Oh My Goodness, I Almost Forgot You!!

Just kidding!! I didn’t “forget” to post today.

But what happened was so nice!! I actually got invited to do something social — for the first time in almost one year.

My [17]-following friend from work is dog-sitting for her sister and brother-in-law and asked if I wanted to come over there after work today for lunch!!

Oh my gosh, what a pretty house and what a pretty garden and what pretty landscaping and what a wonderfully friendly little dog. And she made vegetarian quiche and an organic salad. I had such a nice time. A really nice change of pace and scenery.

And, no, we didn’t talk about [17]-related/truther stuff the whole time, either (as we usually do). We actually mostly talked about regular life, for a change, and funny stuff.

I have only known her since October but today we discovered that a few years ago, when I owned the old house in a different town entirely, she lived on the street directly behind mine and I used to walk past her little house all the time!

And now, for wildly different reasons, we each live in different counties, an hour away from where those houses were. Weird, right? We have next to nothing in common. She’s almost 70 and is a grandmother. She worked her whole adult life as the manager of a supermarket. She’s retired now and working at the health food store just to have something to do.

But when we get together at work, we laugh so hard. All the time. (Especially if the owner isn’t there!!) One Saturday, we worked together without the owner there, and we goofed around and laughed so much (even with the customers) that when it came time to close the store, our cash registers were so far off the mark that we had to stay over an hour late, trying to figure out all our mistakes. (i.e., I accidentally overcharged someone’s credit card $700… we were able to refund it right away, but still.) (Oddly enough, we have not been scheduled to work alone together on a Saturday since then. Hmmmm….)

Okay. So.

It is a really beautiful day here — such a nice break after so much rain. But since I got invited to spend time doing something else today, I still have not re-planted the Mexican sunflowers yet, nor have I made any significant progress on the new short story. I do have an outline, but I need to get it down on paper and send it off tomorrow.

So if you don’t hear from me again tomorrow, it’s not because someone else invited me to come over for lunch.

I have a few videos below. one exciting one was that Dr. Sherri T en Penny testified in Ohio at the general Assembly about the fake scam dem ic, the lack of science behind the m*sk mandate and l*ck downs (which are over now in Ohio), and the dangerous fake vaxes. And Ohio’s right to not get va xed. (The gov of Ohio is facing serious charges over abuse of power, etc.) So that’s exciting!

There is a great roundtable with Mi cha el j * co below, and I want to just mention that in the old days, in NYC, when I had my various online erotica publishing and production companies, I knew a lot of people involved in the porn industry. In those days, there were not yet actual porn movies online because the technology hadn’t progressed that far yet. It was still videos, DVDs and magazines.

And I also have to add that everyone I knew who was producing, writing, and/or directing porn, specialized in fetish porn, which back then, was not legally allowed to include any kind of sexual intercourse. Plus, everyone involved had to prove how old they were and also sign consent forms. And the producers tried hard to not create movies that were just run-of-the-mill, boring porn. So the porn world that exists now, which exploded all over the Internet once technology and things like wifi, etc., took off, was nothing at all like how the world was that I knew back in NYC. So the woman’s story at J * co’s roundtable is really shocking to me. On so many levels. How did the world get so incredibly ugly?

(I have seen this woman on J*co’s chats before — she has testified at many m*litary tribunals now re: elite names and being tortured and sex- tr * fficked by well-known people. And she does not hesitate to name names, gang. I still just find so much of this astounding and sickening. She is now involved in rescuing sex- tr * f ick ed ch ild ren.)

There is also a video with Simon Parkes, Pa trio t str eet fighter, and Sasha St * ne that was very refreshing. And a couple UFO sightings, to end the evening!! Plus other stuff!

Okay. I’m gonna take my shower, do yoga, chill out. I hope you have had a great Saturday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

My driving home from a late lunch on a really sunny Saturday music!! Play it loud and enjoy!!


Below: US S e nate announces today that C* VID is a LIE! (15 mins):

Below: Dr. Sherri T en penny testifies at Ohio Congress ( 55 min):

Below: M * chael J * co roundtable ( 1 hr 22 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at why the U K needs such a huge budget for moving and burying many dead bodies. Very sad. Watch! ( 16 mins):

Below: Simon, Scott and Sasha! (23 mins):

Below: David Adair talks about working on UFOs in U S and Secret Space Program (2 hrs 28 mins):

Below: UFO Man –UFO over Big Bear Lake, CA (1 min 34 secs):

Below: UFO Man — UFO over Pakistan ( 1 min 40 seconds):

Below: Last night’s X *2 R* port: Trap set, these people are stupid! 49 mins):

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