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Another Rainy Sunday in the Hinterlands

Okay, I am feeling better — all these hours later, now that the mainstream media is getting some criticism for not reporting the violence against the people attending the rally yesterday night.

You can now read reliable new stories here and here, if you so wish.

While the violence upsets me, and I know that more violence is coming because these groups are literally trying to overthrow the Government — make no mistake about that — what upset me the most was that NO ONE was mentioning it in the regular news. Not a fucking WORD. (First, they didn’t want you to know the rally was happening, then they didn’t report the attacks.)

So, now that that’s changed, I feel calmer.  For now.  But, in case you didn’t know this yet, the mainstream media here in the US is on an absolute mission to convince Americans and the world that Tr**p is no longer the Pr*sident.

This is serious. It is not an exaggeration or a joke.  For instance– right this minute, do you know that Tr**p is still the legal President of the US?

He is. Even if the vote fraud and the recounts and law suits weren’t underway, he would still be the legal President until noon on  January 20th 2021. And NO ONE is a Pres* dential El*ct until Dec.14th in ordinary times…

I will give you a moment to go look at your calendar.

Now I will draw your attention to the fact that World Leaders (possibly even your own) are congratulating B* den for being the Pres* dential El*ct.

Clearly, World Leaders are given faulty calendars and they think it is already December 14th.


I found this image on Balladeer’s Blog. It shows what one ingenious citizen did to try to get the word out there. (And if you think it hasn’t gotten this bad, please believe me that it has.)

trump is still your president

All righty.

So, yesterday — a beautiful although chilly day — I got all three of those gutters cleaned out. And I fixed the soffit over that one back gutter where the starlings like to build their nests every Spring. Well, I sort of fixed it; I think the starlings can easily undo what I did if they really, really want to. But I was astounded by how elaborate their nests were. They had, like, an actual duplex going on in there!! Literally, it was two-stories high — inside the soffit over the back gutter. And, wow, was it well constructed. Birds build the most amazing nests.

But I feel better. Three out of four gutters are cleaned, and a ton of leaves got raked. I’m still not the perfect home-owner, but I feel better.

So, yesterday, I also had the most unusual coincidence occur — I was once again walking over to Subway, the sandwich shop, and I passed a group of about 4 neighbors, smoking and chatting and I realized that one of them was the cute older blonde guy who rides the Harley motorcycle.

I was basically right next to him before I even realized it was him, because he was wearing a winter jacket with a hood, so I didn’t see his blonde hair from all the way down the block.

And I have to tell you, gang — up close, he really does look like someone who has served time. He really does! Now, maybe he has that hardened look because he’s spent his whole life outdoors, smoking cigarettes, etc. Maybe he’s merely “weathered” and not “hardened.” Who knows. But he definitely looks — up close — like a guy who’s spent time in jail. So, go figure! Me and my track record.

Anyway. On we go, right?

Okay. So also yesterday (meaning the whole day — 9 hours) was the taping of the staged reading of my play, Tell My Bones!! It then gets edited and the premier streaming of it happens next Sunday, at 7pm Eastern Time.

Please RSVP so that you get to watch the premiere!! It will stream for a few days after that — all of it FREE — but the premiere needs an RSVP to get the link. You can RSVP here.

All righty. I’m going to close now. Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday. And thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys, See ya.

“Printed media in the Soviet Union, i.e., newspapers, magazines and journals, were under strict control of the Communist Party and the Soviet state. The desire to disseminate propaganda is believed to have been the driving force behind the creation of the early Soviet newspapers…”

I’m just sayin’…

Operation C*VID Panic in progress…




Dear Diary, Tell America Not to Lose Heart

Yes, that’s right! I raked leaves yesterday!! Ten bags’ worth and yet there are easily ten more bags’ worth of leaves to be raked, but since those are in my grass and not on the public sidewalk, I’m done raking…

But it was a really beautiful day yesterday and it was really nice to be outside. And since I love my maple tree almost as much as I love my own life, it was kind of nice to be on such intimate terms with its fallen leaves, knowing more leaves will come in the Spring.

For those readers who are struggling to find the actual news here in America, it will give you courage to know that, in line with “Operation C*VID Panic,” Europeans are not simply rolling over and playing dead and passively going into lockdown.

Non-American mainstream media details it here, here and there are videos of this, as well, if you search for them without the use of go*gle and you tube.

And in keeping with attempts at “Operation C*VID Panic” here in the US, the usual suspects are trying hard to push people indoors. Isolate them. Fill them with fear, etc.

Yes, it is starting to look like C*VID is being used to control the masses…

Watch out for Ticketmaster, gang. I’m just sayin’…

And if you haven’t already noticed, your latest IOS iPhone update came complete with a C*VID tracker…

The good news, of course, is that the d*minion voter machine fraud will likely put a lot of people in prison. Maybe even the b*g g*y himself. Won’t that be a great day?

I feel sad for members of my family and one of my closest friends, though, because they honestly still believe the vote was fair & square and that Biden is the next President.

They honestly believe this because they won’t give up on mainstream media.

I think it’s alarming that 99.9% of those family members are gay. In my opinion, since they are kindhearted, they have been brainwashed. They likely do not even know that Tr*mp had the very first openly gay cabinet member in US history — Richard Grenell. Or that record numbers of LGBTQ voters switched to Trump in 2020.

Everything lies so heavily on which news outlets you watch. Which browsers you use. Which social media accounts you cling to…

I still love Instagram, but as I said the other day, I try to stay apolitical on there myself, and when I do post political comments, I am subversive about it and try not to explain what I actually mean. I use it as a camouflaged outlet for my rage. But I am indeed noticing that 99% of the conservatives I follow on Instagram are either not posting, or getting blocked.

Which do you think is the likelier scenario?

