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Better late than never!

I know! How many weeks has it been since I last posted here??? (It’s been so long, that I actually don’t know how many weeks it’s been since I last posted here!)

Yes, it’s all about more & more re-writes over here. Some of the best news ever, though, is that the “final” draft of the one-woman musical I’ve been working on with the NYC-based actress, Sandra Caldwell, is finally complete!! After how many years??? (About 3 or 4.)

I put “final” in quotes because this means it is only the final version of the draft we are willing to send out and let other industry people read. I’m sure it will see other drafts before it finally hits the stage. We are extremely excited about this script/play/musical, and even more-better news is on its way, but I can’t discuss it publicly yet.

Stay tuned to this oft-unposted-to blog for all the current news on that un-discussable topic!! Yay! (Seriously, though, it is GREAT news.)

I think I mentioned (many moons ago, when I last posted here), that I am currently taking the Shonda Rhimes TV Writing Masterclass, while I begin the revisions of my TV pilot, The Tea Cozy Murder Club: A Murder at Parsons Ridge. That’s partly why I haven’t had much free time to post here. The other part is that I also began re-writing my memoirs for upcoming publication by the gang at  SomethingDark.eu. Too many things needing my complete attention. But it’s all good! For a change…

And to those of you who are loyal readers of this lofty blog — may I say that I actually remembered to make a copy of the first draft of the Tea Cozy Murder Club script BEFORE I began re-writing it!! You have no idea how smart this makes me feel!

In non-writing but extremely exhausting news, I also finally managed (with the help of friends & family) to clear out my self-storage unit over the past weekend, and so now all 95% of my life that was in storage 30 miles away, is now here with me, packed in a quite unwieldy manner in the basement.

So now I can say that I am 100% completely living in the Hinterlands. And still loving it, gang.

But on that happy note, I have to get back to work here. I have one more hour left of my daily writing time, so I need to get back at it.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday wherever it finds you and with whatever you’re doing. (Oh, I also want to go ON RECORD that I firmly support Johnny Depp‘s right to buy 15,000 cotton balls a day.  He earned it, folks.)

Okay! See ya!

(Honestly. You can find everything on the Internet!!)




Happy Surprise

Loyal readers of this lofty blog no doubt recall that while I am a fan of Johnny Depp‘s movies, I’m not a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, except for the first film in the series.

However, I just saw this new trailer for Dead Men Tell No Tales and I really loved it! So here’s hoping, gang!

All right! I can’t tarry here too long today, gang, so I will only ask this one  Riverdale question:

Have any of the writers of this show ever spent time together in the same room???

Doesn’t it feel as if they just make this sh*t up as they go along; none of the writers knowing what the other writers are writing from week to week?  (Okay, two questions!)

Not that it isn’t incredibly fun; not that I’m going to stop watching it, but when I am watching it, I keep thinking that the reason we didn’t see a particular plot point coming is because it wasn’t, in fact, coming until just a mere moment ago!! Surprise!

Okey-dokey!! Gotta scoot, gang! Thanks for visiting and here’s a little something to kick off your weekend! See ya!

Okey-dokey! It’s finally that time!

I got the email from Bohemia Group last night, alerting me that the live table read for my movie-length TV pilot, The Tea Cozy Murder Club: A Murder at Parsons Ridge will be held Tuesday night, Feb. 21st, at a venue called Geeky Teas & Games in Burbank, California.

Bohemia Group is the same production company that is helping me develop my TV pilot script for Cleveland’s Burning (also less popularly known as “Untitled Cleveland Drama”).

I’m so excited about the table read for Tea Cozy Murder Club because it will be a chance for me to hear professional actors (!!) reading the script. (Yes, they read it out loud! They don’t just sit around a table and read it quietly amongst themselves…) (ha ha)

Anyway, this is a chance for me to get feedback on the characters as well as the overall pacing of the script. Then I will get input on suggestions for revisions (not from the actors).

