let him have a happy Christmas.

Well, some good news — the road construction on Basin Street is almost complete now. I’m guessing that by the end of this week, all the giant earth-moving machines and various trucks & “bobcats” will be gone. It would be nice if Kevin wanted to come get his vintage 1965 VW camper-van out of my barn while my Christmas decorations were still up!! (In the house, not in the barn!!) That way, a human being other than myself would get to see them. We shall see!

And then on Thursday, I’m supposed to be meeting with the other Kevin — the one who directed the staged reading of my play, Tell My Bones — to discuss the future plans of that. (Although, as of now, there is no future for anything until we can get back into actual theaters.)

Other than that, I am trying to make room in my brain to begin writing those other erotic short stories for the kind folks at Volonte in Sweden. So far, though, when I do sit down at my desk to write, more news about the e*l*ct *on or the virus arrives. And even though I want to try to shut it out and work on my own stuff, I am usually reminded of two things. The first one is always my birth father, and those stories he told me of what it was like in Vietnam when Saigon fell (he was a Navy SEAL). And I think that if he survived that unbelievable awfulness (in addition to the awfulness of a whole lot of other things he went through as a SEAL), I can continue the digital fight here at my desk and write my new stories another day.

The other thing I think of is my great-great-great-great- grandfather, who fought in the Revolutionary War. I don’t want to see everything that he fought for that helped create We the People disintegrate in the hands of the Far Left (also known as C*m m*n *sm).

So I just keep trying to get important information out there so that whoever wants to find out about it can find out about it. (And if you think that my blog can get tedious with its unending politics these days, you have no clue what it’s like to be in the same room with me — in person. )

Well, anyway.

I am not on tw * tt *r, but I know that millions of people are. Here is a site in Europe that I found out about last evening on the X* 2 R* p*rt (down below), that can not only help you find out if someone has been shadow banned on tw * tt *r, but they now also offer a way to resurrect entire posts that have been banned by tw * tt *r.

Go to shadow ban dot eu. Then you can click on the page called resurrect. (And always try to remember to use d*ck d* ck go and/or a VPN.)

All righty.  Below is the awfulness for today. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

[PLEASE WATCH!! Video below is in English: Spontaneous speech by Robert F. Kennedy at the Victory Column in Berlin on Sunday, August 30th, 2020 . The speech had to be stopped as there was a risk that Kennedy would be arrested (the police dispersed the demonstration).] [This will upset you but please watch it.]

[English translation for below: Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg warns of possible side effects of the C* v*d- *9 vaccination: a potentially life-threatening derailment of the immune system (cytokine storm) and (from 9:47 am) infertility. Infectiologist Dr. Thomas Ly then supports Wodarg’s theses.]

[English translation for below: The ⁣⁣immunologist and toxicologist ⁣Prof. Stefan Hockertz explains that there is no data on the clinical trial phases of the vaccine from Bi* T*ch / Pf * ze r and also points out the liability.]

[Also, for Americans — remember that the Europeans reverse the months/days in their date notations, so this video is from December 4th 2020.]

Link to C*rls *n’s video re: a segment on a video deleted from Ch * n* se social media of a professor saying that Ch* n* “has people at the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence.” The economics professor from B** j* ng made an appearance on a Ch* n* s* television show last week to discuss Wall Street’s relationship with Ch* n *. [Watch here. It will make you sick.]

Link to a video interview with R* ch* rd Gr* n* ll re: el* ct* on fr* ud.

“Hasta La Vista, Baby!!”

In case you’ve forgotten, gang — it’s flu season. Expect the usual hundreds of thousands of Americans to get the flu. Expect those at risk from other physical complications, especially the elderly, to have a tough time with it and maybe even have to be hospitalized. Maybe they are already in the hospital.

In fact, the CDC states:

[…] influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

However, the good news is that both the CDC and the who now re-assure us that the average person, worldwide, has a 99.97% chance of surviving the C *P virus. (i.e., “the flu”.)

(Oh, and the CDC recently stated that of the 200,000 alleged deaths from the C * P virus this year, 94% actually died from up to 3 co-morbidities.) (For instance, if you have other conditions, and you get the flu, you have a higher likelihood of dying from the flu because of those complications.)

(Oh, and tens of thousands of US dollars get paid out to medical institutions for every official death certificate that officially lists C* VID as the cause of death.) (Hence, those estimated 54,000 deaths that were really heart attacks. And 7,000 deaths that were really deaths by poison. Etc. But were listed as C* VID.)

(Oh, and those P C R  false-positive test results that were used to introduce C* VID panic to the entire world, actually show nothing. The tests don’t work on detecting infections. And they knew it from the beginning. From even before the beginning.)

And Florida is now requiring all testing centers to disclose the cycle of amplification threshold that was used on each positive test for C* VID — and guess what?? I know, right?? Health Departments across the country have not been collecting that data.

Sort of just exactly similar to all these ballots that have gone missing…

And also, research done in the States of MA, NY, and NV based on the same problematic “cycle of amplification threshold”  indicate that 90% of people who tested positive based on that rigged P C R test, did not actually carry the virus. (I know, right?? It’s like a fr*ud, or something.)

Portugal now maintains that “any enforced quarantine based on the P C R test-result is unlawful.”

Because the test was rigged from the start.

(I know, sort of just exactly similar to the 2020 Pr*s* d*nt*al El* ct*on.)

I know you get tired of hearing me say this, gang, but follow the fucking $$$.

And all those Australians — almost 40,000 of them — stranded, and unable to get home for Christmas because there aren’t enough quarantine places to house them upon their return to the continent. (Because of that non-p* nd* m*c flu.) (Oh, the one that asymptomatic carriers of  turn out to be not contagious spreaders of…) (I know, gang — you gotta be a professional, award-winning writer to come up with a sentence as precariously worded as that one is.)

