The Intensity Intensifies!

Happy Tuesday, gang.

I’m guessing you can tell that things all over the world are getting intense. [Photo Credit above of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem from last night: Ofir Gendelman / Twitter]

Allegedly, that is an ancient cypress tree on fire on the Temple Mount, and some reports are that no one was critically injured. Still, 100 rockets were fired on Jerusalem. Tensions between Jews and Muslims are allegedly off the charts.  And a video below indicates that many were killed.

I don’t use the word “allegedly” to discredit anyone’s suffering. But until the worldwide news seems to be free of o p er a t ion m   ockin g bird, everything I don’t see with my own eyes is alleged for now.

Here’s something I found very interesting. It was on m * ch a el j * ck s on’s t e le g ram account yesterday. A download for utopia eco system, so I downloaded it. Here is the link, in case you’d like to, too:

Utopia Ecosystem – Decentralized Encrypted Ecosystem

Also, I’m guessing you already know about how American corporations have been seeding nan o bot s into Americans since at least 2012.  It was sort of the run-up to the full-blown forced v a  c  c  ine that the now dearly departed h i l l ary was planning to unleash on us after she destroyed most of the world in a nuclear war —  oops, she was supposed to be the 45th  pr  e s id ent but , well, um.  Let’s just say: rigged election, upon rigged election, upon rigged election… 

You do the math.

The long and the short of it is that we were saved from the full-on atrocities of h  i l l ary, but according to the Na no D om e st ic Qu e l l Dossier, by June 2013,  the “total infection rate for United States general population [was already at]: 82.7%”

And the projected infection rate for the general U S populace by January 2014 was 98%.  With total infections for ages 18 and above, to reach 99%. And in order to give it that extra boost, increased liquid dispersions of na no bot s were coming from:

Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Danone, and the lucky municipalities of Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles through the water supplies.

If you hadn’t already heard all about this, I’m sorry to break it in this glib sort of way. But you can read  and download the complete dossier at this link.

I know I drive people crazy with all this, but it is why I am always harping on you guys to detox from heavy metals, to clean up your diet and decalcify, to do the bathing protocols, to daily do your colloidal silver, take your activated charcoal, drink your diatomaceous earth.  Take your L-Lysine. And if possible, either make your own MMS, or buy some and keep it handy. (Chlorine Dioxide.) Also zeolite.

Trust me: many people don’t speak to me anymore. I make people completely insane with this stuff, but it’s real, gang. They put those horrific things into us, and for truly horrible reasons. You need to do what you can to get rid of them, and keep them out. (If you have any type of skin lesions with tiny wiry things coming out — you’ve got Morgellons’s Disease, which means you are fully loaded with n an o bots. The vax will do that to you, and the P C R c* vid swab test will also do it.)

You can also get (or build) those personal electronic ionic zapper thingies. I have posted a couple videos about them recently, but I don’t know much about electronics. From what I understand, the ionizer things do not remove the nan o bo t s from your body, but they do “zap” them with enough of a shock to de-activate them.  (And you would basically need to zap yourself once a day, if you go outside a lot.)

Just FYI: the  na  n o b o  t s are an Artificial Intelligence operating system, that — from what I understand– were created with the DNA of some sort of insect.  These bots come fully loaded with viral infections and other infectious diseases. They burrow into your bones, joints, reproductive organs, and your brain.  

They can be activated by satellite to literally destroy you — or to make you behave in peculiar ways, to hear voices, block your empathy chromosome; they can monitor your bodily functions, what you’re body is doing, including having sex, etc. It builds a secondary nervous system inside of you that is operated by A.I.

So get those fuckers out of you. And don’t let them put any more in!!

And as I posted yesterday, according to Dr. Judy Mikovits ( who is awesome, btw — she exposed not only f a  u c  i’s involvement in the scam d emic, but also his involvement in creating H  I  V and blocking the cure for A I  D S back in 1986, and she went to prison for it). Anyway, she maintains that  the antidote to “spike proteins” (aka: na no bo t s) is pine needle tea. So now, of course, I have bought pine needle tea! (My [17]-follower friend from the health food store split the cost with me and we ordered some from Korea.)

Remember, you CAN make your own pine needle tea, but many types of pine needles are toxic, so be sure you know what you’re doing. 

Okay, so as I also said yesterday, it looks like the white hats are in the process of publicly taking down f  a  u ci, even though I believe these are optics and that he’s already been taken down. But here is an article for your perusement — from yesterday’s Gateway Pundit:

Report: Ch *  n  e  se Military Discussed Weaponizing Coronavirus Five Years Ago before Outbreak — While Dr. F*  u  ci Was Funding Their W * han Facilities

[full article is here]

Okey dokey, folks. I gotta scoot here. Yesterday was filled to the brim with amazing videos, so I will post as many as I can here today. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: update on deaths between Hamas and Israel (5 mins):

Below:  I loved this! Alexander Quinn chatted with Nich o las Ven i amin about the Schumann Resonances, Ascension, DNA (46 mins):

Below: Nich o las V en ia min and M* cha el j * co chat! (58 mins):


Below: Very interesting look at human bloodlines! (1 hr):

Below: M* cha el J * co Update: V ax violates Nuremburg Codes, death penaly coming: (1hr 30 mins):

Below: We the People News Update (33 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (46 mins):

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