Formosa, Mon Amour!

I believe it’s coming, gang. The storm of all storms. Buckle up and stay safe.

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You can also try to download the app to your phone but a   ppp  l   e   and g  ** gl * pl  ay are banning the t e l e g r am app. It might not be there anymore

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All right.

Astounding d i pl o ma  t  i c  in tel drop last night on P ^ tr * o t S ttreet f i gh   t   er. You have to watch it, directly below and give it some serious thought. At least watch the first 20 minutes or so. You will know when you are hearing it!

(also, join: https://www.   inkd    soc   ial.    net/ on phone or desktop, and keep an eye on the c  i r  s t  en  w  page.)

I have been essentially speechless since hearing this intel last night.  Some reasons why I think it is credible:

    1. Lt. G*n Fl * nn’s brother, Charles, was just made the head of U  S  A rmy Pacific
    2. N* val fleets/carriers are already out there  protecting  t  a * w  *n and j*  p * n, i n  d  * a, etc.
    3.  tens of thousands of c  h  *  n *  s * tr **ps are on our borders in c  *  n *  d  a, and m * x  * co — they won’t get back home in time
    4. P * t in and G * r b  a ch* v have been making pro- p^  tr  i ot statements publicly.
    5. P * tin had N   a  v a l ny brought back to m *  sc  * w and “a  r  * sted” — but was that just optics for perhaps a new gov  ern ment? Is he being hidden somewhere besides ja  il?

If this is accurate intel, gang, this is the most astounding thing that could happen in my life time.

Below:  P  a  t   r  i   o  t   S  t r  e e t f igh  ter: Watch this immediately: 1.28.21 #38: “MASSIVE INTEL DROP: C* P takedown operation on mainland  c  h  *  n *, Arrest in D  C, G* m* stop short s*ll debacle”

All right, folks. That is it for now. Much to think about.  And try hard to not lose hope over the outright insanity going on here in the U  S .  Think “optics.”  It is ALL in play.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys See ya.

Again, if you have trouble viewing any of these embedded videos, visit r u m b l e dot c om dire ctly  on your d *ck d*ck go phone app and search for the podcaster’s name and then select the title listed below.


Below: Keyboard Operator January 29 : Additional Data Points About Various Strange Happenings  “This video is loaded with content links to hopefully assist in digging into matters I’ve been talking about. Primarily regarding weirdness in the B * den Ad min istra  tion.” (16 mins)

Below: Keyboard Operator: January 29  Viewer Submitted Content Q&A Part 2 — “Pay special note of the 2 corrections. I hope I got this out quickly enough to stop the spread. ” (26 mins)

Below: R  e  d  p i ll 7  8 : January 28: AZ Vote Audit Led By D*m* n  io  n Tied Sh*ll Companies, Red  d  it An  * ns Strike Back – “Today we hear about the direct impact of B* den policy changes on an American K* ystone X  L employee, the most likely fr* ud  ul  ent upcoming audit of Mar * copa County’s 20 20 el * ct * on by D* mi n  * on tied shell companies, changes to Virginia v*  ting laws and an update on r/W  * llSt  ree t  B * ts, h  * dg  e f * nds are going to lose tomorrow.” (34 mins)

Link to X * 2 R * port. January 28 :  Ep. 2390b – The World Is Watching, “We Haven’t Finished Yet” Tr*** p, Think Mirror — “The people are now watching the B * den admin istra  tion, everything that was promised the people see the opposite happening. Think mirror, everything the [**] threw at Tr*** p is coming back to them. C* vid is mysteriously disappearing, cases are dropping like a rock. Tr ** p was seen a golf course and he said we are not finished yet.” (23 mins)

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