Anyway. You get the drift.

Every day, more and more scientists are actually getting heard, the world over. And then the mainstream media just pushes back, harder and harder, to silence them and keep the facts from we, the listeners. Some of those in the media are even trying to get us to believe that pretty much everyone in the entire world is testing positive for the C *P virus. (No!! — take that P C R test out of your breakfast cereal!! We don’t need to know that your cereal also tests positive. This fraud  — oops — I mean, THIS is serious business.)

(See my posts from the weekend if you are not yet familiar with the international lawsuits underway, alleging charges of Crimes Against Humanity for the perpetrators of the false-positive P C R test that started the intentional worldwide panic.)

And today, Nick Cave finally had to completely cancel the 2021 UK and European Ghosteen tour.

Ghosteen - Wikipedia

And I don’t think it’s because he knew I am so financially cleaned out by this fucking fake virus, that it would have taken a true Christmas Miracle for me to afford to get to the Zurich show in 2021 at this point, anyway.

However, all that said.

At least we are beginning to understand what we are really dealing with and why the things we see with our own eyes and experience with our own lives (m* sks are useless, the l* ckd * wns are useless) do not add up to the false garbage the media is trying like hell to get us to believe.

Also, there is good news on all fronts regarding the el* ct*on fr* ud — more and more facts coming to light. More and more dictators I mean, G*vern*rs, acting super strangely — almost as if they have something to hide.

And even more “good news” (of course the word “good” is always used now with excessive caveats) : a couple of videos went viral over the weekend (no, I don’t mean they went C * P viral, however, I’m guessing that if we test those videos with the P C R test, they, too, will test positive for C *VID.)

But videos of Ant* f* attempting to harass a group of peacefully protesting Patriots over the weekend, show that Patriots have had enough and are fighting back. (Here’s one video. There are many others.)

All right. I’m super, super fed up with all of this. And it does feel like more violence is indeed coming. (More mukky-muks fired from their Department of Def* nse positions within the Pentagon yesterday. More troops ordered home to the US.) (If you’re keeping score: US troops have now been pulled out of Afghanistan, Iraq and now Somalia. All heading back to the US…as we get closer and closer here to learning the truth that Tr**p was indeed the winner by a landslide…)

But it does feel like we are all making headway against the D* ep State, the N* w World Or d*r, the Great Reset,  all over the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

This one below was effing incredible, folks.  You gotta listen!

“Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!”

Well, all right.

If you didn’t listen to that soundcloud interview with Re* ner Fu*ll m*ch, et al,  that I posted yesterday, you really must. At least listen to part of it. Do something. It will open your eyes beyond your ability to close them again.

And who doesn’t want that??

It brings together in one place what scientists all over the world have been trying to tell us for months about the fake C* VID p*nd* m* c.  Meaning, that there wasn’t a p*nd* m* c . That C* VID is just a form of the flu. That Dr* st in Germany purposely created a P C R test that would be intentionally used to create  a worldwide panic, since the test’s sole purpose was to create 89-94% false-positives for C* VID. (Apparently, even papayas and chicken wings test positive for C* VID when tested with the P C R test.) (Everything tests positive with the P C R test because it cannot detect infections…)

However, the interview goes into detail about why it would be better to not take any of the upcoming vaccines — apart from the fact that the average person likely does not need a vaccine against the flu. But more importantly, pharmaceutical companies are at the ready and banking on the many side-effects that will be caused by these vaccines, some of them probably really dangerous and unalterable.

Which brings us to the very worst part: a.) creating the fake C* VID test that would create false-positives which would put the world into a panic that there was a p*n d* m*c; was because: b.)  certain people wanted to get rich off of new vaccines that would be mandated  and then off of the side-effects the vaccines would also cause.

So please listen to these interviews, read the papers that the links take you to (I’m talking about all the stuff I’ve been posting for the last few weeks).

Here is a new one: an interview with Dr. M*ke Ye* d*n, who for 16 years was the VP and Chief Science Officer of Pf * zer.  He contributed to a scientific paper published back in September 2020 about the “fake second wave” of the v* rus. And it is full of a lot of statistics about T-cells and herd immunity and suspicious graphs put out by mainstream media, but is ultimately easy to understand.

It says exactly what we here in Marilyn’s Room have been trying to tell you — there is no p* nd* m*c going on out there. It was just a form of the flu. This new “wave” is fake and is being done to frighten and control you.

And also to get everyone to purchase expensive vaccines, and then purchase expensive drugs to combat the anticipated side-effects. (At least one of the vaccines will be introducing a living GMO into you.)

The virus reached its peak in March and April and then began to recede, behaving like any other flu. It’s over. Has been over. Did not have any new waves. Only new waves of false-positives or asymptomatic positives or repositives which are not contagious. Along with the annual wave of the flu that we always get around now.

But oddly enough — worldwide L* ckd* wns and mandatory m* sks began after the peak was done peaking in the early Spring…and is ramping up again in many places.

Which is why, both here in certain States in America and in certain countries across the Atlantic, where constitutional rights to free speech and the freedom to assemble are being trampled on, causing unknown amounts of mental, emotional, and financial destruction, that have nothing whatsoever to do with any real health crisis —

And add to that, that at least here in the US, hospitals benefit financially (as much as $39,000 per episode) every time C* VID is officially on the death certificate…(which is why a woman here in the Hinterlands is suing the local hospital for officially stating her husband died from C *VID, when he didn’t; he died from congestive heart failure)…

And add to it the worst v*t*r fr*ud in US history…

And add to all that, all the attempts by mainstream & social media to censor everyone from any real news (about both the virus and the fr*d *lent el*c ti on)…

Follow the fucking $$$ is all I can say.