Anyway.  On we go,

If you didn’t see this announcement, from Tr*mp’s office yesterday: One county in Michigan, alone –234 pages of sworn affidavits of voter fraud, including:

    • EYEWITNESS saw a batch of ballots where 60% of them had the SAME signature
    • EYEWITNESS saw a batch of ballots scanned 5 times
    • EYEWITNESS saw 35 ballots counted that were NOT connected to a voter record
    • EYEWITNESS saw poll workers marking ballots with NO mark for candidates
    • VOTER said deceased son was recorded as voting TWICE
    • EYEWITNESS said provisional ballots were placed in the tabulation box
    • FAILED software that caused an error in Antrim County used in Wayne County
    • Republican challengers not readmitted but Democrats admitted
    • Republican challengers physically pushed from counting tables by officials
    • Democrats gave out packet: “Tactics to Distract Republican Challengers”
    • Republican challenges to suspect ballots ignored

And then this, from Yahoo’s news just now:

Trump and his followers are on the ‘crazy train’ with unhinged election conspiracies, Republican congressman says

And keep in mind that being a traitor to your country is a federal offense. Again — can you say prison, anyone?

But millions of Americans are in fact not stupid, and are leaving mainstream media and heading to Parler and rumble and other options not controlled by b*g t*ch.

And, yes, there are very interesting videos posted below, from last night’s listening, in case you’re interested. It will make your hair stand on end. (I’ve added Praying Medic now, too. Unreal.)

And the trucks and cars zooming by on the very brief Bongino Report (different from Dan Bongino’s podcast) — those are people heading to the huge Tr*mp rally in DC this weekend. The very same rally that the media is trying to block from the public’s awareness.

They don’t want anyone to know there is a rally to support Tr*mp and they aren’t going to air it, that’s for sure. (That would be like people wanting to gather for the Queen of England, for some reason, and all the news media outlets trying hard to keep that information from everyone.)

Tr*mp is still the President of the United States. It’s almost like it’s illegal now to support him. Coup d’etat. anyone??

If you don’t think that this is scary shit, gang, then you’re still sound asleep. I will wait patiently for you to wake up, stretch a little bit, and get your coffee…

Okay!! Rehearsals for the reading of my play, Tell My Bones, continue today, with the first rehearsal of the entire play, start to finish. I’m supposed to jump in there at some point and introduce myself to the cast and crew, but I’m not sure yet how that is supposed to happen. Part of the rehearsals are on zoom, part are on streamyard.

However it happens, the very, very good news is that I washed my hair…

All righty. That’s it for now. I’m gonna get this gorgeous day underway here. I hope you have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

“Red Right Hand”

Take a little walk to the edge of town
and go across the tracks
Where the viaduct looms,
like a bird of doom
As it shifts and cracks
Where secrets lie in the border fires,
in the humming wires
Hey man, you know
you’re never coming back
Past the square, past the bridge,
past the mills, past the stacks
On a gathering storm comes
a tall handsome man
in a dusty black coat with
a red right handHe’ll wrap you in his arms,
tell you that you’ve been a good boy
He’ll rekindle all the dreams
it took you a lifetime to destroy
He’ll reach deep into the hole,
heal your shrinking soul,
but there won’t be a single thing
that you can do
He’s a god, he’s a man,
he’s a ghost, he’s a guru
They’re whispering his name
through this disappearing land
But hidden in his coat
is a red right hand

You don’t have no money?
He’ll get you some
You don’t have no car?
He’ll get you one
You don’t have no self-respect,
you feel like an insect
Well don’t you worry buddy,
’cause here he comes
Through the ghettos and the barrio
and the bowery and the slum
A shadow is cast wherever he stands
Stacks of green paper in his
red right hand

You’ll see him in your nightmares,
you’ll see him in your dreams
He’ll appear out of nowhere but
he ain’t what he seems
You’ll see him in your head,
on the TV screen
And hey buddy, I’m warning
you to turn it off
He’s a ghost, he’s a god,
he’s a man, he’s a guru
You’re one microscopic cog
in his catastrophic plan
Designed and directed by
his red right hand

© 1994 Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Thomas Wydler

Happy Rainy Veteran’s Day in Crazeysburg!!

Yes, today is Veteran’s Day here in the  United States.

It might interest you to know that I had fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and great-great-great-grandfathers who served in all the major wars here in the US.

This means that in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, the men in my family were serving. Just in terms of the historical value of that, I find that pretty impressive. (I, of course, am a pacifist. I’m guessing that comes as no surprise to anyone.) Still, I think that in terms of the history of the United States, that is a pretty impressive record of involvement in the destiny of a country.

(I think it’s also interesting to note that since I was born illegitimate, I am not entitled to be an official Daughter of the American Revolution, however, technically, I am one.) (Meaning, there is no father listed on my birth certificate.) (My birth certificate would break your heart. Under father it lists: NONE. Under mother it lists my mother’s name, then it says: AGE: 13.  It would make you cry. It made me cry, for sure.)

Okay. The worst possible news is that the rest of the entirety of my maple leaves fell from my tree at the same time, and I once more have more dead leaves on my front sidewalk than you can possibly imagine. I’m going to have to do something about that and I am not sure what. Raking might actually have to occur. Unless God blesses me tomorrow with an unbelievable gust of relentless wind lasting for a couple of hours. We can only hope… But I seriously doubt my neighbors are going to put up with me and my no-raking policy for very much longer. (And I can’t afford to buy that leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher right this very minute.)

Well, okay.  So I was just kidding when I said that was the worst possible news.  Because, actually, if you’ve been listening to Dan Bongino or the X22Report, you know that this country is in a really dire situation that is set to explode into all out rioting and complete censorship of the President if Trump indeed wins the election.

It is being recommended that you have all your Government alerts switched to “ON” on your cell phones. (No joke.) So that you can receive actual government information if the fall-out is as bad as they are thinking ti will be.

If you get your email through Yahoo, you’ll notice the extreme level of disinformation and censorship going on right now. It’s not only appalling, it is indeed scary. The amount of information they are literally trying to block Americans from accessing. I’m guessing (for real) that if I don’t stop blogging about this stuff, my blog will disappear in the coming fall-out if Trump ends up winning.

