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Okay, Now THAT’S Funny!!

You know how C *  VID cases in Airstrip One are worse than ever, ever before;  it’s everywhere, everyone’s got it, stay away from each other, wear a m*sk, don’t talk, don’t take that v* cc ine until we tell you to or we will fine you $100,000; it’s just dire, dire, DIRE here, we must bankrupt you and your small business, it’s the ONLY way we will survive!!!

Oh My God, the Humanity!!!!

Hindenburg disaster - Wikipedia

Guess which dictator decided yesterday that l* ck d* wns are not really a good thing for the economy and no longer necessary…

And it seems that France is opening its borders again to the u  k  , even though all of the u  k and i r e l a nd have the worst outbreak imaginable of the most horribly contagious C * VID variant known to bats or to Man!! In fact, it’s more horribly contagious than anything we’ve simply ever, ever seen! ( And the only reason why you aren’t seeing mounds of horribly dead bodies everywhere in the streets is because we’re all dead inside our houses now and much too weak to kick any of the other dead bodies to the curb…)

(Or perhaps this is only an international attempt to make it easier for Nick Cave and Warren Ellis to be in the same studio together while finishing their new upcoming album, CARNAGE…)(We can only surmise because actual information is SUPER hard to get these days.)

Also, The Post Millennial is reporting this morning that Ontario will NOT have a curfew. Repeat. NOT. However, “stricter l* ck d* wn measures” and “more restrictions are coming…” (I guess Ontario is not as confident yet as the dictator is that B * den will actually be P r * s * d*nt and they are hedging their bets…)

I’m so serious, gang. Watch the whole fake p* n d* m*c simply fade away here in the next couple months.

On a more serious note, this was really horrifying, and this is what happens when Airstrip One defunds the p  d (and this is why I keep texting what few friends I have left in NYC to please stay close to home right now, yet some of them are now treating me like I’m out of my mind and giving me a wide berth. I guess they prefer to drink the Kool-Aid):

b  l  m -An t * fa Thugs Violently Attack Female Journalist in NYC – Police Stand by and Do Nothing

Since she’s Polish, they decided she was a N* zi… seriously. [full article here]

Oh — and here’s a REALLY funny one!!

New York State Bar Association Considers Expelling R* dy G  i u  l * ani For His Role in ‘Provoking Mob to St*rm U  S C  a   p  i   tol’

I’m curious what news they watch? Because everything I’ve been seeing shows the “riot” was staged by whoever is funding a n t * f a right now… But, oh wait!! No less than 70,000 people were purged from t w * tt er over the weekend! All those videos are getting harder and harder and HARDER to find, folks!!

[full article here]

And this video interview over at the Ep* ch T*mes was very interesting. Reminiscent of the videos that de-construct the staging of that woman who was shot or maybe not shot.. hmmm.

(Honestly people. If you  were hit in the neck with a bullet from a Glock .45 from not too far away, wouldn’t your throat sort of explode? At the very least, wouldn’t you start to bleed right away and not wait until your camera angle was ready?? Just wonderin’…)

Glock 45 1000 Round Review | 8541 TACTICAL

Okay, so. After going on and on and ON about the dire need to im  p e a ch Tr***p (articles did indeed get underway yesterday in c  * n gr * ss, that bastion of morality), and after going on and on and ON about #25 — why was Fancy- Nancy absent from work yesterday??? (Let’s not put on our party hats just yet, though; maybe she was simply at the hair salon…)

Also, in truly awful news — c * n gr * ss is now seeking to officially classify anyone who publicly supports Tr **p in any sort of march, gathering, peaceful protest, etc., as “domestic t e r r o r i s ts.”

I’m serious, gang.  Anyone out there construed as supporting Tr **p will be deemed a domestic t e r r o r i s t by the  f  b   i.  You will never be able to travel again.

In fact, many people have now lost their jobs, been ostracized by friends and family, and have been literally kicked off of airplanes — emergency landings were made to remove the people from the planes — if they were known to have  been in D   C   last Weds in support of Tr ***p.

ALSO– DO NOT attend any alleged “a r m e d rallies” for Tr **p at state house capitals.  This is an f  b   i  trap — they are looking to seize your g  u  n   A.

Gang, this is silencing at an extreme pace and at an extreme level. If you aren’t extremely outraged by all of this, you still have some Kool-Aid in your system. This is fucking A m e  r  i  c  a.

Okay. Watch the videos below to learn where we stand right now as far as the expectations for the coming week.

I have since learned that the in  s  u  r  r  e  c  t  i  o n  a  c  t might only be effecting D   C   right now, and it was also declared to be in a state of emergency yesterday by Tr ***P. 10,000 more troops are expected to be in D  C   by Saturday and the m *  y o  r is freaking the fuck out — trying to rescind all those permits she allowed for protesters. She’s walled herself  in. Could be a great big mess, right?

(Also, ch i e f of pd D  C  who just resigned, is now talking to reporters, saying that he asked c*  n  g  r  e  s  s for the N a t i o n al G u  a r d to be sent over when he saw that the protest at c a p i t o l was going to get v i o l e n t and they refused to call them in…) (The N a t i o n al G u a r d  didn’t show until 5 pm, long after everything was over.)

Okay.  I gotta scoot. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

Below:  things are in place for a D   C   take down (12 mins.)


Below: Gorbachev briefly was held captive during an attempted coup against him in the former Soviet Union. He knows who plotted the siege on the U  S   c  a   p   i   t  o  l. What he has to say about A  m  e  r  i  c  a  is good news.  (39 seconds, watch)

Below: K O update(12 mins)

Below: K O update. As predicted, other countries are coming out against s * c* al m * dia c * n sh * r ship occurring here in U  S (17 mins.) (Also: Ep* ch Times article here details world leader comments .)

Below: R * d P 8 LL 7  8 daily news update (30 mins.)

Below: “the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. The D C  M *  yor is doing exactly what the p* triots want her to do. They are barricading D C and bringing in the N   G. Who controls the N  G? The clock is ticking down,  Fancy Nan pushes for i m  peach  ment, G O P shoots down #25. Hold the line p*  triots, false flag coming. No r* volution, no armed battle, clean and swift.” (30 mins)

Below (short): X * 2 R * p * rt financial update. [**] and D ** p  S t * t e  are not looking to improve the economy they are looking to destroy it.

Below: They are absolutely coming for you next. What D  B  went through over the weekend will absolutely chill you. This is at our door step.