And it looks like, soon enough, the people funding and reaping the financial whirlwind of all this madness, will be brought out into the daylight.

Crimes against humanity, indeed, gang.

Below is a brief but concise interview from this past Wednesday (12/2) about the new defamation lawsuit just filed in Germany against mainstream media & social media “fact-checkers” (aka “liars,” “besmirchers,” etc.). This will help you understand the C* VID false-positive P C R test at the center of the Crimes Against Humanity lawsuit/class-action suit, getting underway in Germany, the US, Canada, and (I think) Australia.

Below is the English-language video that Y* u T* b* blocked. This explains the Crimes Against Humanity case being brought against Dr* st, We* ver, and the who for knowingly starting a worldwide fake C * VID panic (this is from Oct. 2020; the case has rapidly accelerated since then and now includes at least 30 international lawyers):

Below, the New World Order, also known as the Great Reset, is expertly explained. (HINT: It’s all about greed and control) (Wait— wasn’t that what the fake C* VID panic was all about?????)  Hmmmmm….

The US Supreme Court seems to be sending a signal to state legislatures re: the v*t*r fr*ud. (This is a very good sign.)

We Have Nothing To Wear But Fear Itself!!

This is, of course, a play on Roosevelt’s famous advice to Americans during WWII: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

And Roosevelt’s advice is indeed quite timely today.

What we know about the v*rus is that there is no p*n d*m *c. It’s fake. It’s manufactured to scare people, to bankrupt them if at all possible, and to remove their constitutional rights.

And all of the scientists and researchers who write papers or give announcements about the proof that this virus p*n d*m *c is fake, get blocked and censored here in the US by social media and mainstream media.

(If you are new to the blog, you can scroll through the past couple of weeks and get links to all of those papers and videos  in places where they have not been blocked.)

Yes. There are indeed a bazillion more people allegedly testing positive, allegedly all over the world. Although more and more people have stories of testing false positive (meaning they immediately test negative) and then only the positive test is reported. Even nurses are seeing it. And saying — in utter exhaustion — “what the fuck is with these crazy tests?”

And most importantly, there are not tons of people dying from the virus. They are dying from other stuff, and sometimes the virus is part of it.

There are at least 4 therapeutics that will cure the average person of the virus. The virus is basically the flu.  And even the CDC’s statistics here in the US do not bear out that this is a p*n d*m *c. It is a flu, and people who would be compromised by the flu are in danger of getting really sick from C* VID. But if you’re an average person, you have a 99.997% survival rate, even without therapeutics.  It’s a flu.

And of course, we now have 2 very effective vaccines ready to hit the market. With a third (Oxford in the UK) gaining in effectiveness.

But there is, of course, a worldwide fear that, along with getting the vaccine, people will have a chip introduced into their bodies that will make them track-able by whoever it is out there that is seriously trying to control us through fear and by trying to violate our rights to free speech and to assemble (also known as m* sks and l* ck d* wns).

I personally do not take vaccines. A lot of people don’t because they have become deregulated (you can’t sue the kind folks who make them if something goes horribly wrong…). But a lot of people still believe in vaccines. It eases their fears. And so they have the right to have access to them.

However, yesterday, I heard two horrifying things. One was from the UK — that even with the 95% effective Pfizer vaccine that the UK has already approved, people in the UK should be prepared to continue wearing m* sks “for years.”

Okay. So. Rather than believe that insanity, that fear-mongering and that depression shit; instead, ask yourself whose payroll  that guy is actually on, and if he isn’t being bribed, is he being blackmailed?

Those are the only two questions we should all be asking now. The only two. Because everyone knows — the dictators and tyrants especially (here in the US, they are also called by titles such as “Governor” and “Mayor”) — that this is not a p*n d*m *c, it is fake, otherwise they would be too frightened to constantly break their own m* sk and l*ck d*wn rules.

A case in point — as always — is out in Los Angeles. This short video made me cry yesterday. This poor woman! It is similar to the video I posted yesterday about the restaurant owner in Michigan.

The virus is really, really smart. It knows to infect only small businesses and not huge movie studio companies.

People, this has got to STOP. Actual lives are at stake. And not from any virus.

And here’s a quick follow-up on the Staten Island protest, where it details how in  Airstrip One, if you voted for Tr**p, your establishment is in l*ck d* wn. If you didn’t, you get to  stay open (because that darn virus knows who votes for whom…).

The other thing that I found horrifying yesterday was that there is a new proposal here in the US from Federal Democrats re: that stimulus bill (which tyrants and dictators created the need for, since Tr**p left it up to the States to decide how to “manage” the virus), that if you are willing to take the vaccine, you could get a $1500 stimulus check.

Yes. They’re going to pay people — bribe them with maybe some money to buy food or pay some rent — if they will take the vaccine??!! Otherwise, you don’t get the money.

It made me truly fear, for the first time — what ARE they going to try to administer along with that vaccine???

Why do they want to pay desperate people to take it??

And the always charming, endearing, selfless Mayor of Ch* c*go is intimating that she wants to make the vaccine mandatory in Ch* c*go… (unconstitutional, btw).

TWO QUESTIONS, that’s all. Just two fucking questions:  Whose payroll is that woman actually on, and if she isn’t being bribed, is she being blackmailed?


Well, after I listened to the X*2 R* p*rt last night, and once I got to approximately the 33 minute point in the podcast (posted down below), the fake virus information got seriously alarming. So I did some research on which article he was talking about.

You can do it, too. The article is readily available but I strongly suggest using d* ck d* ck go.

