Brave New Worlds

Okay, what’s with the missing s e  c  r  e t  s  er v ic  e emergency callbox and the added abacus??

Yes, we’re talking about that strangely odd desk in the fake o  v a  l  of  f ic e. It’s missing the s e  c  r  e t  s  er v ic  e emergency callbox  that every  real p  r  e  s * d ent has had. And front & center on B * d  en’s desk is: an abacus!

Not this one, but one just like it!

All right, gang. There is simply too much news today, so I am going to try to give it to you as briefly as I can and I suggest watching the videos below to get a lot of it in detail. It’s coming fast & furious.

First, I’m just going to say that there seems to be nothing but constant signs that the L  *  f t is panicking and doesn’t really believe that Tr **p is really gone (neither do I, frankly). They also are really afraid of [17] and the followers — wanting us all in de ten tion c * mps. (If I avoid a de ten tion c * mp in this lifetime, it is starting to look as if it will be a miracle.)

Obviously, this e l * c t * on is far from over.

Here are some repeated themes that keep coming up:

    • Underground tunnels, underground bases: A parallel underground world seems to be all over this country. A lot, though not all, of it seems to be used for holding people, especially children, against their will.
    • So much p  e d o ph * le stuff that it is  staggering.
    • De ten tion c * mps, re- edu ca tion c * mps — the answer to everything!
    • Everyone’s getting killed (and they’re calling it something else)
    • Everyone who’s not getting killed is focusing on politics — they are forgetting the bigger picture, which is the advent of a brave new world in the making. (Technology that actually helps people move away from b*g M*d, b*g t* ch, and b* g Ph* rma. Everything is changing, gang, and some of it is really exciting — assuming we can manage to not get killed.)

Of interest: Just as Tr **p[ was leaving the  W H for his 21-gun salute sendoff at 8 am jan 2 0 th, SpaceX launched  60 new Starlink satellites.

Of interest: add the death this week of  c  r  * s  c r *  m ^^r of c  n  n  international to list of interesting people who are “dying”…

Of interest: why did [17] seem to know last year that L  *  rr y  K * ng would d ie today?

Of interest: In their first few weeks in office the number of E O’s signed:

    • Tr**p: 4
    • O  b * m* : 8
    • Bush: 2
    • C  l * n t* n: 2
    • In first 2 days:  B * den signs 17 and is still going. Although, to be fair, a viral video captures him saying: “I don’t know what I’m signing”…

Of interest: Within first 24 hours, B * den invaded s * r i a with U S  tr **ps and choppers carrying 200 more s o ld iers…

Just who is in B  * den’s basement giving all the orders?  HINT: Rhymes with Banana-rama if you pronounce it differently…

Of interest: the more you watch the pre-recorded  video of B * den’s in a u g ur ation cere money the faker it gets. What’s with that??

Of interest: One month after  j ^^^ an r   *  v  e r ^^8s casually told a reporter in NYC that O  b * ^^ & m  * was gay and that m  **^^^ c h *  l l e was a “tr  * n   ^^n y”, she died during a simple procedure of  elective plastic surgery…

HINT: in case you didn’t already know, everyone on the hubs refers to m. o. as m  *  c  ^^^ h a ^% l r ** b &^ n son.

Of interest: the truegreatawakening on t  e  l e  g ram has all the H* n ter B* den declas files and photos.

Please note: I’m not sure why M*n k* y W * rx thinks 43 bishops died from C * vid, in addition to the 9. Other reports are still holding at 9 — but “9” is the official total from the Catholic Church and, well, my faith in them? Not so much…

Text: TRUTH to 918-552-5142 and receive links to more declass files, including downloadable pdfs of  e  p s * * in  ‘s little black book and73 pages of  private flight logs for the l  * l * t a ex pre ss.

Link to everything you need to know about c * vid and tons of other things they don’t want you to know! (Caution: Your brain will explode if you read/watch all of this. I’m serious. If you once thought that people are evil, they are beginning to surpass even themselves.)

Okay, gang. Watch the videos.  There is a ton of info there. (There was a great R * d P* l l 7 8 last night, too, but it’s not on r  u  m  b  le yet.  You can watch it at the foxhole dot app).

I leave you with this idea:

 And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth.  And he that was dead came forth…” John 11:44-45, KJV

Trump to depart White House hours before Biden inauguration for Mar-a-Lago

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. Hold the line and hang in there. The evil is palpable now. And I’m not one who usually says a thing like that.

Below: M*nkey W *rx, military flight tracking, Tr *** p left F  L  early yesterday morning. (11 mins)

Below: K  O debates:  is the O  v  a  l  o  f  f  i c e real? (23 mins.)

Below: P* tr i ot Streetfighter.  “17” plus m * l * tary info (1 hour)

Below: Don’t worry about this guy, gang!! He’s already been m  * ^  r  d ^^ r * ed… Problem solved. (6 harrowing mins.)

Below: “…Tr ** p declassified the cross fire h * rri  cane investigation, information is being dripped out, to prepare the public for what is coming. The memo is just the beginning, more is on its way. This will set the narrative and make the [**] players feel pain at each step of the way. B*  den and his ad min istr  a tion have a SC lurking in the background, im  peach  m* nt papers have been filed and Durham will most likely begin to unseal indictments to make arr  * sts..” (38 mins.)

Below:  S c * tt Mc   K^ *y & Dr. Michael S * ll *: Secret Space Programs, Hidden Technology, Coming Disclosure (1 hr 38 mins)

Below: B * d en fake pr * s * d e n c  y is a “movie”. All the alarming differences between Tr ***p’s sendoff and the  fake in  a  u  g u r a tion. ( 40 mins)

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