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The Good News Is…

…if you’re reading this, then you’re still here!

So that’s pretty good news, right? I like to think so.

Man, the news is just so fucking frustrating today. The D **p S t*te, the world over, is really pushing back hard with this C * VID/m*sk/v ac  c in e/passport/ detention camp garbage. It is really horrific. Absolutely criminal. But they have nothing left to fight with.

Because we are making GREAT headway in the el* c t* on fr*ud stuff (three months after the actual el* c t * on, but hey); and C* VID cases in the U S are plummeting, folks — plummeting; down 50% since last month (because B* den’s handling it so well!).  And not that many people, comparatively speaking, are taking that fake v  a  c  c ine (they estimate 8% here in the U  S, and 13% of people world wide). So it’s not that va  c  c  i ne that’s causing those cases to plummet. Hmmm.  Anyway.

The best news is that, tomorrow, the im  peach ment fiasco begins and it should be stellar, folks. Absolutely stellar. They cannot legally  im peach him, so really all they will do is open the door for all the evidence of their corruption  to come pouring down on their wee bonny little heads like fiery rain, and of course, the main stream m e d * a will try like hell to black it out, nationwide, which we can only hope will FINALLY make those final sound-asleep Americans open their fucking EYES already and wonder: why are they blacking it out? What do they not want me to see? (Not sure that will ever happen, gang, but we can dream can’t we?)

Anyway. The Super Bowl took over the world, and so there was no real news last night, beyond the C* VID-related onslaught that I already mentioned. Including this:

Doctor with bioweapons expertise calls C* VID-1^^9 vaccines “weaponized medicine”

[…] Dr. Lee M*  rritt, a former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, has admitted that she believes the current coronavirus v ac  c in e s are actually very dangerous bioweapons that are being deployed against the population.

Dr. M* rritt knows plenty about bioweapons, having studied them while she served as an orthopedic surgeon for the United States Navy for nearly a decade. She has also published several peer-reviewed papers and was on the board of the Arizona Medical Association.

In an interview with The New America, Dr. M* rritt said that she believes we’re living in a time of “fifth-generational warfare” where covert biological agents, propaganda and economic warfare are being used instead of weapons on the battlefield to turn the tide of power between nations. […]

[full article is here]

And there are a couple of videos posted down below. A light day for for me!!

Meanwhile, a very happy birthday to James Dean, one of my absolute all-time favorite idols, gang. Had he not died in an infamous car wreck outside of Salinas, California when he was 24 years old, he would have been 90 today!! (I just love this guy! Honestly — what is not to love??!!)

Image result for james dean

All righty. Have a good Monday. Get ready to hang on to your hats, folks. Starting tomorrow, it should be an unusual week… Thanks for visiting. I leave you with my morning-listening music, in honor of James Dean’s birthday, the all-out cry-baby love song: “Don’t Say You Don’t Remember,” a huge hit for Beverly Bremens from 1972.  Listen! Cry! Enjoy! Okay. I love you guys. See ya!



Below: c i r st en w and P *  t r i ot S tree t fighter discuss the polar vortex heading our way Feb. 16th with potentially hurricane-force winds; the purposeful killing of crops, animals, people, and why n a s a has got to go ASAP (very disturbing, folks.). (1 hr 18 mins.)

Below: X *2 R* port. “The p*triots have now allowed the [**]/MSM do exactly what need to be done, they explained how they r* gged the el * ct* ons. Why interfere with an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves? They believe they are in control so they let their egos take over. The [**] understands that Tr*** p is a threat and Tr *** p is not on so ci al me  d * a or making any moves, game theory.” (32 mins.)

Below: This international roundtable is a week old already, but I really enjoyed it.  The world-wide DUMBs are discussed in detail. (1 hr.)

I really enjoy this podcast, too — And We Know — but the guy does not allow it to be embedded on other sites. You can watch the newest one on r  u  m  b le at this link. (45 mins.)


Born again, again!

