Goodness! What’s Not To Love??!!

I’m of course talking about that illustration above, Sous La Glace (“Under the Ice”).

A mermaid under the ice, looking up the skirts of the girls who are ice-skating above her — and the best part of all? The mermaid is smoking  a cigarette underwater.

I just fucking love that!!

Anyway. Okay.

I had a lovely little Christmas. Even though I was all by myself.  I was truly blessed. I had food, and heat, and hot water, and healthy cats, and it snowed all day; so it was a very white Christmas.  And some Christmases, I have had none of those, or sometimes a combination of some of those and not some of the others, etc. So I know really well how to count my blessings.

I only wound up taking a partial break from politics yesterday because, as you likely know, there was a terrible explosion in Nashville early yesterday morning.  An RV was rigged out to be a bomb.  It was planted in front of an AT&T establishment of some kind that’s connected to the building where the  G A v* t* fr*ud investigation is going on (if I’m understanding that right) and so communications, cell phones, Internet, around that whole area went down. There were gun shots heard before the explosion. There was a PA announcement to everyone who lived in the area to immediately get out. Police running door to door, trying to get everyone out.  Then the RV exploded.

One person seems to be dead (they found human remains). 3 were injured.

And then there was also some sort of alleged cyber attack on a US Air Force base (but I can’t find any news reports that substantiate the cyber thing).

In fact, there are a number of rumors going around.

  •  L*n W**d’s tw ** ts getting extremely “crazy”.
  • Ad* m Sch*  f f getting arrested at LAX (hopefully, that is foreshadowing, because the rumors connected to that guy are so horrific that I won’t post them in detail here. Just that a man & his wife were tortured by the f b i and are now in witness protection; a male child raped & murdered and all on tape; a famous writer/TV personality in the hotel room next door who tried to summon for help but who ended up “committing suicide” instead.)

But for right now, it’s just rumors of an arrest.

And it’s more and more RINOS exposing their true allegiance all over the place. Etc., etc.  (We really, really do need a viable third party in this country, gang. One that we can all actually join and vote for…)

In short, just some serious bad news about how deeply corrupted this country has gotten.  (I’ve even heard rumors that the RV-bomb was a way to frighten people into staying indoors, since no one seems to give a fuck about a fake p* nd* m*c anymore.)

(And now F * uci is saying that 90% of the population needs to get vaccinated in order to get “herd immunity” against this terrible, terrible virus, that the average person only has a 99.997% chance of surviving, without even taking meds…)

And the pushback in the e u is getting off the charts, too, gang. I mean, honestly, how far down our throats are they going to try to push this fake p* nd* m*c? Which is why resorting to a potential blanket of RV- bombs actually does really scare me.

But all that said, I did listen to a couple of really great podcasts last night — after watching The Polar Express during my dinner. I just love that movie! The animation is just so great, and the story is so fun.

And when the train goes past my house here in Crazeysburg, it’s actually a lot like this!! (If you’d only come visit and sleep over, you’d find out for yourself!!!)

Anyway. I also spent some time working on Thug Luckless: Welcome to P-Town (the novel-in-progress). So I had a good day. And I’m expecting today to be a lot like yesterday, except that the snow appears to be all done snowing. We have a brisk 16 sunny degrees Fahrenheit here right now! So, no chance that the snow will melt today. Yay!!

And Nick Cave sent out a recorded Christmas (very short) poem, by way of Cave Things yesterday, but I think the only way you can hear it is on Instagram. It appears to be about his son and his wife, but I’m not 100% certain what it’s about, really.  But if you go on Instagram and search for Cave Things, you can hear it.

And the Pr* s* d*nt is asking you to contact your State legislators, and demand they do the right thing come January 6 th. If you don’t know how to contact them, you can find out who they are online. All you need to know is your own address. You can also find out which district you are in, and the whole nine yards. It’s not difficult to get an email address for your State senator and representative. (They are currently on break, but you can still email them right now.)

And, again, if the social media networks go down (which could include this blog, since it is part of g ** gl*), reliable “actual” news sources are:

Visit the links and bookmark them, that way you’ll be set in a media blackout. But don’t forget to use d*ck d*ck go and/or a vpn to search.

All righty. So here were the best videos from Christmas, folks. Listen Learn. Enjoy. And have a great Saturday, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting.

Below: What it sounds like in our kitchen very early on Christmas morning!!!!

Great interview!! Don’t miss it!

Some very cool q questions. Worth thinking about!!

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