The article is all about the 22 internationally-based scientists who are currently asserting that the R T * P C R test that was “developed” specifically to test for C* VID, was purposely developed to create an 80 -97% false positive:

[…]due to a non existent gold standard which would be the virus itself.

[…] At the heart of the controversy lies the fact that the creators of the most commonly used test, the R T-P C R, published instructions for how to test for S* RS C* V 2 “without having virus material available,” in their own words, relying instead on the Ch* n* se scientists’ genetic sequence published on the internet.

[…] Dr. C* rbett, a Ph.D., and retired RN elaborated: “There are 10 fatal errors in this Dr* sten test paper. Public Health England is a co-author on it. All the public health authorities across the EU have co-authored this paper. But here is the bottom line: There was no viral isolate to validate what they were doing. The P C R products of the amplification didn’t correspond to any viral isolate at that time. I call it ‘donut ring science.’ There is nothing at the center of it. It’s all about code, genetics, nothing to do with reality, or the actual person, the patient.

You have to read the article, gang. Please. It is not long. It is right here. And the scientific details of it will enrage you.

It also sites an article I posted a link to here several days ago, about the paper out of Wu h*n that studied over 9 million test cases and determined that:

Virus cultures were negative for all asymptomatic positive and repositive cases, indicating no “viable virus” in positive cases detected in this study.

If you live in Germany, you likely already know all about this fake P C R test that was created to generate false positives,  because there is a team of lawyers suing the Government there, as well as starting a Class-Action lawsuit here in the US and in Canada, and probably Australia, as well. But the German lawsuit maintains that 2 of the 3 main perpetrators of this fr*ud are from Germany. The 3rd perp being the head of the W H O…

(And Tr**p pulled the US out of the W H O. Go figure…)

Please make time to watch the video directly below. It has been around for a month already, but other videos that interview this lawyer have been blocked already on Y *u T * be.

He has successfully sued Deutschbank and VW  in the past , and won, so he is not just a small-time lawyer. He is working with three other lawyers — together they are suing Germany for perpetuating this fake p*n d* m*c.

He goes into details about the fake positive test, how it got started and by whom and why, and he identifies who the puppets are, but we still need law suits to find out who is really pulling the strings. Thankfully, lawyers all over the world are preparing lawsuits against their own governments now, as well, based on all this information that the mainstream media is trying hard to block from you.

And my guess is that, whoever is behind the virus fr*ud is also behind the US el*c t*on fr*ud.


Also: LISTEN!! He explains it all again here — there is NOTHING to be afraid of! Except the fucking vaccine!!!!


Just How Much $$$ Are We Supposed To Follow Here??

Well, all righty!

I forgot to post here that Black Lotus Publishing, one of my new publishers, is still working on the cover art for most of their new titles and the site will launch ASAP!!

So we all appreciate your patience, but any day now, my new taboo erotic novella, 1954 Powder Blue Pickup and the new (really long) short story, “Half-Moon Bride” will be for sale!!

These are for adults only, gang. I cannot stress that enough! (But once you read them, you will not want to ever read any other writer’s adult titles ever again!!!)

Well, we shall see!!

And in other good news —

The new album by Nick Cave and Nicholas Lens, Litanies, was released during the night. I listened to it at 2:45am. It is really, really lovely, gang. You can now purchase it wherever you download your beautiful music!

Nicholas Lens, Nick Cave

And  I urge you to consider buying me this for Christmas:  just announced from Cave Things — it is only a mere £1,000,000 plus shipping!! (There are less expensive denominations, but hey…)

In all honesty, gang, I am a lowly writer-editor, living alone in the middle of nowhere Ohio now,  and the worldwide l*ckd*wns have all but ruined me financially. I rely on family to help me get through every single month now, but I still go to bed hungry every night. I’m 60 years old now. A thing like not being able to afford enough food has not happened to me since I was 19 years old and first left home.

But you know what? I don’t fucking care. I go to my room and listen to D*n B*ng*no and the X*2 R*p*rt every night and I am determined to hang in there and help people see that America is on the precipice of something truly horrible if we don’t get to the bottom of this eL*c t*on fr*ud and this fake virus panic.

For instance, if you visit the front page of the Ep*ch Times every day, you will see rows and rows of links that will give updated real-time information on all the hearings, the legal issues, the progress we are making on exposing the fr*ud.

And in all that, there are a mere 2 links from B* den: that he plans to make the whole country wear m* sks for 100 days (free speech anyone?), and a statement about how he broke his foot while chasing his dog…

I know that a lot of my readers live outside of the United States.  What you might not know, is that I post the political videos and news articles to help keep people in the US informed, because if they only rely on mainstream news they get NONE of this information. In fact, often they are told the exact opposite. (i.e., Orwell’s 1984.)

But I also believe that some of this stuff is headed for other countries, if it isn’t already there. (i.e., d*m*n* on v* ting machines, throwing elections; l*ckd* wns meant to ruin the local economy and not meant to save lives, etc.)

In fact, even though posting videos like the one below bring the very curious Ch* n*se straight to my web site, watch this video if you have the stomach for it.


And, in fact, you may or may not have noticed that I finally removed my memoir-in-progress, In the Shadow of Narcissa, from the Internet. I’ve been threatening to do it for months now, and I finally did. I get really fed up with getting all of my published books and erotic short stories pirated. It’s even more maddening when they get pirated while in-progress…(which was indeed happening by you know who).

And if you still think its fun to be on T*k-T*k and that you’re not being tracked, watch that video above and think again…

I have tried really hard for the last 6 years to not let this current blog get too political. My last blog was off-the-charts anti-Ob* ma. I wanted to have just a quiet little blog from now on. But I simply cannot let this stuff go. I know I’ve lost a lot of regular readers, but gained a bunch of new ones. I appreciate your patience if you are not really that interested in American politics.