Why, yes! This does in fact mean that not only am I now knee deep in re-writes for Cleveland’s Burning, I will soon have notes for re-writes for Tea Cozy Murder Club on my desk, as well!

But, hey! I’d rather have this kinda problem, right?

For those of you new to Marilyn’s Room, this is the logline and the synopsis for the pilot script:

The Tea Cozy Murder Club:

The members of a small town book club that delights in solving cozy old whodunits suddenly find themselves with a very real not-so-cozy murder to solve. Murder She Wrote meets the Golden Girls.

The Tea Cozy Murder Club: A Murder at Parsons Ridge (Halloween):

Halloween approaches and the days are growing colder; as the leaves are changing to gold and orange, an actual murder takes place at the College at Parsons Ridge. A single, attractive, yet very unpopular teacher is found dead at the foot of her stairs. She is in stocking feet and had clearly been drinking wine alone, so it is assumed she slipped down the stairs and broke her neck in the fall. The members of the Tea Cozy Murder Club are not so sure it’s an accident – they believe it is murder. With the help of Mona’s daughter, Natalie, who is a rookie officer at the local police station, and her boyfriend, Blair Overfield, the man who owns the local inn (an historical inn that is allegedly haunted), the women of the book club decide to put their sleuthing skills to work and solve the murder themselves.

Also, later today, I will be getting editing notes on my revisions to most of Act One of Cleveland’s Burning from the lovely and talented poet/writer/New Yorker, Iris N. Schwartz! I am very eager to hear her feedback. She edited the first draft of the script a couple years ago…

Okay, gang! Enjoy this merry Valentine’s Day, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing! (And here’s my very favorite Valentine from yesteryear!!):

c - 1993 Greg Gorman
c – 1993 Greg Gorman

Thanks for visiting!! Love ya!!

Gotta love the electronic madness!

I do all kinds of things that no seasoned writer in their right minds would ever do!

Remember how they always tell you: Copy and save your original file and don’t make revisions to it! Always revise your copy — not the original!

Well, I have to say that it is indescribably easy to have your only, non-copied original file in front of you and to blithely start making revisions to it without even realizing your doing it!


This is what I did a couple of years ago, when I was making my first revisions to my TV pilot script of Cleveland’s Burning: I accidentally made revisions directly on the Final Draft (software) file, and hit ‘save’. Forever changing it into gobbledygook!

Also known as Mumbo Jumbo:

'Sorry, but this report is simply unacceptable. Way too much mumbo... not nearly enough jumbo.'

And now that I have some bona fide revisions to make to Cleveland’s Burning, I need to put the script back into Final Draft from scratch. Luckily, I have the original version in a PDF file.

I thought, I’ll just print out the PDF version and start a brand new version of Cleveland’s Burning in Final Draft right now.

Holy-freaking-COW! It turned out that the “free” PDF converting software that I’ve been using for years is suddenly no longer free, and try as I did — for about 30 minutes — I could not get that PDF file to print out, without getting a pop-up to order the not-so-free version of the once-free PDF converter. I tried to convert the PDF file to Word and then print that, but people who suddenly want you to start paying for their not-free-anymore PDF converter are smarter than that! They wouldn’t let me do it.

Honestly, I was at it for nearly an hour before I was finally able to download a “new” free PDF converter program, drop the old PDF file into it and get a Word conversion that I could then convert back into a PDF file that would print!


But drat! I had loaded the 3-hole punch paper into the printer the wrong way, so the holes were coming up on the wrong side. I had to stop printing and fix the paper and print again.

And print it did — for half a page before the printer ran out of ink! I put in new ink and printed away…

But wait!! “Sorry, we can’t print that until you align everything!”

Aaaarrrrgh. Yes, I have a very inexpensive (cheap) HP printer and I still have to align it every time I put in a new ink cartridge…

So I took a deep breath, aligned it, and hit ‘print’ again!

