Singin’ Like Canaries!

Okay, gang.

So, A ll i son M a ck ( **N X I V M ** ) gets 3 years in prison for procuring female s* x slaves, as well as forcing some of them to make babies in order to take the babies away for God does not even want to know what, and cool stuff like that. 3 years.

So, I guess keep that in mind the next time you want to procure female s* x slaves and force them to make babies, etc. You’ll only have to give up 3 years of your life — if you get caught. Or…

Could it be that Allison sang like a canary and, in return, only gets 3 years? (Assuming she survives prison…) Hmmmm.

Someone else who apparently sang like a canary (or is getting ready to)… the always debonair and delightful b * ll co s by is a free man after serving only 2 years of his sentence for being an unconquerable s* x predator because: a P A judge seems to have located a prior agreement c o s b y made with a prosecutor…

Does it have anything to do with any of this??!! (Your guess is as good as mine!!)

Tunnels under Hollywood mansions connected to Playb*y mansion, used for s* x traff * cking

And this is copied from [17]-The Storm Rider’s t e l e gram channel and seems almost indescribably interesting. Could the worm finally be turning??

Past 72 hours 32 Governors/130 top Military leaders from across the nation & top officials in NSA DNI DOE all summoned to the Pentagon in meetings w/ P o m pe o/Adm. Rogers/>>D. J* NG WEI CH*** SE INTEL defector w/20 years of evidence on C C P_U.S corruption=C* vid-19=2020 e l * ction
D* ng J* ng w ei;
Handed over 1 TB = 75 million pages of Evidence containing 20 years of C C Ps plans, execution & current infiltration to destroy the U.S: including creating the SARS, C* vid 1^^9 bioweapons & all companies & people in involved>>
VATICAN Israeli Kazarian crime syndicate..
J* NG W*I gave 20 years of evidence on HRC . Weapons trade . Money laundering,
creating weapons for climate change (+ Suez/ evergreen ship)//

MAJOR PANIC [DS] Run military bases>>
M S M MEDIA<<< all in the debriefing”

[From [17] The Storm Rider te el e gram]

Kinda looks serious, doesn’t it, gang? Hopefully, he will keep us posted.

Yesterday, I did another one of those ionic detox footbaths to see how I was doing with the spike proteins and I guess it’s okay. I still have those fuckers in me and they do still seem to be dead, but I ahve yet to find the best detox to get them all out of me and it makes me a little insane.

However, right after I was finished, a customer called wanting to get in for a footbath right away. She had never had one before and we could not believe the amount of heavy metals that came out of her. When she was done, I asked her if she worked or lived in an environment that would expose her to a lot of heavy metals and she said, “Yes. I work in the healthcare industry and v a xe s are mandatory. Every year they make me get more and all they do is make me sick. I am so tired of it. I can’t wait until I can afford to get out of the healthcare field. I have had 6 miscarriages now! My youngest son has not been v ax ed and I will not allow them to vax him. He is healthier than my other two boys, who have had nothing but health problems after getting their v a c c in e s. I can’t wait for HB 248 to pass into law so that I can tell them to go fuck their man d a t or y v a c c in e s.”

It’s heartbreaking, gang. 6 miscarriages….

Another young woman was in the store on Tuesday, wanting help with fertility supplements. She and her husband had one 3-year-old son, but have not been able to conceive again and they’ve been trying all year. (My [17]-following co-worker said under her breath to me, “If she’s been v a x ed , she’ll probably never conceive again.”)

I just can’t stand this stuff. It breaks my heart. I just keep wanting to fight back for some sort of miracle to pop up from out of nowhere. And I don’t care if I’m delusional at this point.

But the older customers seem to be better prepared to fight back. An elderly white woman came in yesterday and said, “Do you believe this stuff? Now there’s a new variant. How stupid do they think we are? I am so tired of this!”

And an elderly black man wanted help getting immunity supplements and he told me, very quietly, “I don’t want to get that v a c c ine. Did you get it?”

ME: “No. I’m never getting it.”

HE (getting very encouraged): “Really? You’re not? I just don’t want it. I don’t know what’s in it. People are pressuring me to get it. They tell me I’m crazy. I know other people who have gotten it and they seem just fine.”

ME: “They probably got a placebo. But don’t bank on that!! Just resist it for a few more months. Everything is going to turn around.”

HE: “Really? You think so?”

ME: “I know it. Just hold out until the end of the summer!”

It never stops, gang. The heartbreaking stories and the empowering stories; side by side, all day long. All of us at the store are emotionally exhausted. But at least we have each other.

Okay. Today is about laundry and — yes!! — trying to make some more progress on the new erotic short story. And if you are interested, all of my eBooks published at Smashwords are free during the month-long Summer Sale. Please be advised that all the eBooks, except for Twilight of the Immortal, are erotic and intended for adults only and include “questionable consent” warnings throughout. (Best to take that warning extremely seriously.) Just visit Smashwords and search for Marilyn Jaye Lewis. All my eBooks will come up. And all of them are free to download in any format for the month of July. (A month wherein we also celebrate my 61st birthday!!!!)

All righty. I’m gonna scoot. Have a nice Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Oh, and even though today is really rainy, we are now supposed to have a really gorgeous weekend, throughout the 4th of July holiday!!! Yay!!!

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!


Below: Sheriff Mack: learn the difference between a Democracy (which we are not) and a Republic (where the Constitution is in charge) (4 mins):

Below: C * me y loses his head (not for the squeamish — O b * m a had this in mind for all of us) (3 mins):

Below: R*d P*l l 7 8 news update: caution f b i infiltration everywhere (17 mins):

Below: Nuremburg Code violations in prisons (St e w P e t ers ) (17 mins):

Below: Ch * r lie W * rd: P C R tests arrive pre-marked POS or NEG; percentages predetermined by D* m in ion and S ma rt M * tic (3 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las V en ia min chats with Jason [17]: Extremely interesting M c A f e e intel (39 mins):

Below: Naval U S & I n d ia blockade C h * * a, bring it to its knees (6 mins):

Below: M * ch ael J * co chats with P* trio t S t r eet fighter: intel that will rattle you! (1 hr):

Below: Digital Warriors: New Zealand and Australia fighting back hard (42 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at Romanian bitcoin billionaire taken out; l* ck d * wn doc in U K a white hat leak? (16 mins):

Below: J * co and Janine look at DUMBS and hybrids (57 mins):

Below: P * trio t S t ree t fighter: You will not believe 99% of this fucking off the charts insane intel which means it’s likely true ( 3 hrs):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Extremely informative. Don’t miss! What Tr ***p already knows & when he knew it (53 mins):

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