(For instance, it was one of my previous blogs that caused me to be a victim of voter fraud several years ago.  Meaning that when I went to the polls to vote, my name had been stricken from the voting records, even though I had voted many times previously. And then my name was mysteriously returned to the voting records once it was a Primary vote and not a Presidential election.  This was because they knew who I was, who I was voting for, and where I was voting, because I used to be exceedingly candid on my blog and thousands of people read it every day. I have since tried really, really hard to keep a much lower profile online.)

And along those lines, I also cancelled my twitter account. I am so sick of that censorship they are doing to people, including the President, and it is not a glitch. It’s censorship of actual people expressing their views.

And once the reading of my play is over, I will be cancelling (to the best of my ability) my facebook account, as well. The only social media I really enjoy is Instagram and I try really hard not to get political there. (I’m not always successful.)

Okay, so.

I’m guessing that you’ve all heard that Pfizer and people like the Governor of NY State are trying to claim that the COVID vaccine did not occur under Trump’s Administration. And was not part of Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” vaccine agenda, set back in May.

And perhaps you’ve also heard that the vaccine has been ready but Pfizer refused to announce it until after election day because they wanted it to be part of Biden’s “win.”

If you live in a country that had to go back into lockdown recently, I hope you are seriously angry about this.  This type of blatant anti-Trump garbage perhaps resulted in more contagions and maybe even cost human lives.

That’s how bad it is: Don’t release the vaccine until the fix is in and Trump appears to have lost the election… (Please tell me you’re angry about this, even if you don’t like Trump.) (And multiply this times every single obstructive and violent thing the Left has done during the Trump presidency to make it appear as if Trump is a lousy president, when in fact, he’s been a really effective one — and then you will get a small idea of how it feels to live in America these days.)

Below, I will post the latest episodes from Bongino and the X22Report and DiamondandSilk. (The X22Report will make you cringe as well as want to vomit…) (By the way, you can keep up on all this yourself if you go to rumble dot com.)


At 5am on Thanksgiving morning (yes, why wouldn’t you be awake at 5am on a national holiday???), Nick Cave is doing another one of those listening parties on BadSeed TeeVee!!

This time, we will be listening to the album Murder Ballads (1996 by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds). And guess who will be chatting with Nick Cave??? Blixa Bargeld and Mick Harvey!!! How fucking cool, right??!!

I, for one, cannot wait to be up and on Bad Seed TeeVee at 5am on a national holiday!! (Keep in mind, the times are different depending on where in the world you live!!)

Cold Cases II – Murder Ballads

Well, all righty.

Yes, I know. I now have several deadlines for erotic short stories. So it might behoove me to stop spending so much time listening to DiamondandSilk, and Dan Bongino, and the X22Report, etc., etc., and get back to work around here!! We will see how that goes. (For instance: how can you turn something like this off?  DiamondandSilk reported last evening that 14,000 dead people voted for Biden in Detroit, alone. It’s posted below.) (Lots and lots of dead people are voting in this election, gang. And every single one of them voted for Biden. I’m not sure that 14,000 voted in Detroit, but that’s what they reported.)

Anyway. On we go.  I’m gonna get started here. Have a happy Wednesday wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys, See ya!

“The Last DJ”

Well you can’t turn him into a company man
You can’t turn him into a whore
And the boys upstairs just don’t understand anymore
Well the top brass don’t like him talking so much
And he won’t play what they say to play
And he don’t want to change what don’t need to change
And there goes the last DJ
Who plays what he wants to play
And says what he wants to say
Hey, hey, hey
And there goes your freedom of choice
There goes the last human voice
There goes the last DJ
Well some folks say they’re gonna hang him so high
Because you just can’t do what he did
There’s some things you just can’t put in the minds of those kids
As we celebrate mediocrity all the boys upstairs want to see
How much you’ll pay for what you used to get for free
And there goes the last DJ
Who plays what he wants to play
And says what he wants to say
Hey, hey, hey
And there goes your freedom of choice
There goes the last human voice
And there goes the last DJ

Well he got him a station down in Mexico
And sometimes it will kinda come in
And I’ll bust a move and remember how it was back then
There goes the last DJ
Who plays what he wants to play
And says what he wants to say
Hey, hey, hey
And there goes your freedom of choice
There goes the last human voice
And there goes the last DJ

© 2002 Tom Petty

Dear Diary, It has Come to My Attention that the Lives of African Descendants Actually DO Matter

(UPDATE: yes, the “news” are now calling these “baseless claims of fraud.” That’s how high up the corruption goes…)

I can’t say that slogan “black lives matter” anymore without feeling that their cause was unconscionably used and has now been left like litter in the streets after the rave has packed up and gone home.

I think what saddens me most about this mounting election vote fraud is that those dwindling, well-meaning few, from the old Democratic Party, still believe Trump is a racist and have no clue that record numbers of Blacks and Latinos voted Republican in 2020, because there are actually all these unexpected sorts of “personal interest stories” from black people themselves that indicate Trump isn’t racist at all. How weird.

So huge numbers of them turned on the DNC.

I’m not 100% positive, but I’m guessing all those record-breaking shootings and gun-related deaths of black people, including children, that happened all summer long in key DNC urban areas, and for whatever reason the Biden people could not be persuaded to acknowledge the out-of-control violence or unleash their rioting mobs on those key urban areas to insist the violence against urban black people STOP, and then trying like heck to keep those shooting-death statistics out of the news, had something to do with it — it almost made it look as if black lives didn’t really matter…

So anyway. What a mess. Millions of really angry people in America, demanding answers. Demanding that their right to vote be taken seriously. Demanding that their legal votes be counted.

At the end of this post, I’ve embedded some videos to give you non-Americans an idea of what does not get on our “regular” news around here.

