Rainy Day in Crazeysburg

Yes, another rainy day here. After today, though, we have some really good-looking weather coming our way for the next week. I’m really looking forward to it.

It did rain yesterday so the Mexican sunflowers haven’t been planted yet. And I barely got any housecleaning done yesterday because I kept going back to bed and sleeping.

I’m keeping this brief today, gang. I need to get some more notes together on the new short story. Gotta turn it in this weekend.

The good news is that the a * d it s are bringing the house down. Absolutely everything is finally being exposed. And several other States are waking up to the idea that they might just need a forensic a * dit, as well.

Here it comes. The dominoes falling in that pretty cascading thing they do!

Aside from the a * dits and the entirely weird (fake) B * den trip to G 7 (is anyone at all thinking that this is guy is real?), the news that I found most interesting is down below.

Have a terrific Friday, gang, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


FYI: P * trio t str eet f ight er is still on the road. His live streams should be back soon. He gives daily briefs and updates on his t e l e g r am channel.

Below: Looks like the U K doesn’t like this guy. Sounds like it won’t be long before they slap him in the street, too (a la Macron in France) (59 seconds):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8; great updates on the a* d its (15 mins):

Below: Excellent info! Jean-Claude, J * co, and Tarot by Janine. If you’re ascending or want to be part of the new SSP don’t miss this! (non-PPV version) (1 hr 20 mins):

Below: David N * no Ro d rigue z update: Cyber attacks. Expect anything!! (15 mins):

Below: M * ch a el J * co update ( 43 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (48 mins):

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