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Yes! More Snow!

I love snow, gang, so don’t get me wrong — and in fact, I will know for sure that I’ve at last “gotten old” when I start wishing that I could “spend my winters in Florida”…

So far, I don’t wish that at all. It’s just this idea of having to find my car underneath all that snow before I can go anywhere.

But anyway.

I forgot to point out yesterday, when I posted about Jo h n n y D e p p’s new website for his artwork — NeverFearTruth,com — it reads:

11,111 NFTs created by Jo hn ny Dep p

That number is very, very [Q]. So I find that kind of interesting. (Actually there is SO MUCH about that web site and the art featured on it that I find extremely interesting, gang — starting with the title –but I’m not going to blog about it. One thing I will say is that the appearance of that website has finally given me a true sense of relief. So — onward.)


Not a ton of news, really — if you disregard everything about everyone going to war with Russia… however, this was interesting news about Russia:

From RT News:

“❗️Brazil leader Jair Bolsonaro Confirms Trip to Russia Feb 14-17

O Globo reports that the talks are a move to strengthen communications & trade with Moscow.”


Did you listen to Phil’s livestream last night? 1.3 million people were listening in. The start-time kept getting pushed ahead, so I ended up staying up later than I normally do, and was still up and out of bed at 4am, and now I am sort of discombobulated. (BUT! I have the weekend off!! So I will recover.)

Phil has announced his timeline for the first major arrest and why. (The fake B *den. Yes, the actual actor will be ar r e s ted. And impeached. And will resign.) And how this also does away with our beloved k a ma la at the same time (she resigns when she’s nominated for the Supreme Court by the fake B*den), and this also flips the Senate, thanks to the new Governor of Virginia — and he also points out that he believes some RINOS are not really RINOS.

Even if you are new to all this — i.e., the real b*den was e x e c u ted for Crimes Against Humanity/Children back in March 2019. Phil gives enough of a background to all of it, so you can easily keep up.

You can watch the replay here (1 hr 38 mins — first 12 minutes or so is intro music):


That convoy of Canadian truckers is now estimated to be over 60 miles long!

Graphic posted yesterday by Rich ar d C i t i zen Jou r na list:

(And FYI, thousands of Ohio truckers have joined that convoy, so shortages are now expected here in the stores. Today, I will be on another mission to try to secure enough cat food to feed 7 cats (plus the strays I feed outside) for at least another two weeks…)


E l on M usk had people hopping on tw * tter yesterday,

From P ep e Lives Matter:


There was quite an unusual hack on broadcast TV in I r an yesterday.

From RT News:

“’Death to Kh a me n ei’ Broadcast on Hacked Ir an ia n-State TV

The I sl a m ic Republic’s state broadcaster was hacked for 10 seconds on Thursday, as the country prepares to celebrate the anniversary of the 1979 revolution. (JPost)

Images of exiled opposition leaders appeared during the brief attack on the airwaves – with the message of “death to Kha me ne i.”

I ra n has blamed both the United States and I s ra el for the disrupted broadcast.”


And from Whiplash347:

Military removes President and Dissolves Govt.
Suspends Constitution

(THIS IS ALREADY DONE IN U.S with Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filed in May 2020 & Actioned in January 2021)
Suspended HABEUS CORPUS just like ABRAHAM LINCOLN. He Freed the Slaves.

POTUS bankrupted The 3 Pillars : Washington D.C, Vatican & City Of London. SEE THOSE OPERATIONS I LISTED in 2019 against the UK Royals & Operation Defender Europe on St Patrick’s Day 2020 (Vatican, EU Royals & Central Banks.)

Then as i explained in the 3 Executive Orders (13818, 13848 & 13959) write up including the LIMA Agreement of 1975 signed by Gough Whitlam selling Australia to the United Nations. POTUS has seized all Royal Assets & New York Stock Exchange which has AUSTRALIA & PFizer listed. He is by Default the owner of Australia.
As of February 1 Russia is taking control of the United Nations.
I previously mentioned an Air War that already took place early 2020 everyone vs China. China is going to a Republican Govt.

So they are now ready for the Transition to Greatness that POTUS always tweeted = Transition to GESARA.