In the old days, it would have been the ONLY news. Now it is the news the media wishes would go away.

Oh, and I draw your attention to two very interesting things:

Pfizer has a vaccine  for COVID 19 that is proving to be 90% effective! They have applied to the FDA for emergency approval (and FYI, the FDA only requires a vaccine be 50% effective to get approval) and expect the vaccine to be available later this month.

[UPDATE: it has since come to light that Pfizer’s vaccine has been ready for awhile, but that Pfizer’s CEO did not want the vaccine credited in any way to Trump’s Administration, and so it was withheld from the world.]

Even though a lot of people are not fond of vaccines, per se, just having one, finally, will help people the world over get over their fear of going outside and life will indeed get back to “normal.”

Vaccines do that, spiritually. They give people a sense of confidence that viruses are manageable and that their lives and bodies are their own.

And the other interesting thing:

Dan Bongino’s podcast was the #1 podcast show in the entire country this past week. The whole country. Not just #1 in its category.

He’s extremely pro-Trump; extremely conservative, but also extremely watchable. What is that saying? I guess it says that nobody believes the media anymore and is seeking an actual human being who will tell them what’s going on.

(And I think that’s why Tucker Carlson finally came out with a hard-hitting show last night about the voter-fraud facts (below) — because it looked like huge numbers of Fox News watchers were jumping ship since Fox appeared to be rolling over and playing dead on voter-fraud.)

Okay. So all of that is below if you want to watch it at your leisure. All of it is eye-opening.

Tonight is night #2 of the rehearsals for the staged reading of my play, Tell My Bones. I am just so excited about all of this, gang. However, I won’t be attending a (zoom) rehearsal until Friday. That’s when the director will introduce me to the cast and tech people. (And I’m hoping like heck to remember to wash my hair!!!!!)

Also — much good news still unfolding around my new erotic short stories.  The eNewsletter for the company based in Sweden has already asked for 3 new stories from me by January 2021 — and they are actually paying me three times what I was expecting. So that was just a wee bit super exciting!

And later this month — along with the COVID vaccine — my newest erotic (very long) short story, “Half-Moon Bride,” and erotic novella, 1954 Powder Blue Pickup, will be available from my new publisher.

So I’m just really happy, gang.

AND — at 5am this morning, when I was already at my kitchen table, scribbling in my many little Inner Being journals, I heard the Harley motorcycle go vroom-vrooming past my house. I wonder where he was headed at that early hour? (Probably to meet with his parole officer…)

Okay!! Here’s hoping I don’t actually start dating that cute guy because then he’ll end up scouring every post on my blog and then bellowing, in a fit of pique: Why did you tell the whole fucking world that I’d been in a maximum security prison for 10 years for Murder One and that I go see a parole officer at 5am??!!! I’m a fucking mechanic, with no criminal record at all!

ME (oblivious to people’s privacy): “Just trying to be entertaining, honey. Is it really bothering you?”

I guess we’ll just see!

Okay. I’m gonna get started here and see what this day ahead brings.  I hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. Don’t forget to check out the many video clips below today’s song, all right? I love you guys. See ya.

“People Get Ready”

People get ready
There’s a train a-coming
You don’t need no baggage
You just get on board
All you need is faith
To hear the diesels humming
Don’t need no ticket
You just thank the LordPeople get ready
For the train to Jordan
Picking up passengers
From coast to coast
Faith is the key
Open the doors and board them
There’s room for all
among the loved, the mostThere ain’t no room
for the hopeless sinner
Who would hurt all mankind just
To save his own
Have pity on those
whose chances are thinner
Cause there’s no hiding place
From the Kingdom’s Throne

So people get ready
for the train a-comin’
You don’t need no baggage
you just get on board !
All you need is faith
to hear the diesels humming
Don’t need no ticket
you just thank, you just thank the Lord



I’m getting ready
I’m getting ready
this time I’m ready
this time I’m ready

©  1965 Curtis Mayfield

Happy Election Vote Fraud Lawsuit Day!!!

I won’t dwell on all this election stuff every single  day, but if you don’t live in America, it might be of interest to you to learn that a huge segment of Americans have no clue that Biden did not actually win the election yet.

It’s insane, isn’t it? The power of Big Media to lull otherwise well-meaning people into a deep coma?

The lawsuits that are getting filed today don’t mean that Trump will automatically win; it means they will expose the amount of voter fraud that took place in the wee small hours of election night, once it seemed like Trump was winning key cities by huge margins of votes.

That’s what the “urban vote dump” refers to — if you’ve seen that term in the news. Certain key cities literally  stopped counting votes when Trump got too far ahead, and then a mysteriously enormous number of mail-in ballots, all of them voting exclusively for Biden, suddenly appeared in each of those key cities.

Urban Vote Dump. Our new wildly popular method of vote fraud.

That’s a large part of what the lawsuits are about, in addition to other serious problems regarding how the votes are getting counted “in secret” and/or making it difficult if not impossible for Republicans to view the actual ballots that are being re-counted (sometimes needing binoculars to try to see the ballots from across the room! — no joke.)

Sadly, though, ask any person who voted for Biden and most of them will likely have no clue this is going on, and they believe Biden won, fair and square. And they still believe the DNC is still the feel-good, huge-hearted, “People’s” Party from yesteryear, but sadly it absolutely is not.

But that’s how bad the news media is over here: Declare Biden the winner, on a Saturday afternoon, right before the lawsuits are scheduled to be filed in court first thing Monday morning.

I call it: “Look at the bight shiny object and not at what’s happening over there.”

Okay! Well, I guess we shall all see what we shall see.

Yesterday, was the most amazingly glorious day! So sunny and warm. Just lovely.

Late morning, I took a walk and wound up in a section of Crazeysburg where I’d never been before and, wow, was it cool. Large old houses with big porches — out of the 19-teens and 1920s. Really beautiful old homes.

