Let’s Breathe & Regroup!

First, we’ll start with the good news — and there is some.

This was posted by D *n S c * v * n * late last night, on both f b and I G. If you are a follower of [17], you know that this is very, very good news.

Will it happen today? Well, that we don’t know. But it does seem as if things will be coming to light very soon.

The other good news is that more and more and more docs keep getting declassified. In fact, some records on Fancy-Nan’s  alcoholism were dropped during the night. And in case you didn’t see it — several days back, the  f  b  i  file on her dad, also a congressman, revealed that her brother was a serial child- r *  p * st.

What is it with all this p* d o stuff, gang? Some of these docs that are getting dropped are really just beyond sickening. They truly are. They are impossible to process. It is  just horrific what they have done to children. (And to animals — and to what they did to small animals while making very young children watch, then turning and doing it to the children.) They honestly make the Nazi’s seem unimaginative. Who survives something like this? It is almost a blessing that so many of these children were murdered afterwards.


Anyway. An arrest was made yesterday regarding a p* do -trafficking ring in L  A  . 33 children were rescued.  And 3 days ago, there was  a big arrest made in Ghana. And, also yesterday,  two women in the Philippines were arrested for tr affi ck  ing their own children online.

It’s not enough, but it’s something.  And even though I believe that O b  * ^^^ m &*^ is a horrible, malicious human being, our beloved h i  l l a r y is an absolute monster.  (And the c  i  a  is complicit in so much of this. All that m  k  –  u l t  r a shit.)

If you followed thetruegreatawakening on  t  e  l e  g  r  am yesterday, you saw a lot of the videos of Is ** c  k  * pp  *’s livestreams from back before he was murdered.  I posted a short composite video here of him yesterday, but if you haven’t watched them, or didn’t see the original streams from when he was alive, you should go watch them.  Scroll back to yesterday on their feed.

This is apparently new. I’m not on f  b  so I don’t know for sure, but if you are on f  b, you need to know this:


Again, just to be safe, check into it if you’re on f b.

If you live in the U S , by now you know that we are at huge cross-purposes re: the virus.  B* den is declaring weird m* sk rules while immediately breaking the rule himself. And the lovely dictators of some of our worst-hit  criminal areas — c  h  i c   g  o, m  i c  h i g a  n, n  y  — are suddenly in a rush to bring everyone out of l * ck d * wn.

And of course, the w  h  o  is declaring they might have accidentally declared you positive for C * VID  (whoops!!) when you didn’t actually have it, so they’re gonna tweak how they do those tests from now on…

Expect C * VID to disappear soon, gang.

Meanwhile, please watch these 2 short videos re: how incredibly scary the “v  a  c  c  in  es” actually are.  And they are not actually v a c  c in e s. They basically turn your entire body into a gmo. Please do not take them. All they seem to do is give people life-long illnesses, if they don’t actually die first, and they help the monsters who invested in them get rich.

There is still violence erupting here — a  n t  * f  a are extremely anti-Dems now; anti- B * den, too.  The fed st *rm tr **pers are now fighting back, though, so it will be interesting to see where it goes.

But the r*ot in M*scow is also being blamed on B * den…

Labor unions that supported B * den are turning on him, too, because he just slashed something like 70,000 union jobs with some of those E O’s of his.

I think everyone just wants B * den to completely fall apart from all this pressure. I really do. It almost feels like elder abuse to me, to watch it in action, since the man is so clearly suffering from some sort of mental infirmity.

Based on all sorts of emails, phone calls, etc., that are declassed now,  not to mention a completely r *  gg  ed e l * c t * on, I do believe he’s guilty of many serious crimes including high t  r  e  a  s  o  n, so I’m not saying to just let the guy off. However, the way they seemingly have him propped up to do the dirty work in this fake movie, makes it look as if he’s really falling apart.

But, I’m still not so sure that he hasn’t already been ar  *  s  t e  d and is just going through this as some weird plea deal to get life instead exe c u ted when the charade is over.

You are probably aware by now that the 1871 Act is on everyone’s minds (I posted about it here a few days ago).  I can’t seem to copy the docs but you can see them today on: 2021 Updates (#WeThePeople) on t  e l e  gr am — the Corporation of the U  S filed for bank r u pt cy last May, and it was apparently completely dissolved at 12:01 am this past Wednesday.  (And k  a r  e  n p *  n  c  e apparently filed for Chapter 11 a few days ago, too, but I have no idea if it’s connected.) (She is ex- v p p * nce’s wife.)

Anyway, based on the completely staged, pre-recorded video of the fake and unconstitutional  in a u  g u r a tion the other day, B* den does indeed seem to be the pr  e s* dent of an empty,  bankrupt corporation and nothing more.  (And, subsequently, there is no need to worry about these new E Os that have everyone so upset.)

The “true” un it ed s t a t e s of a m e r i c a is currently being reformed behind the scenes, and for now, we seem to be under the control of the m * li tary.  Which helps to explain the thousands of tr **ps still stationed in D  C  (now considered a territory occupied by a foreign entity) with orders to stay there until at least early March (which, oddly enough, was the original in au g u ra tion time for legal p r e s * d ents of the U  S — March 4th, in fact).

There is still much talk going on all over about the o v a l of  f i c e being a movie set.  And considering that  Tr **p never did concede, and he left D  C  in Airforce 1 (a plane only used by p  r * s * dents), and he received a 21-gun salute — used for when a p r * s id ent takes office and not when he’s leaving it… Well, gang, I feel pretty confident that Tr ** p is the new p r * s * dent of a new un it ed s t ates,  even right now, and that all these criminals/actors  kn o w that it is just a question of time and they will be ar  r e s ted and the movie will be over. I’m guessing they are only going along with the weirdest charade in history as a plea deal to escape the firing squad.

Obviously I don’t know this for certain, gang. It’s just what I think about and it feels like the only thing  that possibly makes sense right now. Everything is so convoluted.  Neither the fake pres nor the fake v p, have any meetings on their calendars, for one thing. Just takin’ the weekend off…. Weird, right?

Oh well.

Let’s get this Sunday started, folks. Thanks for visiting. Hang in there and hold the line!! The videos below will help explain things and also help encourage you! The best is truly yet to come. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: “U  S Corp is dead, M* litary is in control. B* den has no power. Operations continue.” (1 hr.)

Below: K O update (short)

Below: X * 2 R * port interview with L  i or   G * ntz. “…the economy will not be able to move forward with J  B. The elite believe they have the green light for the great re  set. They are moving forward with their plan and their plan will fail.”   (39 mins.)

Below: R * d P*l l 7  8 from Friday night.  More on the U  S  c o r p o r a tion ban k r u ptc y.  (2 hrs.)

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