40 Years Ago….

Tomorrow marks 40 years since my first marriage.

My ex and I are still very close, even though we went for the entirety of my second marriage without being in touch.  And when he did suddenly get back in touch with me, about 5 years ago, it was as if no time had passed whatsoever. We are in touch now several times a day (online). And the very weird thing is that he is now in his mid-60s, while I am now 12. (I was 20 when we got married  — in NYC, at City Hall — and he was 25.)

This is the apartment building we lived in back then. It still looks exactly the same, except that there used to be a Japanese restaurant on the ground floor.

The Camelot Apartments - New York, NY | Apartments.com

Life is just funny, isn’t it? 

Truthfully, he is an amazing man and always was. We just get along lots better when we aren’t married.  (We were married for 9 years.) But he helped me get through a couple of really difficult years in my life (when I first moved to NYC from Ohio), and he was very, very supportive of me when I became a professional singer-songwriter there, in late 1981. I don’t know that I would have found the courage to do that if he hadn’t been so encouraging of me. Plus, he eventually helped me get off drugs and quit drinking so much.


As always, nowadays, there are two very distinct streams of life going on out there in the world.  Those who seem to be drinking the Kool-Aid with a vengeance and sort of barreling toward their own early demise; and those who are participating in the Great Awakening and finding more and more and more reasons to be joyful and joyfully astounded, everyday.

I will give you a brief “for instance.” 

On Instagram the other day, I posted a photo I took from on top of a local ancient burial mound (where I eat my lunch everyday) and said something about the giants/Anunnaki and the ancient Hebrew  stone tablets they were buried with 2000 years ago, etc. And a very very long-time friend of mine who still lives in NYC, who was originally from Ohio, basically told me that I was bat shit crazy and that he tried to g ** gle stuff about all that and found nothing.

Well, for heaven’s sakes.  I wrote back and told him: first:) get off g ** gle.

Then I got on duckduckgo, entered “Anunnaki and Ohio” and in a nano second, more links than I could shake a stick at immediately popped up. So I sent him the first link from a video about it on YouTube and told him, quite enthusiastically, to go check it out!!

So, like — right?? Either you’re sleeping or you’re not. And you can call me bat shit crazy all you want, but I’m the one over here in my wide-open, m*sk-less, vax-less Hinterlands, having a beautiful life and enjoying my beautiful mind, and having  wonderful lunches high atop those sacred burial mounds, wondering about who they really were back then and who these many ETs are today.

For whatever reason, I love the Anunnaki, gang. And I am one of those people who believe that there was a benevolent branch of them (and that maybe there still is).  And that chances are they were the Nephilim, right? Probably they were. Obviously, I don’t know for sure.  But it sure is interesting that the 2000-year-old skeletons of giants were unearthed around here and that they had stone tablets buried with them, with the 10 Commandments carved on them in ancient Hebrew…

In fact, visit this museum in Coshocton, Ohio, and see those Holy Stones:

Visit Coshocton

Or read this:

The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great  Smithsonian Cover-Up: Dewhurst, Richard J.: 9781591431718: Amazon.com: Books

If I’m bat shit crazy, well, a whole lot of other people are, too. I’m okay with that. At least my mind is going places and I’m writing a new novel.

Well, on a sad note, some of those Canadians are officially off the charts insane.  They closed that church again, where the pastor was calling the police Nazi Gestapo because they were  invading the church while it was having an Easter service and no one was wearing (the utterly useless) m*sks.

Everyone, locally, seems to be in enthusiastic support of the church being shut down. Clearly, an entire town is drinking Kool-Aid. They’re probably also staying safe and getting vaxed… I guess we’ll find out, a year or two from now.

The [17] podcasters that I follow have all seem to come to the same conclusion that I recently did; we’ve got to allow people to be free to choose. If people are unwilling to do the research, and choose to get the m R N A’s, then it is their choice and there’s not much more we can do. It’s going to be sad, though, if people you are close to, or people in your family, begin to fall victim to the predicted health concerns during the next flu and cold season. 

Still, it is vital that we support their freedom to choose because it underscores our freedom to choose something different.

If you haven’t read it already, and have the stomach for it, you can search for a PDF called Scenarios for  the Future of Technology and International Development, by the Rock e  f e  ll er F ou nd at ion, 2010. It’s horrific, but their plan is in full play right now, all over the world, because the Rock e  f e  ll er F ou nd at ion was counting on most people, the world over, to be just plain stupid.

Well. all right. I’m gonna finish the laundry and get to work on my new novel. Have a really great day, wherever you are! Thanks for visiting, gang. I leave you with this awesome song, in honor of my anniversary tomorrow, even though the song is really sad and perhaps not entirely appropriate to my own marriage! But what a great song. Another one from the 1997 album, The Boatman’s Call, by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Enjoy, gang!! I love you guys. See ya!

People Ain’t No Good

People just ain’t no good
I think that’s well understood
You can see it everywhere you look
People just ain’t no good

We were married under cherry trees
Under blossom we made our vows
All the blossoms come sailing down
Through the streets and through the playgrounds

The sun would stream on the sheets
Awoken by the morning bird
We’d buy the Sunday newspapers
Never read a single word

People, they ain’t no good
People, they ain’t no good
People, they ain’t no good at all

Seasons came, seasons went
The winter stripped the blossoms bare
A different tree now lines the streets
Shaking its fists in the air

The winter slammed us like a fist
The windows rattling in the gales
To which she drew the curtains
Made out of her wedding veils

People, they ain’t no good
People, they ain’t no good
People, they ain’t no good at all

To our love, send a dozen white lilies
To our love, send a coffin of wood
To our love, let all the pink-eyed pigeons coo
That people, they just ain’t no good

To our love, send back all the letters
To our love, a valentine of blood
To our love, let all the jilted lovers cry
That people, they just ain’t no good

It ain’t that in their hearts they’re bad
They can comfort you, some even try
They nurse you when you’re ill of health
They bury you when you go and die

It ain’t that in their hearts they’re bad
They’d stick by you if they could
But that’s just bullshit baby
People just ain’t no good

People, they ain’t no good
People, they ain’t no good
People, they ain’t no good at all

© 1997 Nick Cave


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