The (newer) old elementary school is over there, too — it’s used as a food bank a few times a week now because of COVID (free food for the people who are struggling right now). But the school is in really good shape, just a little too small so they built a new one around the corner. But the old one is right out of 1950s America. It is just like the elementary schools I went to up in Cleveland in the 1960s. It brought back so many memories.

I couldn’t go inside it because it was locked on Sunday, but I sat on a bench outside and from there, I could see way off into the foothills that are covered with trees. A lot of the trees still have their fall leaves on them, although most of the trees are bare. But what a stunning vista. And there was a tree there in front of the school’s front doors, planted in memory of one of teachers, back in 1994. It’s some sort of fruit tree — maybe a crab apple? So I’m guessing it blossoms really colorfully in the Spring. I’ll have to remember to check it out next year.

Then later in the day, I was outside taking care of — yes! — the petunias that are still blooming on my kitchen porch and who do you think roared past my house several times on a Harley motorcycle while I was out there? Yes! The really cute older blonde guy — the one who was working on the engine of that white pickup truck the other day, who tooted the horn at me when I walked past.

The first time he rode by, he didn’t see me but he saw me puttering with the flowers on his return trip, so he swung back around again, and then slowed down and looked right at me and I smiled and then he roared his engine really loud and zoomed off.

It was so cool!! Made my day. I can’t figure out how old he is. He looks like maybe he’s in his late 30s or early 40s. But knowing my track record with men, he’s probably only 28 but spent the last 10 years in a maximum security prison for Murder in the First Degree, so he looks a lot older…

(God, I wish I was just kidding!!) (About my track record, I mean.)

Anyway. I don’t know his name or anything like that, just the amazing house he lives in across the street, where something like 4 people appear to live. I don’t know if he’s married to the blonde woman there or what is going on . But he’s cute and he noticed that I was alive, which is basically a miracle.

So it was a good day.

And today is going to be another stunning day, but we are getting close to those freezing temperatures again — by the end of the week. So this is that last breath of a “second summer.”

Over the weekend, rehearsals began for the two child actors who are in the staged reading of my play, Tell My Bones. Tonight is the official rehearsal for the entire cast (it all takes place on Zoom, though.) I won’t be tuning in to a rehearsal until Friday, though — after they’ve all had a chance to really get into their parts, etc. I’m very, very excited.

Thursday night, I will check in on another tech meeting, but I will stay off camera and just listen, because they don’t really need my input on any of that.

And please don’t forget to register for the link to watch it!! It’s free! (And please ignore the typo on that postcard — we fixed it before it went to print.)

All right, guys. I’m gonna get started here. I hope you have a great Monday underway, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting, gang!

Today, I leave you with my listening-music from last night: “Sweetheart Come” (2001) from the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds record, No More Shall We Part. A beautiful love song. Listen, fall in love, enjoy. Okay. I love you guys. See ya!

“Sweetheart Come”

Come over here, babe
It ain’t that bad
I don’t claim to understand
The troubles that you’ve had
But the dogs you say they fed you to
Lay their muzzles in your lap
And the lions that they led you to
Lie down and take a nap
The ones you fear are wind and air
And I love you without measure
It seems we can be happy now
Be it better late than never

Sweetheart, come
Sweetheart, come
Sweetheart, come
Sweetheart, come to me

The burdens that you carry now
Are not of your creation
So let’s not weep for their evil deeds
But for their lack of imagination
Today’s the time for courage, babe
Tomorrow can be for forgiving
And if he touches you again with his stupid hands
His life won’t be worth living

Sweetheart, come
Sweetheart, come
Sweetheart, come
Sweetheart, come to me

Walk with me now under the stars
For it’s a clear and easy pleasure
And be happy in my company
For I love you without measure
Walk with me now under the stars
It’s a safe and easy pleasure
It seems we can be happy now
It’s late but it ain’t never
It’s late but it ain’t never
It’s late but it ain’t never

© 2001 Barry Adamson, Nick Cave

All’s Well That Ends Well!!

I don’t think ‘scary’ is the right word for it, because this is the third major Presidential voter fraud scandal here in the US over the last 20 years and we’re all getting sort of used to it.

Disheartening is a better word for it, since really, how upset you get over it seems to depend on which side you’re on. If you’re on the side that wins, most people honestly don’t care how they got there.

Alack and alas, as luck would have it, I’ve been on the losing side all three times!

Plus, I was a victim of voter fraud in an election year  where the candidate I was cheated out of voting for actually won anyway. I know 100% for sure, though, that voter fraud does indeed exist here. And it is a truly demoralizing feeling to be publicly cheated out of your right to vote, right there at the polls — and then to have it miraculously restored at the very next Primary election, the moment they don’t care who wins.

However, it really doesn’t seem to matter anymore which Party you cast your vote with, the move toward voter fraud is basically la mode, indefinitely.

Unless you’re a candidate like Hillary was, who thought she was going to win and didn’t see any need to rely on voter fraud. (Sort of a weird compliment to give a politician such as she.) (Although she learned her lesson with a vengeance.)

What is most disturbing to me this time around, though, is how “in cahoots” the mainstream media is with the DNC — the media announcing who won, when there are still votes being counted and lawsuits being filed as I type. There is one half of the country who is still counting votes, both real and fraudulent.

Even Tom Petty’s official Instagram site, stated to “Count Every Vote!” — and he was a hardcore Democrat and his daughters are serious Trump-haters. So, clearly, it only takes a brain to see that something here has gone awry…

And it only takes a heart to see that most people the world over do not give a fuck.

So on we go. Lawsuits, vote counts, protests. And then, more than likely, one more corrupt politician gets back into the White House and the entire world celebrates. Such is the hatred toward Trump (and Israel). And such is the love of money (because if you think for a minute that the same politicians who want to give you the blessings of Socialism would ever for an instant be willing to live on the wages you’re going to get during the coming inflation, you’re out of your pea-picking little mind!).