And print it did — in the most convoluted fashion I have ever seen! It started printing pages that were close to the end of the script, then printed pages from the middle, then chunks from the beginning. I did finally have the entire PDF printed out and I put into numerical order myself, but wtf????

not-easySo, my dear friends, heed that advice: Make a copy and never start re-writing on your original file!

And now that that’s done, let me say that the revisions they are requesting are not that extensive. I can hardly believe it. I think it will end up having been more complicated printing out that PDF file, than it will be to give them the rewrites they’re requesting.

Meanwhile, I’m closing down the laptop to go watch a 14-year-old rerun of Vincent D’onofrio in Law & Order: Criminal intent. It will calm me down, I’m sure.

Oh, and PS: It looks like Johnny Depp won an award last night! And no, it was not for selling more property in a nanosecond than you ever dreamed of owning. And no, it was not for finally getting a legal divorce decree from whatshername.  It was because people still love him. (Myself included, although I was not aware that there was some sort of award for this, hovering in our midst.)

(Oddly, I had a dream about Johnny Depp last night. I was carrying him around on my back. But it was not an effort — sort of like, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.” We were in an old theater lobby and, rather than carrying him into the theater with me, I locked the door and said to him, “Let’s just stay out here and talk.” He got down off my back and seemed happy to do this! To just hang out and talk. BTW, this was the 30-year-old version of Johnny Depp; not the current 50-some-odd-year-old version you see out & about now. It was a beautiful dream. I know that there was suddenly a swimming pool out in this lobby but I don’t really remember anything else about it.)

Well, on that note! Vincent D’onofrio and big comfy couch in the living room, here I come! And I leave you gentle folk with this:

Enjoy! Thanks for visiting, gang! See ya.

Yes, I’m Happy

We’re adjusting to life without Bunny and Fluffy and finding that life does, indeed, go on.

The shrine to Bunny, Fluffy, and Buster on top of my dresser.
The shrine to Bunny, Fluffy, and Buster on top of my dresser.

And we are adjusting to a much smaller living space (discovering that we actually like the smaller space better!) and adjusting to the endless, endless, ENDLESS driving in order to get anywhere.

In case I wasn’t clear before — I am only renting this faraway house until I find a townhouse I want to buy back in “town,”  as it were. So the endless driving won’t go on forever.

I am in the process of trying to streamline my schedule in order to settle back into writing again. I’m still a bit discombobulated by the many changes in my life — all during the last several months. The fact that I will have to move again in the not-too-distant future keeps me from really feeling settled in, but we’re getting there.

Also, just FYI, by “we” I mean myself and 8 cats…  (The cats who will soon be earning their keep by being featured prominently in my upcoming mystery book, The Miracle Cats and the Case of the Purloined Passport.)

So. Speaking of mysteries…Two of my favorite worlds are colliding! Johnny Depp is slated to appear in yet another remake of Agatha Christy‘s Murder on the Orient Express!!

I’m guessing that with both Oscar-winning Judi Dench and oft-nominated-though-never-Oscar-winning Johnny Depp in the cast, their budget for creating a really splendid re-creation of the Orient Express train will undoubtedly be through the roof!! (YES! Diagram that sentence if you feel foolhardy enough!)

Also, at least in the tabloid gossip, Johnny Depp is rumored to be re-attached to his ex-common-law-wife, Vanessa Paradis. I have no idea of this is even partially true, gang, but I, for one, think it would be so great if it were true! For reasons I cannot reveal here, I am a Certified Expert on the number of times Johnny Depp has smiled in his entire life — the number is 5, by the way. And 4 of those times occurred while he was with Vanessa.

(Do you recall this photo?? This was the 2nd known  time he smiled in his entire life…)

2nd known time Johnny Depp smiled in his entire life
2nd known time Johnny Depp smiled in his entire life


We shall see, right, gang? Meanwhile, life goes on… Have a terrific November 10th wherever you are, whatever you’re doing — and, most importantly these days, to wherever you might be driving!!


See ya, folks, and thanks for visiting!