Does it Get Any Better Than This???

Well, I sure fucking hope so.


You know, I mean this in a helpful way — but if you’re an American who went through the public school system from the year 2008 or so onward, and you weren’t educated in a charter school or private school,  you likely are woefully under-educated.

Perhaps even indoctrinated and not educated at all.  Right?

The results of standardized testing from the K-12 school years show that kids in charter and private schools — even within the very same neighborhoods as public schools — score much higher on those tests than their counterparts in the public school system. This means they are better taught. Getting a better education.

(Use d*ck d*ck go to research that report.)

Blacks, Latinos, whites, boys, girls — it knows no gender or racial bias. Kids in charter schools and private schools in America are better educated.

I know! That means that maybe black & Latino children, educated in the charter schools, get a shot at better colleges, and then perhaps more rewarding careers after college than whites in public schools.  (Yeah, racism against blacks & Latinos is systemic here in  America…. I don’t think so.)

(Oh, and YES!! The D NC wants to abolish the charter schools, why wouldn’t they???)

I’m bringing this up only because kids in public schools here in the US are no longer taught American or World History, or Civics, or Social Studies, or Government… so they likely haven’t been exposed to those legendary practices of book banning, book burning, control of information when dictatorships or Totalitarian regimes are in play.

A*m *zon is removing books by popular writers whose politics they disagree with. Refusing to sell them. Conservative writers, only. (Use d*ck d*ck go to do the research.)

Well, it sounds to me like. Well, hmmmmm…..

It Can't Happen Here: The Nightmare of The Past as Prologue

Fahrenheit 451, the 50th Anniversary Edition: Bradbury, Ray: 9780345342966: Books

1984 by George Orwell (Signet 26th Printing) – Retro Book Covers

The Master And Margarita,' Influential Russian Novel, Optioned For Feature Film – Deadline

I’m just sayin’…

If you’re suffering from being under-educated, it’s not your fault. Try to read more. Like, maybe those books listed above– which used to be required reading in the public school system.

Or, if you simply don’t like to read, watch this again:

The Matrix - Wikipedia

And then, turn off the mainstream media. And try to go outside without a m* sk on.

I’m just sayin’…

Operation C*VID Panic in progress…

Here’s an interesting article, showing what some States (with D*mocr*t Governors) are being subjected to right now, here, today, even though we already know all about false positives and tens of thousands of deaths being attributed to C* VID that are actually caused by something else…

We also have two highly effective vaccines ready — set to go out to not only Americans, but all over the world. Millions & millions of doses of the vaccine. Ready to go. To the world. Therapeutics in place that will help you get well in the hospital, if that’s where you end up.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Nov. 18 called state restrictions intended to slow the spread of the CCP virus around Thanksgiving “Orwellian,” arguing that Americans should be trusted to take appropriate precautions of their own accord rather than through government edicts under threat of punishment…

“The American people know how to protect their health. We’ve dealt with C* VID for many months,” she said. “But it’s Orwellian in a place like Oregon to say if you gather in numbers more than six, we might come to your house and arrest you, and you get 30 days of jail time. That’s not the American way.”

[Full article is here.]

Also, if you haven’t seen these yet, watch them!!!!!

Operation C* VID Panic, anyone?

It’s real. Angry yet?

But here’s something else that’s real. This is the electoral breakdown here in the US as of Tuesday. Haven’t seen these totals where you get your news?  Well, hmmmmm. Operation C* VID Panic, anyone?

Angry yet?

Angry yet?

Angry yet?

Sorry, I keep asking the same question, but it’s only because I can’t tell how you feel because you’re wearing a

m* sk…



The good news is that tomorrow, Nick Cave’s new album, Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace, officially goes on sale!! (And since Cave Things was not the one setting the price point, most of us the world over will be able to afford it!!!) (Just kidding. I love Cave Things!!) (I just can’t afford them…)

Also, the editing process is almost done for the staged reading of my play, Tell My Bones. It officially streams this Sunday, 7pm Eastern Time. It’s free!!! Get the link here. Broadway and Off-Broadway talent are bringing you an interpretation of my play (with music) and it promises to be a really beautiful streamed event. Please watch!!

The other good news is that those kind folks over at Volonte have asked for a brand-new erotic short story from me by next week!

So, yes, I might have to put politics on hold for 6 minutes today and write something!!!!!! Yay!!

All righty, gang. I guess on that note, I will get started here. Have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I leave you with my driving-music from last evening. Play it loud. Dream, enjoy. (Fight back, in whatever ways you know how.) Videos below! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys See!

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