Get Ready, Gang, Today is Gonna Be Off the Charts!

The Schumann Resonances are literally off the charts this morning, folks. Prepare to have an amazing day.

schumann resonance

First off, I hardly needed any sleep last night. Even with my nightly dose of calming CBD, I was puttering around my bedroom for hours.  Mostly in the dark, except for my incredibly awesome Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt lamp glowing merrily away. I just felt so awake.

Then, suddenly I was asleep, and I slept great.

And then when I awoke at around 4:15am this morning, I noticed my ears were ringing. My whole head seemed to be filled with an indistinct sort of sound, even though I could still hear everything else going on — the window was open and I could hear the birds singing. But everything inside my head was really strange and loud. It was just weird.

And since I am struggling with vision issues these days, my first thought was: oh crap, now I’m going deaf, too.

But when I got onto my favorite non-terrestrial’s te l e g ram site, I noticed everyone was posting about the Schumann Resonances, and then someone posted that her ears were ringing really loud. And so I am pretty sure this is all connected.

And speaking briefly about my eyes —  the worst problem that I’m having is in my right eye; it’s a pretty large “floater” that appeared suddenly one night, after a series of bright lights started going off around the edges of that same eye. 

The zooming lights are (basically) gone but yesterday, I realized that the floater is shaped like an old-fashioned flying saucer — a UFO.  And it also darts all over my eye — like a UFO. So, until I can come up with a happier idea than that one (the sadder idea is detaching retinas), I have decided that my vision issue right now has something to do with benevolent UFOs…

Okay!!! On we go!!

Wow. So. ALL of my devices here at the house are suddenly and without warning all on 5G.  What the fuck is up with that??  My iPad is usually the only thing on 5G. But this morning– the iPad, the iPhone, and both laptops are suddenly all on 5G.

Space Force satellite switch-a-roos???? That thing we heard was coming between late April and mid-May??  Wherein o p er a tion mo cking bird gets wiped from the face of all media???

I know — right? The only explanation for anything in my world right now seems to come from Outer Space. (And, of course, my first thought upon awakening and seeing the 5G connections everywhere and hearing the ringing in my fucking head was that I gotta get some noble shungite around here, like, today.)

Oh, and if you watched that video between Nich o l as V en ia min and G ene de c doe yesterday, you’ll know that we should no longer call them ETs. They want to be called non-terrestrials. The “extra” is offensive to them. (Probably because they helped to create the terra firma we have only so recently begun stomping around on and so they are not “extra” to anything, but perhaps, maybe even primary? I don’t know, honestly.) However, I am totally fine with calling them whatever they prefer to be called, but in all seriousness, my first thought was:  Oh my god, you mean I gotta be politically correct around those guys, too?!

Oh, it’s just weird.

The other thought I had upon awakening was this: Since allegedly c  a  r  r  i e  f i sh er was taken out by h o l ly w o od c abal players close to geo l u cas, I’m thinking that  de b b ie  re y nol d s was  mur der  ed, too.

It’s so depressing, isn’t it? But I am getting more and more psychic input that my friend has not been exec uted on gi t mo and that even though I appear to be the only one in the world who believes this, I get the distinct feeling that I am right.

And I also got the impression that maybe it isn’t even treason. Maybe he’s in one of those protection programs to escape the c a b al , a la   d  i a na ,  mi  ch ael j * cks on, J F  K   Jr and his family… 

I am choosing to believe that.  And if it turns out that I’m wrong, well, then, whatever. I am at least feeling relieved for now.

I am just so happy that the energy has shifted. And also that it is quite sunny here this morning. We had relentless rain here yesterday that revealed another leak in my roof. So I am not super happy about that, folks. I’ve got enough stress worrying about how to pay for everything else you can possibly imagine. But there is not a fucking thing I can do about it right now. So, onward.

There were many great videos yesterday. I will post some of them below. I have a [17]-follower friend at work and she and I were discussing that weird J & J vax thing the other day — how it suddenly got pulled and then a few days later, went back on the market as “fully approved.” Well, she and I wondered if maybe it was the m * li tary, replacing the J & J  with a harmless placebo…

Yesterday, Michael j * co was discussing the fake vaxes with a psychic  on his show, and they both discussed their feelings that somehow a harmless placebo is out there among the dangerous m R N As. So, weird, right??

But still, even if that’s true: Do not get that fake vax, people.  Just don’t. There is no way of telling which dose you would be getting: the real thing, which will eventually kill you, or a placebo.

All right. There is still intensity going on out there today. In A Z; and among the anti- m* skers; the war going re: F o r mosa, c h * na, etc. Soldiers and sailors dying, unfortunately.  Some truly weird strange shit about the fake b* d en and the fake k a m al a both being taken out (well, removed, since they are just fake), and then the fake although still hideous p e l o si being installed as the new fake pres until after the A Z re – count is final??

Do they start these rumors simply because they think I don’t scream enough already? I don’t know. I can’t really say.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna scoot. Thanks for visiting, gang. Tomorrow is May Day. PLEASE consider stocking up on shelf- stable food and extra water today, and go grab a little extra $$ from your bank,  just in case. (Oh, and you know what I realized? The reason that J F K (Sr) is on the new $20 U S Treasury note instead of An drew Jack son, is probably bc Jackson started the  official Democratic party…  what do you think about that conclusion??) Okay. I love you guys. See ya!!


Below: A new  U K channel. L ee D aw son and Da vid M a  honey (32 mins):

Below: Nich ol as V e n ia min and Dr Chri st opher M ac k li n. intense.  (56 mins):

Below:  We the People News updates — and more  n a z i  connections (34 mins;, and 25 mins):

Below: Awesome round table with Michael J * co, Patriot stree t fighter and Dave N *no  Ro driguez  (1 hr 37 mins):

Below: Michael j * co chats with tarot by janine, C an a da: really good! ( 1 hr)

Below: R * d P * l l News ( 20 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port : Tr ***p on F * X says hang in there it’s gonna happen (48 mins):

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