All Pre-Laws have been lifted as stated at the bottom of Q34.
Military forced all leaders Worldwide previously behind closed doors to sign GESARA LAW. (POTUS calling out Border Wall Meters was countries being signed off on GESARA)

It was then taken to the HAGUE. International Court Of Justice in the Netherlands to be signed off.
Recently the Common Law Court in Canada has charged and convicted multiple corporations for Crimes Against Humanity. This court connects to one in Brussels and also THE HAGUE as mentioned.

All Kings, Queens, Royals, Govts, Judges, Police & Lawyers MUST STANDOWN WORLDWIDE. The Corrupt ones Arrested by Military.

There will be up to a 120 Day Transition of GLOBAL MARTIAL LAW where we have BLOCKCHAIN ELECTIONS to elect 1 Group of people for the people, 10% the size of what they are currently.
No longer 2 Parties ie Dems/Reps & Libs/Lab.
If in the future they go against the people the military will remove them.
Will be transitioning to 1776 Common Law for ALL on PLANET EARTH.”


And that’s all I have for right now, gang.

Have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

I leave you with Johnny Cash singing “(Run On) God’s Gonna Cut You Down”.


Restored Republic news update (15 mins):

Ch* r lie W *rd chats with Chas Carter (36 mins):


Shall We Play A Game?

It’s called WTF!

Here are a couple “news” items today that can only make me go, WTF?

On Whiplash347, but originally on RT News:

(Any idea what the fuck this means, gang? Read it carefully — emphasis is mine…)

France Will Lift Vaccine Pass Once Elective Surgeries Stop Being Postponed

Paris has announced it will lift its mandate that came into force this week once the number of inpatients has fallen to allow elective surgery. (Bloomberg)

New daily infections in France topped 501K on Tuesday – even though the Omicron variant isn’t having as much of an impact on hospitals.”


This is another good one.

From Whiplash347 but originally from disclose.TV:

“NEW – Rapid emergence of Omicron variant is associated with an infection advantage over Delta in vaccinated persons, new study finds.”


And here is an image for today — not a WTF image. I liked this:


Okay. This was from yesterday afternoon. Allies are growing.

From Whiplash347:

“🚨BREAKING – Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov clarifies that Russia, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua will now cooperate in all spheres, including military.”


From Pe pe Lives Matter yesterday:

“Jesse appears to do an air [Q] as he says a common [Q] phrase: “Follow the money.”
Do you see an air [Q]?”

[brief video footage is at this link]

[In my opinion, gang, Jesse definitely did an air [Q]!]


Also loved this image (from yesterday):


“Nancy Drew” heard jackhammers at the W H yesterday, jsut behind that 10-foot concrete wall. [her video is here]


This is an update on MeatLoaf. I am now hearing conflicting reports that he was not involved with the s * ta nic c a b al… so we need to add this to our “innocent until proven guilty” list, gang.


More good news from yesterday:


From Whiplash347 and QuantumLight1111:

We will have Queen Down shortly.


From Whiplash347:

“Was sent these in late 2019.

Many are playing Awakening Roles for Q.

In Feb/March 2019 Royal Powers were Stripped.

In November 2019 – Royal Assets were seized by U.S. – This includes Commonwealth etc. POTUS is controlling it all.”

[that final paragraph above, if you can expand it, says it all, gang. QE2 — her “Royal Style and Titles are rendered null and void.”]


From Whiplash347 by way of Adelaide, Australia. Really, really sad:

South Australian Ambulance call out log from Saturday 15th Jan 2022.

Only 6 days into the government sanctioned murder of children.
Many of them relating to chest pain, some call outs happening at playgrounds.
This is only the beginning.”

This is only 1 of 8 pages of the ambulance call log [all 8 images are here]:


This was too fucking sad. We know the code…

From Whiplash347 by way of the Real Kim Shady:

Another “suicide”.


More Cor o na Investigative Committee guest videos from Dr. R e in er F ue ll mich [links to each video are here]:

Single videos of the guests of the 88th meeting
of the Corona Investigative Committee

➥ Prof. Dr. Arne Brukhardt:
On the detection of the spike protein on
Tissue samples of deceased persons after “inoculation”.

