Just Let Me Say This About That!

All right, gang.

First off,  for whatever reason, videos from r u  m  b  l e  dot c om are getting harder to embed. (Meaning, the podcasters are not offering the “embed” link anymore, or are very sporadic about offering it.)

S  c  o  t  t  M  c  K  a  y, who is the P *  t  r  i o t S tree t fighter, is sometimes on r u mb l e right now, and sometimes on YT — he is battling their constant attempts to ban him from Y T. Even though he offers his videos to be embedded, he also asks that people follow him at s c o t t m c k a y d ot us. You can sign up for his email alerts in the event of a full-on communications blackout.

Ditto with x 2 2  r e p or t dot c om. (He did not offer an embed option last night, either.)

I’ve also alerted you to get the f o x h o le dot app, for r*d p*l l 7 8 news and podcasts, in addition to a ton of other really cool podcasters located there. (RP 78 didn’t offer the embed option last night, either.)

For whatever reason, my data shows consistently that you guys prefer to watch embedded videos and you almost never follow direct links to anything, anywhere!! And that’s fine with me, but the information these guys give out every night is usually amazing stuff and I don’t want you to miss it. So if they won’t let me embed, I can’t get the video to you. You have to go get it.

And FYI, tonight’s P * t r  * ot S treet Fighter should be incredible, gang. He will have a guest on and they are going to be going over who has allegedly already been a  r  * ste d in D  C , H ollywood, and elsewhere. This will be on Y  *  u  T  * b *, but I don’t know what time — either 6 or 7 pm tonight. (It’ll be pre-recorded so you can access it anytime after that.) (Or if it gets banned, it will be uploaded to r  u  m b  l e and I will post it here.)

Also, just as a personal note: I highly recommend the t e l e g r am app, gang, if you want news.  I find that g  a  b  and c  l o u t hub, also bi t  c  h  u t e,  have way too many posts that are just personal comments or memes, and not enough actual links to news. Whereas t e le g ram is nonstop links to news all the time. I just love it. For me, it is a true “hub” of information ( and occasional funny memes). It was hard to learn how to use it at first, but once I figured it out, now it flows like crazy.

(For instance, I just now got an alert from t e le g r am  that the fake B * den admin has ended Tr **p’s policy to help fight opioid addiction. Okay, gang, to me, this is just proof that the B * den admin is fake and that he is somehow being instructed/forced to just literally dump indescribably awful policies and E  O’s onto the U S, in order to get more and more Dems to wake up as quickly as possible, because the m * l * tary needs to close in and end this fr*u d u l en t admin, but they need popular support in order for it not to become a bloodbath.)

That said — L * n W ** d released the link to all the new declas, unsealed docs in the Max  w e l l – E p s t **n case. You can access it here and it is a HUGE list of downloadable pdf files. (In add tion, there is a private pilot from the l  o  l  i  t  a  e xpress who is talking openly now and p  r  i  n  c  e  a n dr * w of   u   k   is once again implicated.)

Not related (!!)

— while I’m thinking of it. I have forgotten to mention that my newest erotic novella, 1954 Powder Blue Pickup came out in print last week and is now available in bookstores, nationwide, in addition to being an eBook on the publishers website. “Half-Moon Bride” is a very long short story, but not long enough to be released in print, so that will remain only an eBook for now, although the publisher has plans to include it in a multi-author short story print collection down the road.

Anyway, I have neglected to thank all of you who are buying the new stories. I really, really appreciate it, gang. (And for readers who are new to this blog, those new books are for adults only, and could be found very  offensive even to some adults!! I have had a 30-year career in the literary erotica market, internationally. And I have a well earned reputation for pushing the boundaries with my writing. So please be forewarned.)

Okay, back to the news!!

There was a N* tional T * rro ri sm Advisory System Bulletin released from Home  land Sec  urity yesterday, stating that there is a heightened threat of t  e  r  r  or  ism across the U  S  that they expect to last for several weeks.

Okay, gang. To me? That is really good news. Because, for some reason, I believe this is  a way to get tr  **ps out across the nation, as the m * l i t ary finally becomes public about being in control of the U  S   right now. So we can only hope.

Some less exciting news is that the fake B * den admin has some countries in the mi d  e  as  t  seemingly on the verge of war again. And while there seems to be cause for alarm in the f  a  r  e  as  t because of c  h  *  n *, the U  S   m * l i t ar y seems to be on the alert there to defend allies.

I am not a m * l * tary strategist by any stretch of the imagination, folks, this is just what I am gleaning from various reports.

Also, as mentioned in a Keyboard Operator video below, whoever is inside the W H, seems to be paying attention to s o ci al m* d  ia, because every time we start posting about the lack of lights there, the lack of family pets (dogs), those phone app-based announcements that the W H is permanently (or temporarily) closed — well, the next day, those things change.  Well, sort of. For instance, I think there’s a dog there at the W H now, and someone will now answer the phone if you call but will tell you that you have to call back, and the phone apps now say the W  H is open.

But, I seriously do not believe anyone is living there…

All righty. The only other thing of interest, is a micro-short video going viral this morning of Tr ***p on the golf course in F L and he tells someone he “isn’t done yet.”

Hmmm…. wonder who posted that, really? Frankly I don’t care, it’s just cool to have the occasional good word.

Okay. Nick Cave sent out a really interesting Red Hand File today. He discusses the emotional spectrum of what it felt like to write/record his incredible album The Boatman’s Call, how it felt after it was released, and how he feels about it now. This was/is a truly beautiful if often painful album of a relationship gone bad. To me, it only gets better and better with time.  So read how he feels about it at this link here.

I’m gonna close and get the laundry finished. Have a good Thursday, gang. Thanks for visiting. I leave you with the specific song Nick Cave speaks about in his letter today, the stunning love song, “Into My Arms”. Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: K O update with Q & A. “Table set. We haven’t finished yet.” (18 mins)

Below: K O update, pt. 1. “Details of the stock event and Q & A. (34 mins.)

Below: P * tr * ot Street fighter:  “Strange activities at the WH, AF-1 is now a C-17 Transport for the B*  den Team. WTH is going on??? All YT Livestreams will be downloaded from here, uploaded to Rumble, then deleted from here.” (1 hr)

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