On that note…

Once again, the NY Times (online) headlines this morning do not disappoint!!

As you might have seen by my post last night, there was a peaceful protest on Staten Island last evening, in support of a small bar owner who was defying the lockdown and getting fined for trying to stay open and earn a living.

Thousands of non-An t* fa, non-B L M protestors had taken to the streets, finally fed up with the random draconian lockdowns that are killing small business owners but not affecting the mega stores. There was no looting, no violence, no one was attacked or beaten up.

What you couldn’t hear (but which you can hear in the footage included in the longer version of the X*2 R*p*rt below), is that those thousands were loudly chanting “Cu*mo Sucks! Cu*mo Sucks!”.

Was any of that in the NY Times (online) headline this morning??? Of course not, they were only talking about riding the (now dangerous) subway…

And in a related story, this small business owner below  had a lot to say yesterday. He speaks for so many — both here and in other countries, I’m guessing.

This video from one of the el*ct *on fr*ud hearings yesterday in Georgia was all over the place. It shows poll workers taking suitcases full of illegal ballots out from under tables after everyone else  was made to leave for the night. Then they entered the illegal ballots into the voting machines.

You know, as horrible as this whole thing is — nationwide, coordinated v*t*r fr*ud — they hired true stooges to pull it off. Everyone of these people who ends up on video is looking at jail time.

And probably in an effort to avoid prison time himself, the Georgia G* Vern*r is finally telling the Secretary of State to fucking do something

And here’s a quick clip from the State Senator who got his account banned from tw* tt *r — that bastion of decency and democracy:

And from the B*ng*no Report, here are the totals of exactly just how  many dead people, underage people, felons, and people who moved away, voted in Georgia last month (HINT: The Corpse Vote is alive & well in Georgia!):

On a very serious note, D*n B*n g*n* interviewed Lt. General M*k* Fl*nn yesterday and you must listen to it.

I sat and listened to it at my kitchen table yesterday afternoon and cried through most of it. It’s no secret that I couldn’t stand Ob*m*, but it’s turning out that he was really worse than I had even imagined. What this country has come to is truly heartbreaking for me. How Tr**p has managed to continue running this country and improving our lives here all across the board, while O*b*m* and his cronies did everything they could to undermine him and all of America for 4 solid years — it is really hard to believe.

But in case you are still watching mainstream news, wherever you live in the world — Tr**p won by a landslide. This means that most Americans knew what was really going on and are totally  fed up, disgusted, outraged, etc. , with all of it.

So please watch B*n g*n*’s interview. you will learn  a lot about the American D**p State and about one man’s true character.

Followed by B*ng*n*’s regular show from yesterday:

The always on-the-edge-of-you-seat X*2 R*p*rt:

And his shorter version that focuses on world financial collapse and how to avoid it:

The Praying M*d*c had a “live” chat that will teach you everything you need to know about how the el*ct*on process works here in the US when el*c t*on fr*ud occurs. It is highly educational if you are too young to have learned this stuff in the current American public school system.

When It Doesn’t Make Sense, Follow the $$$

Probably the most memorable thing I learned from my birth father, who was a US Navy SEAL who served many tours of duty in Vietnam — including, and probably most importantly, during the fall of Saigon — was his advice to me one morning, when we were sitting at his kitchen table, drinking coffee:

“When something doesn’t make sense, but it keeps on happening, someone is getting rich off of it.”

He told me this 31 years ago. It’s uncanny, how many times I have had cause to remember that piece of advice over the years, especially when I lived in NYC, and how so many seemingly inexplicable things would then suddenly make sense.

Last evening, I was driving out on Highway 16 in the dark; safe in the peaceful foothills of Appalachia here in Muskingum County, and I was trying to make sense of why on Earth the Governor of our State declared such a strange C* VID curfew yesterday.

We are only allowed out between 6am to 10pm — except of course if we need to run an errand of some kind.

I’m serious, okay? If you really, really think about it, that is a really weird sort of curfew: You must stay in, unless you have to go out.

(To be serious, though: he is closing bars and restaurants early without saying that he’s closing bars and restaurants early.)

At first, I was thinking, well he’s probably trying to keep the Republicans happy by not making it a real curfew, and also trying to keep the Leftists happy by pretending this will somehow keep us safe from the alleged C* VID upsurge…

(Yes, that virus for which we now have 2 highly effective vaccines as well as therapeutics that will likely cure you if you have to go to the hospital.) (Yes, that terrifying virus…) (At this point, you’re probably more afraid of getting shingles if you’ve once had the chicken pox.)


As I thought about the predicament the Governor must be in — he is a Republican Governor who has been very pro- Tr**p throughout his Administration, however we did have our fair share of extremely expensive and destructive riots in our larger cities this past summer; it made me then think of Operation C* VID Panic, which is in full swing now, all over the world  (a fake panic, IMO, that is engineered to attempt to control us through fear and distract us from the mounting allegations of v* ter fra*d and a S*cial* st takeover).

And I thought, if this is indeed a fake panic, and the Governor is indeed a loyal Republican, why is he behaving like this? Doing something that doesn’t really make sense?

I tried going the route of following the money, which led me to think about the violence that is expected to happen when they announce Tr**p won by a landslide and that the v*te was r*gged.

And then suddenly I wondered if the weird curfew is designed to keep as many people off the streets as possible when/if the violence they are predicting does indeed break out. (Remember: They come by night.)

It would suddenly cause everything to make sense, right?

Well, I guess we’ll just see.

