He Rose and Everything Turned Out Great!!

Happy Easter Monday, gang!

I hope you had a great day yesterday, whether or not you honor Easter. In its strictest sense, it celebrates rebirth, which is something we can all feel joyful about.

The weather here was stunning yesterday and it promises to be the same today and tomorrow. So I guess Spring is really moving in now. I hope that you’re feeling the shift into Hope wherever you are in the world.

There was not a ton of news yesterday, since it was Easter. I have a few videos below that are of interest.

One thing I keep forgetting to do, though, is to post the documentary: The Fall of the Cabal, by Janet Ossebard. It is from 2020, but if you haven’t seen it yet, you must! (She is hard at work on the the follow up documentary.)

It is 3 hours long but it moves at quite a clip. It is so well done that you can barely catch your breath and then it’s over. (And it has a very uplifting endling, so stick with it.) This will give you a solid background in [17], and in the R  o t sch ilds, the Ro cke fellers, the Dutch and British monarchies and their connections to N a z is, and their roles in the current horrible situation that has unfolded across the world. Also the S a t a nic ritual abuse and mu rd  er of chi ld  ren.  Also the Ca b a l’s connection to some very high profile deaths that were allegedly suicides — famous hangings from doorknobs. (i.e. L’wren Scott  was connected to a R o tsch ild, so her death might not have anything whatsoever to do with Mick Jagger’s infidelities.)

Anyway. Make time to watch it. And pay close attention to what she says about J f k J r.

Okay, I got some great work done on The Hurley Falls Mysteries Down to the Meadows of Sleep. I’m very happy with it. And the same publisher also pitched me the idea yesterday of following up my erotic romance novels from 20 years ago with some new installments. So I’m guessing I’m gonna be super busy, folks!!

I couldn’t be happier.

Meanwhile. It looks like dangerous insanity continues to reign in places like the U K and Spain (new m* sk mandate in Spain requires m* sks at the beach and while swimming in the ocean. In what universe can this possibly make any sense? This is strictly about control.) So whether you pray traditionally, or if you visualize, or meditate, people all over Europe and in Israel need our highest vibrations now, gang.

Okay. I’m gonna scoot. Have a terrific Monday, wherever you are in the world. Keep your thoughts in your place of empowerment. We will rise above this together, better than before! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Dave N * no Rod riguez: The Dam is Breaking: (9 mins):

Below: Michael J * co Update: Weapons of mass destruction and dead chil d r en on ” ever given” in S u e z c a nal (41 mins):

Below: This went viral. A priest in Canada tells the gestapo Nazi cops to get out (3 mins):

Below: Ni ch olas Ven ia min talks with RDS about the upcoming p* trio t tour to take back America (41 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (46 mins):

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