Hallelujah & Hold On Tight, Gang!

Okay. All m* lit ary-related sources are indeed confirming that the  i  n  s   u  r   r  e c  t  i  o n a  c   t was indeed en  acted Saturday just after midnight. So I believe it’s true.

This means that the m i l i t a r y is now in control of America and that Tr ***p is c o m m a n d  e r in  c he if .

I’m hearing bl*ck  outs in Paris, Vatican, Berlin and P  a k  i s t a n — all confirmed.

I’m still hearing to expect bl *ck outs here in U  S  in coming week, including communications bl*ck outs.  Pay attention if you hear the e  m  er  g e n c en cy br  o a  d c  as  t s y st e m.

I’m hearing keep some cash on hand in case ATMs are affected by power outages. I’m hearing don’t travel too far from home in case you run out of gas and power outage affects the gas pump.

I’m also hearing this will be in key urban areas where the t  r  e  a  s  o  n  occurred, not necessarily nationwide.

Also, expect riots from ant *  f * and b  l  m. And please resist the temptation to drink the Kool-Aid. They are not fighting FOR you. They are professional, hired an* r chist ins ur gents. Their job is to totally f you up. Set fires, incite mobs, destroy buildings, and you, if you’re in the way. They are ARMED.

If you live in an area where the troops are armed and coming to town, they are on YOUR side.  This is not a take-over by an insane white supremacist dictator, as the m * d ia is trying to get you to believe.  Pass up the Kool-Aid for now and just drink water…

I know I overreact when it comes to people’s safety, but please stay closer to home right now.  Whether you live in U  S, e  u  , or u  k. I know that some of your g * v*r n ments are not on our side, but you as people, as readers, matter to me. You are likely also victims of rig ged e l * c t * ons and fake l * ck d * wns, as we are. Stay mindful. Stay away from open public spaces where crowds could quickly gather and riots could begin.

And remember, just to be safe: do NOT allow auto-software updates on your iPhones right now. And keep your alerts switched to the ON position.

Okay. The alternative s* cial m* dia hubs are insane now. P * r ler is indeed gone for now. Tens of thousands have been banned from tw *  tt * r (good news there, though, is that their stock is tanking and their employees are fleeing…)

But because of that mass exodus, trying to find people on the other hubs is getting tricky because the hubs are all getting overloaded and it can take forever to simply get on, let alone find anyone. I am on: g  a  b; clou t h u b; t e l e g r am;  b i t ch u t e; and I follow people on Dlive, and r  u m  b  l  e dot com. I am usually mjaye22 on all platforms. Sometimes, I’m marilynjayelewis, if I’m on there professionally. I’m not on any of these platforms to connect or to chat, though. I am always just looking to gather reliable news.

TONS of dis-info on all the hubs right now. So please keep that in mind. I do my best to get to the people who debunk stuff before posting here.

i.e. — I would resist the urge right now to believe anything you hear about the P  o  p  e. Whether it’s good or bad.  Just wait to see how it plays out.

Fancy-Nancy has apparently decided to postpone the im  pe a ch ment until next week but is now pushing hard for # 25. She is doing a top-notch job of acting like she is totally out of her fucking mind. (Of course, she’s had years to perfect it.)

Other than that, Tr **p has left the building in a big way. So we have to just sit tight, not get frightened by what we might see this week, keep the faith, stay close to home.


Last night, R *d P*ll 7 8 announced their own app. You can get it on your desktop at thefoxhole.app or in the app store as foxhole app.

If you’re a newsletter subscriber to Nick Cave’s Cave Things, they have a sale going on right now. Check your inbox for the special code. The truly sad news is that none of the Suck My Dick merchandise seems to be included in the sale… including this:

Load image into Gallery viewer, SUCK MY DICK HAND-KNITTED DOG JUMPER

And this:

Other than that, have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world.  I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from today! Thanks for visiting, gang!! I love you guys. See ya.

Below: From K O, more updates


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