I have finally settled in enough in the new house to get down to a daily writing schedule. It feels incredible. Not just the “writing again” part, but having ready access to everything I’ve ever written, published and unpublished, throughout the course of my career.

And not just my fiction, but also dream notebooks I kept over the years, where I kept track of my dreams at night, and spiral bound notebooks filled with song lyrics I wrote over 30 years ago (for those new to my blog, I was a singer/songwriter in NYC in the late 1970s into the early 1990s, when I switched to fiction-writing, exclusively).

I mentioned in a previous post, that even though all my “stuff” was in storage for about 2 years, it’s really been closer to 15 years that I not only had ready access to all my stuff, but was in the frame of mind to relate to it all. These many years that I’ve been back in Ohio have not been happy ones for me, and I had often deeply regretted moving back here.  I had really come to feel like one of the walking dead, but without the zombie-like features. ha ha.

But, first, the move into the Hinterlands in 2016, into a rental house, followed by a move deeper into the Hinterlands and into a new (really old) house that I bought this past March, has made me finally feel alive again.

I’ve titled this post “Born again, again” because in the space of 12 months (2016-2017), I nearly died 3 times (car accident, lightning, accidental overdose of aspirin). My life was so unhappy during that whole era, that, spiritually, I could have easily chosen to just die and move on to the next plateau. But I didn’t. I constantly fought to stick around. To stick it out. (And long-time readers know that my teen years were filled with awfulness: 2 rapes, constant abuse, drug & alcohol problems, confinement to a mental hospital, arrests, tragic deaths of people I loved. I survived 2 suicide attempts in those years and it was because, again, even though life felt unbearable, I really wanted to stick it out until it could finally get good.)

So now, when I wake up in the morning, in love with life, with my house, with my new tiny town in the middle of lovely nowhere, I truly mean it: I am happy.

Here’s a shot of my kitchen table from a few minutes ago. It feels so great to be able to really spread my work out again. It’s been since the days on E. 12th Street, in NYC (over 30 years ago), that I’ve had a kitchen big enough to have a kitchen table I could really spread out at while I worked:

Working on the stage adaptation of my Helen LaFrance script

I was going through an old dream notebook from 1986 this afternoon (I’ve recently started keeping track of my dreams again) and a poem I wrote about James Dean was stuck in there.

It was typed on my old IBM typewriter. It had some pencil marks, where I had edited it. And there was still tape on the corners of the paper, where I had taped it to my bedroom wall (I often did that with poems back then that I wanted to look at , study, and then revise). I had completely forgotten having ever written a poem about James Dean, although I did really used to adore him.

For readers too young to know who James Dean was, he was a movie star in the 1950s, who died really young. He was from a small town in Indiana, and went to NYC to study acting. He appeared in early TV shows, some stage work, but then went out to L.A. and became famous almost overnight. He only made 3 movies before he died tragically in a car accident in northern California. And his third movie, Giant, wasn’t even released until after he died. He was buried back home in Indiana, close to his family. His casket was shipped back home on a train. He was a guy who always wanted to be really, really famous, and I often thought that if he hadn’t died so young, on the precipice of real fame, he would not have become a Hollywood Legend. Meaning, that spiritually, dying young and tragically was part of the whole “legendary fame” package, which I believe that on some level, he subscribed to hook, line & sinker.

Here’s  a still of James Dean in his final movie, Giant (a terrific movie about racism, btw, that you must see if you haven’t already), followed by my newly re-discovered poem!

James Dean on the set of Giant, 1955
I went to L.A. to die,
not in one grand leap, mind you, but in frames.
I knew I could muster
the sullenness,
make the necessary toss of
a cigarette butt
and the careless flash of a
shy smile.
Then I'd arc my life
up the Northern Coast
in a dashing trajectory of vision;
collide with
my tragic partner
in a slow-motion splatter
to timelessness,
then resume a more somber
with my pine box shipped east, marked
Indiana's Own
but my ticket stamped
Hollywood's Heaven.
--MJL 1987