However, I am also noticing that gasoline prices are once again plummeting, and my utility bills are much lower than they’ve ever been, especially for this colder weather, where the furnace needs to be on, 24/7, and more lights are on because it gets dark earlier.

And I thought: now, that is very interesting, isn’t it? (Meaning, Tr**p’s plan to keep resources and workers located here in the US to make things more affordable here…)

Last evening, I listened to Bongino’s show on rumble — by the way, my prayers go out to him today as he begins chemotherapy.  And his show is a great emotional release to me these days, because he not only gives you the facts you won’t find in the mainstream, but he is also funny and it feels really, really good to laugh right now.  (Even at myself, because the way he makes fun of Liberals is really funny.)

However, this morning, I listened to both of the X*2 R*p*rts, and even while they bring good news overall, it is still really, really disturbing to hear about what is at play, here. (And it affects the entire world, frankly.)

And when I was done listening, it was still dark out and I stood at my bedroom window, taking in all this disturbing information while looking out at the peaceful street in this tiny little village, tucked safely in the rural foothills of the Hinterlands. And it was kind of frightening, to be a 60 year-old woman, alone in the world with some cats. And yet thinking about how impossible it is for me to not always try to fight for the Constitution in whatever way I can. I’ve been like this my whole life — I’m 100% pro-Constitution.

And I thought, well, I’m an illegitimate daughter of a Navy SEAL, and an officially unrecognized Daughter of the American Revolution. I guess it’s just in my blood to fight for this stuff.

I know what there is to be afraid of in the world. I’ve already been  raped several times, I’ve been beaten, robbed, had my life savings gambled away by someone I loved, and all the people I thought I trusted at various times in my life, did not have my back — and it was the unexpected strangers who were actually  there for me instead.

And I’ve been involved with the Mob and I know they’re scary. And I’ve been involved with the hardcore porn producers and I know that most of them had true hearts of gold. And I’ve come up against the Federal Government wanting to seriously curtail my right to free speech by threatening me with prison and that was fucking scary.

All of it has been fucking scary. Life outside one’s comfort zone can get truly fucking scary. But I survived all of that. It often killed my bank account, but oh well.

And yet what we are up against now — the scope of it — is scarier than anything I’ve lived through so far. Because I honestly did not believe it could ever come to America. I honestly didn’t.

But, fear or not, I will just keep f*ghting, at least to help get information out there.


Don’t forget that Nick Cave’s album, Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace comes out this Friday!!

And Cave Things also released some really pretty Nick Cave-designed prayer cards yesterday. They are each £4 plus shipping. (That price sounds very reasonable by usual Cave Things standards. However, when you consider that prayer cards are usually free at funerals, well, hmmmm….) Anyway!!! They are pretty. Here’s one:

I leave you with the official blurbs from my two upcoming works of new erotica, which will be published later this month by Black Lotus Books. These are intended for adults only, so don’t read them if you’re easily offended by graphic sex. Thanks.

Cover art for my new erotic short story, coming in November from Black Lotus Books

“Half-Moon Bride” by Marilyn Jaye Lewis

A young woman discovers that she is a half-moon futanari –that she takes on the genitals of a man at every full moon, becoming a hermaphrodite for 24 hours. On the same day, she also learns she is intended to be the bride of the mysterious Oracle who lives in the palace in the mountains. The Oracle is a full-package futanari of astonishing proportions. Together, as they are both half-man, half-woman while the moon is full, they experience a wedding night of extreme sex that stretches the little half-moon bride to her limits, and then beyond them, when her virginity is repeatedly taken by the Oracle in more ways than she could have ever imagined. A love story of extremes and questionable consent throughout; “Half-Moon Bride” will make you squirm and leave you breathless.

1954 Powder Blue Pickup by Marilyn Jaye Lewis

A young man with a pickup truck in 1950s America, navigates the strict sexual morals of the era by introducing a pretty, unmarried virgin to the true joys of anal sex – meaning that, technically, backdoor sex saves her virginity for her wedding night and that no one will ever be the wiser. The two agree to embark on an affair of unbridled licentious behavior, with no strings attached, in the privacy of his pickup truck, out on the edge of town. However, neither of them is prepared for just how well suited they are to each other’s carnal appetites, as the young woman is introduced to more and more sexual surprises. Extreme anal, oral, three-ways, and gangbangs overtake their growing attraction to one another, until they are each forced to admit that they’ve crossed over a line they can’t come back from without each other. 1954 Powder Blue Pickup is a love story that explores the hidden world of women’s unapologetic desires. Extreme anal, extreme gangbangs, and questionable consent throughout – not for the feint of heart.

All righty!! Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a good Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with Tom Petty & Mudcrutch. And a few videos below that!! I love you guys. See ya!

“Scare Easy”

My love’s an ocean
You better not cross it
Yeah I’ve been the distance
And I need some rest
Yeah I had somebody once
And damn if I lost her
I’ve been running
Like a man possessed

I don’t scare easy
Don’t fall apart
When I’m under the gun
You can break my heart
And I ain’t gonna run
I don’t scare easy
For no one

Yeah, I am a loser
At the top of my game
I should have known
To keep an eye on you
Now I got a sky
That ain’t never the same
Yeah, I got a dream
That don’t ever come true

I don’t scare easy
Don’t fall apart
When I’m under the gun
You can break my heart
But I ain’t gonna run
I don’t scare easy
For no one

Sun going down
On a canyon wall
I got a soul
That ain’t never been blessed
Yeah and I’m a shadow
At the back of the hall
Yeah, I got a sin
I ain’t never confessed

And I don’t scare easy
Don’t fall apart
When I’m under the gun
You can break my heart
And I ain’t gonna run
I don’t scare easy
For no one

And I don’t scare easy
Don’t fall apart
When I’m under the gun
You can break my heart
But I ain’t gonna run
I don’t scare easy
For no one

© 2008 Tom Petty

The link below will take you to a MUST-SEE video!!