Okay, well. I’m learning to survive in poverty here in the Hinterlands. And to survive happily.  And I continue to be blessed by three rare people who are trying to keep me from going completely under. (All of whom voted Democrat, btw, and now see me as a sort of dithering crazy porn-writing catlady who’s always mumbling something disturbing about the US Constitution…) (The actual document, not the ship.)

USS Constitution's Crew - National Maritime Historical Society

21 Things You May Not Know About the U.S. Constitution | Mental Floss

And I will keep learning how to survive, because all that really matters to me anymore is to keep on writing my porn! And as long as that freight train keeps barreling past my house and never stops to actually pick me up and take me to Auschwitz, I will consider my tiny little American life a blessed one.

It really honestly does get down to the absolute bare minimum, the older one gets around here. If you can go to bed happy and feel reasonably free (i.e., the Gestapo not looming right there next to your bed), and wake up happy about the day starting all over again, and you find even the tiniest group of people who bring a smile to your face each day, you’ve got a blessed life. Everything else is gravy, gang. (Not that I mind gravy — as long as it’s vegetarian-friendly!) But I don’t need gravy anymore. I really don’t.

Okay. On that happy note!! Have a blessed Sunday, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting, gang. I leave you with another Monkees’ song — “Words,” from their 1968 album Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. A song that is sort of appropriate for this weekend. When I was a little girl, I found this song sort of delightfully  unnerving. So listen and enjoy!! And stay “nerved” for the coming media battle (Count the Votes vs. MoveOn.org). All righty. I love you guys. See ya.


Girl, don’t you know every time I see you smiling,
It hurts so bad, ’cause when I see you, I start crying,
I’ve tried everything to stop, but there’s no denying,
That falling in love with you, girl, is just like dying

Oh, don’t walk away,
Oh, how can I make you stay?
Don’t turn away,
I can still hear you saying those words that never were true,
Just spoken to help nobody but you,
Words with lies inside,
But, small enough to hide till your playing was through

Girl, don’t you know we could work it out with talking?
You won’t look around or slow down your walking,
I’ve given you everything with a kiss to seal it,
You had to get your kicks out of trying to steal it

Now, I’m standing here,
Strange, strange voices in my ears,
I feel the tears,
But, all I can hear are those words that never were true,
just spoken to help nobody but you
Words with lies inside,
But, small enough to hide till your playing was through, ah

Now, I’m standing here,
Strange, strange voices in my ears,
I feel the tears,
But, all I can hear are those words that never were true,
Just spoken to help nobody but you,
Words with lies inside,
But, small enough to hide till your playing was through
Words that never were true, just spoken to help nobody but you,
Words with lies inside,
But, small enough to hide till your playing was through
Words that never were true, just spoken to help nobody but you

© 1966 Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart

Yay! I Won!!

I was super happy to wake-up at 4am this morning, check my email and discover that my new erotic short story, “Score,”  was one of the winners of the Volonte short story contest!

So I am going to be one of the new writers writing for their monthly eNewsletter. (And I believe there will also be audio stories, too.) I will keep you posted, gang. They are out of Sweden, but all of this will be in English. I’m super excited.

Also, in my email this morning, was a new song from the upcoming album Litanies, by Nick Cave and Nicholas Lens. This new piece is titled “Litany of Godly Love” and it is really beautiful. I just love it.

The album seems to be a sort of opera-type thing, or something like that. So I don’t really know yet what these litanies mean or how they are connected, but so far they have dropped two, and both are beautiful but this new one today kind of took my breath away.

And I saw that Nick Cave sent out a new Red Hand File today, too, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. However, you can read it here if you so choose!!

Well, the big election news yesterday was from intelligence expert, Steve Pieczenik, and the “ballot watermarks.” But it wasn’t so much what he had to say, but how quickly his interviews were getting blocked by Google and YouTube.

Again — If you don’t use duckduckgo, or a similar private search tool to search for your news, you are missing a lot of what is actually going on in America.

Okay, well I have been learning a lot about human nature the last several days, and also about me and who I really am and how I want to live my life and who I still want to be in the world. I can’t go into details because it involves people who prefer not to be discussed on my blog. But my life is changing. And I’m okay with it.

Sort of a new era for me, finally. More and more, it’s as if the person I’ve been for the last 50 years is dissolving to the background, and the person I was in my childhood — that sort of pure essence of my consciousness — is in tight focus and is who I relate to now as “myself.” Sort of my true Self, before all the garbage set in.

It’s not that I’m going to forget all that I accomplished as an adult, but I find I am connecting emotionally and spiritually now with who I was when I was born and was coming into my own thoughts, my own perspective of life and the outside world.

I feel like I am in a really, really good place now. It only took 60 years.


As hard as it is to believe, we have yet another stunning day ahead of us today! Three days running now, of sun and warm weather in November. However, the one downside is that it’s Saturday so all those road-construction workers have the day off and will not be hanging out outside my house today…

With that, I am gonna scoot and get the day underway here! I hope you have a good Saturday, wherever you are in the world, with or without the lockdown. I leave you with my celebratory breakfast-listening music from this morning: “It’s Only Rock & Roll” (1974) by the Rolling Stones, from their mega-hit album of the same name. Listen, enjoy, celebrate!! And thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

The Best Way to Live Life!

Yes, I mean, of course — don’t watch the news!

Yesterday (and this morning) I have simply steered clear of the news.  I know darn well that if there is something I really, really need to know about, it will get my attention.

Otherwise, I decided to just enjoy my really lovely day yesterday.

The weather was simply awesome. And promises to be the same today. I took a really beautiful walk to the post office — and mailed out my many promotional postcards for the online reading of Tell My Bones, coming up in 17 days. Something that has been in the works for nearly 14 months, is now only 17 days away. I honestly can’t believe it.

However, it is true. And I got a copy of the rehearsal schedules for the actors yesterday. A thing like that makes it feel more and more real, gang.