➥ Dr. Gerd Reuther:
For a change in medicine from the model of war against pathogens to the model of supporting natural healing processes.

➥ Dr. Johann Missliwetz:
Myocarditis (heart muscle inflammation) in young people under 30 after vaccination.

➥ Thomas Röper:
The network of P(l)andemists deciphered.

➥ Oliver Gaebe:
Gambia barely enforces c*vid measures. Life without a mask.

➥ Francesca Donato:
Situation in Italy and on the political struggle for an independent analysis of C* vid “vaccines”.


From Whiplash347 by way of MJ Truth:

“Some interesting George News Comments in their chat recently.

  • Just because Ron, is no longer in his previous role; does not mean he has stopped working on certain “projects”
    (**Ron Johnson or CM?)
  • “Pool” is the name given to to the press that follow a “POTUS” daily “Pool” came from the ok’d pool house that now houses the Press Briefings at the WH
  • Ice cream is often given to patients with mental illness/dimentia
  • We’ve always said George was no more than three, sometimes four..”

And speaking of Mr P o o l….

From Mr P o ol:

Whiplash decodes it by way of Siobhan:


Also of interest [from Whiplash]:

BREAKING: Mayor of DC Suburb Found Dead of Apparent Suicide –

Mayor Commits “Suicide”
Body Found in “McLean, VA”


“Operators standing by” – Q

“How’s this for “coincidence”??

Mayor Ward was found in the same park as Vince Foster after his ‘suicide’.


Also interesting. Now everybody knows how to use the QR code.

From Whiplash347:

“Was all about teaching how to use them.”

QR code check-ins ‘useless’ in Australia’s Omicron wave but experts urge for them to stay
Checking-in is currently “useless” in stopping the spread of C* vid^^ 1 9 but QR codes can still play an important role…”


Exciting news update:

What timing…

…Russia now taking control of the U.N on Feb 1.

What a movie”


From Whiplash347 — from Queensland, Australia:

“QLD Premier was served papers today.
Apparently it is on Tik Tok.
Anyone got it?”

Join your local common law crew:

Chanel 7 airs Arrest Warrant QLD Premier (1 minute):


Okay, this is awesome.


NFT Art by Jo h n ny D e p p.

11,111 NFTs created by Jo h n ny D e p p.

For Jo h n ny D e p p there has always been art. Before acting, and before music, art has always been an important outlet for his creativity. [,,,]

In this first public exposure of Johnny’s art he has focussed on ‘Friends and Heroes’. People he has known well, and who have inspired him as a person. Each image is an intimate reflection of their character in Johnny’s eyes; a portrayal of how they have revealed themselves to him.

Working from photographic references each image has been stripped back to a simpler and iconic portrayal of the subject, which Johnny has then developed and energised with his characteristic freehand flourishes. […]

[You can view some of the artwork here. These are going to be raffled through Ethereum blockchain, and then, if unclaimed, put up for public sale. You have to create a wallet and other things. View details here.]


I will close this today with some more WTF news…

Although this one makes me happy!

Cave Things announces the Valentine’s Day Collection for 2022!! Including —

Nick Cave - Cave Things - Sex Pencil Set

Sex Pencils! Yay!!

Just the way I like my sex — with an absolutely unaffordable pencil!! (£15.00 plus shipping!) (The what-the-fuckness comes from that lyric “go to bed in a bucket of butcher’s knives”…)

Nick Cave - Cave Things - Sex Pencil Set


And that is it for Thursday, gang!

Thanks for visiting. Have a great day, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (it states that the recent deadly tornadoes were a d**p s t * te cover pattern to block the sound of D U MB s exploding, killing many innocent trafficked kids and adults) (13 mins):

Whistleblower nurse who, last year, exposed what really happened in the hospitals in NYC — if you don’t know her story yet, you will be appalled: NURSE TESTIFIES NO PATIENTS DIED FROM COVID, THEY WERE ALL MURDERED BY MEDICAL MAL-PRACTICE (18 mins):

Mel K and Michael L part 2 (I posted part 1 yesterday) (1 hr):


R *d P *ll 7 8 news update (18 mins):