Oops! We Might have Been A Little Pre-Occupied!

My new publisher emailed me yesterday, wondering where the book blurbs were for my new erotic (very long) short story, “Half-Moon Bride,” and my erotic novella, 1954 Powder Blue Pickup. Both of which are being published later this month.

Please consult your calendars and note that it is already November 17th…. !!!

It almost seems like I totally forgot because I’ve been way too involved in being a d*g*tal soldier in the ongoing attempted coup d’etat!!


So I gotta get those blurbs written here this morning, ASAP, before the editors get to their desks.

And, also, please, gang — don’t forget that the staged reading of my play, Tell My Bones, happens this coming Sunday evening (7pm Eastern Time). You can RSVP to receive the link to the streaming event — it is ALL FREE!!

Okay, so was there news yesterday, or what? Man. I could hardly take it all in.

If you’re new to the conversation, or just now realizing that the US is in the midst of a floundering coup, the best advise anyone can give or receive right now is to stay away from mainstream media.

This is information warfare, of the worst kind — blatant lies are being generated. Seek sources that do not claim that B* den is the pr*s* dential E*l*ct.

He is not. Nothing gets decided — in the best of times, which these are not — until December 14th. That is the law.

Also — watch out for Operation C* VID Panic. It is in full swing now.

99% of C* VID cases recover.

M* sks do not work. M* sks equal a violation of free speech.

L* ck d* wns do not work. They equal a violation of your right to assemble.

Spikes in C* VID? Really? False positives, anyone?? El*n M*sk, anyone? Multiplied by actual conversations with tiny town nurses on the front lines here in Ohio…

Also —

26,000 heart attack deaths were falsely attributed to C* VID in the US.

7000 deaths by poisoning were falsely attributed to C* VID here in the US.

At least one congenital heart failure death, right here in the Hinterlands, falsely attributed to C* VID, so I know it is happening.

Vaccines that are now 90 and 95% effective against the virus will be ready for the front line workers  in December. There will be 25 million doses generated every month.

99% of the virus cases are not lethal.  It is like having the flu. If you are hospitalized, therapeutics are now available to help cure you, if you are not at-risk from other life-threatening complications (just like the flu).

The stock market is at a record high.  They expect to break another record today. Fewer and fewer people are dwindling away on unemployment here in the US; a whole lot of people have gone back to work.

    • M* sks do not work. M* sks equal a violation of free speech.
    • L* ck d* wns do not work. They equal a violation of your right to assemble.

So why was the entire State of California put into extreme l*ck d* wn again yesterday?

Why are (certain) Governors behaving almost as if they are a Socialist reg *me?

Curiouser and curiouser, gang. Although not at all amusing to those who are experiencing l* ck d*wns for no valid reasons whatsoever. (Ohio is also having renewed issues now, too. So far, no l* ck d* wns, though.)

Remember: if this stuff worked, there wouldn’t be these renewed (alleged) spikes of the virus.  (Yes, a virus that now has vaccines and therapeutics to treat it.) People, please use your heads on this, regardless of your political affiliations in “normal” times.

Operation C*VID Panic in progress…

Okay. So. Nick Cave sent out a really cute Red Hand File yesterday, about humor and haikus. You can read it here.

And don’t forget, next Thursday morning — yes, Thanksgiving!! At the refreshing hour of 5am, if you live in the Eastern Time Zone — Nick Cave, Blixa Bargeld, and Mick Harvey will be deconstructing Murder Ballads in the chat room on Bad Seed TeeVee!! I, for one, just can’t wait!

Cold Cases II – Murder Ballads



All righty. Let me get to work here on those book blurbs.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. The videos below the music will disturb you but overall, give you a LOT of hope!! Seriously. NO ONE IS ROLLING OVER & PLAYING DEAD. You gotta watch them. Or, as the X *2 R* p*ort said last night, “The evidence will blow the minds of every person in this country…”

Okay, thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

An Odd But Lovely Little Morning in Crazeysburg!

The good news is that the official publishing contract for 1954 Powder Blue Pickup came through during the night, so it is now signed and returned!!! I am just super excited about that, gang. I really love that crazy little book.

It is filthy as hell, with a minimal story arc — although it does have a couple of character arcs, so that’s pretty cool! But seriously, I absolutely love that book. And even if I hadn’t written it, I would read it and think, Wow, this is the best book I’ve ever read!! And then I’d wonder, Wow, who wrote this amazing book? And then I’d get on Kickstarter and start a fundraiser to make a documentary film all about the obscure writer of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup, the best book ever written.

You know, this is kind of interesting. Many years ago, I wrote an erotic short story, published by an underground zine in San Fransisco, and it was loosely based on a boy I used to babysit when I was 16, who had a serious crush on me. And he was like the horniest little kid, ever.  Which presented a serious challenge to me because I am absolutely 100% not a pedophile. And even at age 16, I was extremely maternal.

The last I had heard about him, back in the 1980s after I moved to NYC, was that he had joined the Navy and I remember thinking how odd it was that they allowed 10-year-old boys to join the Navy — because I simply could not believe he was already old enough to join the Navy. But the story I wound up writing stemmed more from that thought that he actually was old enough to be in the Navy.

Anyway, I found out a couple weeks ago that he is still alive, and still lives in Ohio, although he lives up in Cleveland now — AND — he’s a really powerful State Supreme Court Judge. I found that really just astounding and really kind of amusing. Remembering what he was like as an indescribably horny 10-year-old.