And I truly hope you  are planning to watch it – whether on the night of the premiere (RSVP here), or during the days following. I really want you to see it!! Plus, I promised I would love you forever if you watched it, so you might want to weigh that very carefully… (Because on the day when I accept my Pulitzer Prize for Tell My Bones, you can say to your friends: “That girl there, getting that Pulitzer — she promised to love me forever.” It will feel really nice.)

Okay, this morning, on Instagram, there was a really cute video by Cave Things of the tee shirts you can buy that are designed by Nick Cave. If you are a member of Instagram, you can watch the video here. It’s about 15 seconds long.

Other than that, right now on Instagram, I try really, really hard to only look at photos and videos of alpacas, birds, intensely unusual insects, goats, baby sheep, baby cows, and panoramic nature shots. Otherwise, there is just too much intensity out there right now, and I need to hugely filter all of it. I can handle reality in very, very small doses only. And those small doses of reality are accompanied by an intake of CBD oil — my new best friend. So, all is well.

My friend Kevin is indeed back from Montana. However, the Village of Crazeysburg has decided to tear up the road and do construction at the corner of Basin Street and Frazier Alley, which is the exact corner where my barn is located. So Kevin cannot get his vintage 1965 VW camper van out of my barn yet. But I have been able to talk to him on the phone, and he might even stop over just to say hello. Which would be so nice. (He lives 20 miles away, so it’s not like he can just stroll over.)

And in the meantime, my whole street is blocked off and I get to look at quite a number of very attractive young road-construction workers! So it could be worse.

Well, I did not get anything new done on “Novitiate” yesterday, however I did read over that erotic short story, “Score,” that is a finalist in the Volonte short story contest. I had not read it since I’d written it, back in August. So it was that feeling, like — who wrote this? I don’t remember this.

My usual intense, crazy erotic story. However, this one is actually short — under 2000 words. It will eventually be published (in English) by Volonte, so I will keep you posted.  (They are out of Sweden, but this is all part of the English-language website.)

So I am managing to stay really happy, gang. Just focusing on the personal things, trying to keep the larger scope of the world out of my field of vision for right now. Because I know that, at any moment, everything could explode. Including the virus, which is starting to reach Code Red again in nearby counties.

So just taking it one moment at a time here. I know that a lot of my readers are in lockdown again. I hope that you are finding ways to pass the time and that you aren’t struggling in some sort of awful way.

Here, over the last couple of months, things have skirted the edge of being really dire, but then eased up again. But I do know how it feels to run out of food, run out of money, worry about keeping my house and my car. However, through the grace of others, everything improved at the final moment here, but I do know how it feels. Even in a county that has been blessed by very low numbers of the virus, we have also dealt with the financial blows of the pandemic.

However, today is shaping up to be another really good day. I hope it is feeling likewise for you, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting.  Take care of yourselves!! I leave you with the song that was singing in my head the moment my eyes sprang open this morning at 4:17am — “Good Good Day,” (2001) by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. I’ve posted it here before, but here it is again! From off of their 2005 collection, B-Sides & Rarities. Enjoy, gang. I love you guys. Have a nice Friday. See ya.

“Good Good Day”

See the little cloud up in the sky
It’s a good good day today
See the little cloud pass on by
It’s a good good day today
Mary comes now, let Mary be
Can you see her down on the street?
Mary’s laughing ’cause Mary sees
That she’s a-wearin’ that dress for me

There can be times
Yeah… When all things come together
Yeah… Under a clear sky and you can believe
Yeah… You hold your breath for this moment
Yeah… But do not breathe for this day I know
Is a good day, yes I know
It’s a good day, yeah I know
Hear her feet skipping up the stairs
It’s a good good day today
She is the answer to all of my prayers
It’s a good good day today
Mary comes now, she don’t knock
‘Cause she’s runnin’ on her own little clock
Mary’s laughing ’cause Mary knows
That this day was made for us
And any fool knows… yeah
And any fool sees
That the future… yeah
Is a-down on its knees
But let ’em all cry, let ’em weep
Let those tears roll down their cheeks

‘Cause I can believe in the one
That is standing in front of me
Oh this day, don’t you know
Is a good day, yes I know
It’s a good day, I told you so
See her breasts how they rise and fall
It’s a good good day today
And she knows I’ve used that line before
It’s a good good day today
Mary’s laughing, she don’t mind
‘Cause she knows she’s one of a kind
Mary’s happy just to be
Standing next to me
And any fool knows
That the wind always blows
Something to someone
Once in a while, so let it rain, let it fall
Let the wind howl through your door
‘Cause right now for this moment
I’ll forever be
Standing next to her
On this day, which I know
Is a good day, yeah I know
Oh, it’s a good day, I told you so

© 2001 Nick Cave

A Beautiful Morning

Even while the last several days have been really harrowing in my personal life — not even counting the Internet going out! — I am super happy to announce that my erotic short story, “Score,” that I wrote back in August, was announced as a finalist this morning in the Volonte erotic short story contest.

It was just the little boost of joy I needed to hear.

“Score” is a gay male erotic short story, which is not my usual genre, so it made me doubly-happy.

And the gay male characters in the story are video gamers in their early twenties, which is not part of my general stomping ground anymore, so that made me triply-happy.

So. That news made it a lot easier to leap out of bed with a little bounce today.

I will steer clear of the unsettled election stuff on this blog if at all possible, but rest assured it has almost my complete attention. Although today, I am going to try to redirect my concentration back to working on “Novitiate,” ( the new erotic short story in progress).

(However, I will direct you to Balladeer’s Blog post from post-election morning, for some very interesting facts & comments. You will find the numbers illuminating. Truly. You will. And if you get actual news coverage (meaning if you don’t live in the United States of America) and you see all the stories about voter fraud, and mysterious weirdness with thousands of absentee mail-in ballots appearing and/or disappearing, and places like Wisconsin having 110,000 more votes cast than actual registered voters… And you see that record numbers of Latinos, African-Americans, Jews, and white women abandoned the Democratic Party and voted Republican. And also that  Republicans swept the House of Representatives and the Senate and State Governorships, you will likely think: Hmmm. I wonder why a Republican didn’t sweep the Presidency, as well?)


