When You can’t Keep GOing, You Just Keep Going…

Do you ever feel as if you work even harder when you are asleep and dreaming, than when you’re awake and already working nonstop?

Do you then wonder why you even bother to sleep — except for the fact that you pass out from exhaustion every single night, so you can’t help but sleep?

I have been having several of those nights in a row, and last night was either the worst or the best — not sure how to phrase it. I don’t know where I was, but I was really, really busy and it seems like I was meeting a lot of — well, what do we call them? Certainly, it feels like a few of them were people. You know, terrestrial.

The rest of them… I am really just not so sure. I can barely remember any details. But they were there.


As one of the [17] drops assured us, o b * m * would reveal he was born in k * n y* when it came time to save his neck.

It’s looking like it’s time to save his neck.

I am one of those folks who never believed the h a w a ** birth cert ifi cate story. For a few reasons. One: Why did it take so fucking long for him to come up with any bir th cer tifi cate whatsoever? He was the Pres i d e nt of the Uni ted St ate s, for fuck’s sake. Two: why was he allegedly born in a hospital in H I that closed down in the late 1970s, so it could no longer be proven one way or the other? Three (and this is by far my favorite): Loretta f u d d y, the woman who finally made the H I bir th c er tifi cate public, was “mysteriously” killed in a plane crash off the coast of H I. And in the plane that carried 9 passengers, she was the only one who died.


In honor of “Who’s Going Down Now?” month, this is suddenly really easy to find:

And soon enough, it will also become really easy to find that the man listed as the father (the name-giver, as it were) was not his biological father.

And also, regarding the other guy who seems to be on the list to go down this month (the fake d r faux chi being in our primary spotlight), Disclose.tv posted an article yesterday, revealing that e l on mu sk “avoids” paying taxes….

Okay. Well. There were many, many interesting videos yesterday, gang. A lot is happening, all over the world and in those environs beyond it! I try to make my through as many as possible, and then distill it down here on the blog to the key “global” themes for you.

Yes, this is me: wake at 4am (look for photos of Nick Cave on Instagram….takes 3 seconds) then: check te le g ram; play videos if there are any. Move to bitchute. Play videos that came in during night. Check You Tube. play videos that came in during night. Browse rumble, but usually already found everyone on bitchute.

In car going to work, or running errands, or coming home: play longer videos that I haven’t listened to yet.

Throughout day, check Instagram for photos of Nick Cave. (Usually get tons and tons and TONS of photos of alpacas and Tom Petty instead — not together, though.)

Come home from work: check bitchute. Check te le gram. Check you tube. Play EVERYTHING while I prepare dinner, eat dinner, do dishes, shower, do yoga, collapse in bed… and text my [17]-following friend throughout, giving her links to the best videos, and she does the same for me.

As I fall to sleep, I wonder when the hell life will get back to normal so that I can start writing again.

That’s it.

Those are my days/evenings/nights right now and it’s been like this for well over a year.

And when folks come into the store, seek me out and quietly ask me, “When’s Tr **p coming back?” I say, “Really soon. Looking like August now.” And other customers come in, seeking me out, wanting to know how to make pine needle tea; how to get legal ivermectin without seeing a doctor; how to make hyd ro x y chloro quine; what can I do about Morgellons para sites? Do you have zeolite (yes), do you have diatomaceous earth (yes), do you have powdered charcoal (yes — but we’re sold out), “Oh no! what about this powdered charcoal toothpaste stuff? Can I take that instead?” (look at the ingredients: Yes! You can!)

Not sure when my life became THIS, but this is what it is. (And throughout it ALL, I dodge phone calls from collection agencies who want to know when they will be paid and, frankly, I’d really like to know the answer to that, too. I’m kinda super-duper busy for a gal who consistently has no money at all…)

It is officially called a “conundrum”.

Okay! Gotta scoot and start this all over again. Have a great Wednesday, wherever it takes you! Thanks for visiting, gang! I love you guys. See ya!


Below: David N * n o R od r iguez update (26 mins):

Below: m i cha el J * co update: (28 mins):

Below: We knew this was coming!! Tarot by Janine looks at the “new” royal baby. Plus, really disturbing shit about Pitt & Jolie (18 mins):

Below: Super Soldier Talk, future timelines (2 hrs):

Below: Coast to Coast AM, UFO reverse technology, U S locations (42 mins):

Below: UFO Man, massive UFO over Yuma (2 mins 35 seconds):

Below: Nich o las Ven ia min and Mel K; great news, mass global arrests and more! (52 mins): (PS: I couldn’t link to NV’s feed, so this is mirrored)

Below: Why the magnets in the m R N As? LISTEN!!!! (11 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port; more good news on a u d i t s (35 mins):

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