Ah well. Life does indeed go on. But I saw a photo of him and he has all this grey hair now, but he looks really kind and compassionate. Like he is probably a very good Judge.

Well, my dinner last night with Kevin did not happen because the worst storm imaginable suddenly blew in out of nowhere. Torrential rain, thunder, lightning, and really strong winds. The wind was blowing everything, everywhere.  So we postponed the dinner, which disappointed me because I really wanted an update on my play, plus he has those promotional postcards ready for me to start sending out. But the cool news is that I saw 3 rainbows while the storm was in the process of passing over.

Literally, 3 rainbows. And I have not seen a rainbow since I was about 9 years old. It was so cool.

And my other friend Kevin is supposed to fly back from Montana today, although he isn’t planning on staying in Ohio for very long. So I’m not sure when he’s planning to come out here and get his 1965 VW camper van from out of my barn. But whenever he does make it out here, I know he will be impressed with the barn’s new roof, and the new barn door! Plus, it will be really nice to see him.

Well, that’s kind of it around here today, gang. I’ve had sort of an odd morning here.  As usual, I’ve been up and out of bed since 4am, but for the most part, I sat on my bed in the dark, drank my coffee and stared out the window at the wind blowing the branches of the maple tree outside my window. Even with that terrible wind last evening, most of its leaves are still on the branches. So it was sort of hauntingly beautiful to look at.

And while I sat and stared, I listened to “Insider” by Tom Petty (with a supporting vocal by Stevie Nicks, 1981), over and over. I’m not a huge Stevie Nicks fan at all, but I do love how she sounded when she sang with Tom Petty.

Anyway, I listened to that for quite a long time and I grappled with reality — but mostly the reality that other people consider “reality,” not necessarily the reality that I call reality. And I guarantee you, those are two distinctly parallel lines that will never meet. So I either go crazy trying to see the world the way other people see it, or just mind my own business and keep to myself and let life happen and just sit here and write and go less crazy. Even though that version is extremely lonely.

So it’s a weird morning here. But I do hope to spend some time focusing on “Novitiate” (the new erotic short story in progress) and maybe even making some good progress with that. We shall see.

Meanwhile, have a nice Saturday, wherever you are in the world, gang. Thanks for visiting. I leave you with my sitting-in-the-dark-drinking-coffee-and-staring-out-at-the-tree music from this morning, in those wee hours before dawn! Listen, ponder, enjoy!! I love you guys. See ya.


You’ve got a dangerous background
And everything you’ve dreamed of
Yeah you’re the Dark Angel
It don’t show when you break up
and I’m the one who ought to know
I’m the one left in the dust
Yeah I’m the broken-hearted fool
Who was never quite enough

I’m an insider, I been burned by the fire
And I’ve had to live with some hard promises
I’ve crawled through the briars — I’m an insider

It’s a circle of deception
It’s a hall of strangers
It’s a cage without a key
You can feel the danger
And I’m the one who ought to know
I’m the one you couldn’t trust
I’m the lonely silent one
I’m the one left in the dust


I’ll bet you’re his masterpiece
I’ll bet you’re his self-control
Yeah you’ll become his legacy
His quiet world of white and gold
And I’m the one who ought to know
I’m the one you left to rust
Not one of your twisted friends
I’m the one you couldn’t love


© 1981 Tom Petty

It Was Just One of Those Days Here in Crazeysburg!

Because I fell and bruised my thigh beyond my ability to comprehend (if you are on your computer, you can see my Instagram photo from yesterday down below, which shows the awesome bruise and just how swelled up it got), I wound up spending a huge portion of yesterday in bed.

Not because I couldn’t walk, but because the pain was excruciating.

But today, even though the bruise is obviously still there and still swollen, the pain is really minimal.

And, while CBD oil did nothing to stop that kind of pain, it did calm me the fuck down and made everything in my world seem manageable. And by “manageable” I guess I mean  “just go to bed and stream The Monkees and forget about everything else in the world. ”

Oh, and I should mention here that I wound up liking that documentary, Hey, Hey We’re The Monkees, which I had started watching the other day. It was very informative and emotional.

Anyway. I also slept a lot yesterday, seeing as how I was already in bed. I didn’t get out of bed until after 5am today, which is later than I’ve been doing for quite a few weeks now.

So nothing new has been done to the new short story “Novitiate.” And at this point, if it is getting confusing:

  • The Guitar Hero Goes Home is now available in print with the corrected cover and the corrected text. (Also eBook — Amazon)
  • “Half-Moon Bride” will be available as a stand alone eBook in a few weeks (with my new publisher)
  • 1954 Powder Blue Pickup will be coming out in print before the year is over,  also with my new publisher
  • “Novitiate” will be part of what I currently call The Muse Revisited Vol. 4, which will also include my more popular “taboo erotica” short stories and novellas from the scope of my career. That will come out in print with my new publisher, as well, but probably not until early 2021 (especially if I don’t quit falling down on my kitchen porch).

So that’s what’s going on there, in erotica land.

In non-erotica land, the staged reading of my play, Tell My Bones, will premier online on Sunday evening EST, November 22nd. It will be free, but you will need to RSVP at an eventbrite link, which I will give to you when I have it. And if you miss the premier, you will have a window of maybe 3-5 days to watch it anyway.


So Cave Things announced yesterday that you can pre-order the following really cute picture discs, each have one song on them from Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace, which is being released as an album and also a film in November. Here are the picture discs, drawn by Nick Cave (I believe they are each £30, except that there are only 500 copies in each title, so you need to pre-order right away).

And with that, I’m also gonna close. So have a really nice Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang!! I love you guys. See ya!!