So. [No! That was not me posting about politics on my own blog; I was posting about the politics on Balladeer’s blog…]


Today is shaping up to be a very good day. At least weather-wise. I’m going to make a trip to the post office to mail out my promotional postcards announcing the staged reading of Tell My Bones.

Please don’t forget to RSVP for the premiere of the reading. It is FREE!

Visit this link and register: tellmybones.eventbrite.com

And I will love you forever!

Again, this is a staged reading, not an actual performance of the play, but the talent on board is incredible, gang. please don’t miss it!

Okay, I’m gonna scoot. Got laundry going on here right now and I also want more coffee. What could be better on this sunny Thursday morning?  I hope all is well in your part of the world today.

I leave you with nothing today, because I haven’t really been listening to very much — my personal life really had my complete attention and it completely exhausted me.  (This had nothing to do with politics, btw.) So I’ll just say thanks for visiting! And I love you guys. See ya!


A Cold Rainy November Day in Crazeysburg!!

Tonight, it’s going to get really cold — colder than it’s been so far — so I’m guessing the petunias are not going to survive much longer. Although it’s been truly amazing how well they’ve been doing so far.

The morning glories died out with that first frost we had several weeks ago. So the petunias are really just so hardy.

I spoke with Valerie for a while yesterday and she said that her petunias are still blooming, too. (In Brooklyn — 500 miles away from here.) So maybe it’s just the way petunias are.

Plus, as she and I were talking, all the many little trick-or-treaters were out and about, heading to the town hall to get their candy (yes — the very same town hall that Nick Cave steadfastly refused to hold a Conversation in last year, even though at least fourteen people would have showed up!!) (And because I not only staked my reputation on how great the show would be, and all 14 Crazeysburgers were so  severely disappointed by his no-show that they will not speak to me anymore, plus I had even ordered a really nice Fazoli grand piano from Italy to have in the town hall for him and I had to put $238,000 on my credit card — anyway, because of that, I am forced to post this photo of Nick Cave here on the blog):

Of course, I am just kidding about all of that.

And not only am I just kidding, but I also digress.


While Valerie and I were talking on the phone, and while all the many, many trick-or-treaters and their moms and dads were heading to the town hall to get their candy, they were forced to wade through an unbelievably enormous amount of dead leaves that have accumulated on my front side walk, and I felt really guilty because of my “No-Raking” policy (which is also an “I’m too lazy to rake” policy)…

And so Valerie convinced me that I should get a leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher like she has!

She guarantees they are easy to handle, they are now electric, and often even cordless. And lightweight.

Worx Trivac 2-Speed Blower Vac Mulcher with Bag - 9506451 | HSN

I had no idea about this because in the old days, they were super noisy and ran on gasoline. But Valerie has convinced me that all that has changed and so I will stop into the Home Depot next week and see what’s in stock. They are super affordable now, too. (For instance, I can buy 3,553 leaf blowers for what I spent on that Fazoli grand piano…)

Oh my god. Okay! The coolest thing happened to me yesterday.

It was a gorgeous day here. A little cool but just so sunny and just so perfect for the last Saturday in October. And I decided to go to Subway (a fast food sandwich place — we have a Subway and a Dairy Queen here in Crazeysburg) to buy my lunch/dinner. Because they have vegetarian options there that are actually good and sometimes I just get so tired of eating the same darn healthy organic non-GMO things over and over and over and over…

And so I walked past the house where the cute teenage blond boy who has the motorcycle lives. And two men were in the driveway working under the hood of a white pickup truck. And one of the men was an older, nearly exact-replica of the teenage boy… I don’t know if it’s his dad or maybe an uncle or what, because the blonde-haired mom  came out the front door and called for the second man to come into the house for something. So maybe the woman and the second man are married — I don’t know.

But on my way back from Subway’s, only the blonde man was in the driveway working on the truck, and as I walked passed, he made the horn give a quick little honk.

I was secretly and quietly thrilled! (I am ridiculously shy around men when I find them attractive.) But it was clear that I existed and that he had hormones.

Oh man, gang. It was too cool. However, I will not let my imagination wander because one thing about this area is that everybody is married.


I will tell you a secret about how I achieve my stellar success as a writer: I usually do not write when Mercury is retrograde. I find it to be a very difficult mental atmosphere to write anything new in, or to even edit anything in because I never like what I come up with and I constantly change my mind.

Mercury goes direct again tomorrow and I am  already feeling the creative change inside me, so I might get back to work on “Novitiate” today!! (The new erotic short story that will round-out Volume 4 of The Muse Revisited, which I will be sending over to Black Lotus Books when it is complete.) So I feel really good about that.

It just feels like a nice November Sunday, all the way around. Plus, today is the day we turned our clocks back an hour, so we get a nice long lazy rainy day here today.

I did sort of celebrate Halloween last evening, by watching the blaxploitation movie from 1972, Blacula, while doing yoga by candlelight.

I love Blacula and own it on video, but it’s actually free to stream in HD on Amazon Prime so I did that instead.  The movie is just so very 1972, gang.  It’s very sexy and fun and even a little creepy/scary. So that was my Halloween.

Other than that, I was really saddened to hear that the UK is also going back into lockdown this coming week.  Just unbelievable, this fucking virus.

Here in Crazeysburg, we are still holding at zero active cases. Schools and churches and stores have been open for several months now, although masks and social distancing are practiced. However, we are in the great wide open here and very few people actually live here (1300 people).

Okay. I’m going to get going here. I hope you have a nice Sunday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning – yes, I’m back to The Monkees. Their huge hit: “Daydream Believer” from The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees (1968).  It made for a nice, cheery little breakfast at 5:11am. So listen and enjoy!! I love you guys. See ya.