And Yet Another Day Off!!

Yesterday was just awesome, gang. I took an actual entire day off for the 4th of July. And it was a stunning day, from start to finish, here in Crazeysburg.

I picked some dandelion leaves early in the morning and made the dandelion leaf extract. Dried dandelion leaves smell so good, gang. They really do.

Enough to make a few cups of tea. It takes less than 20 minutes to dry them in a low oven.

And what’s interesting to note: this past Spring, when the dandelions first bloomed, we were all noticing that they looked really pretty this year. Each day when I walked in the park where the ancient burial mounds are, I would look at all the dandelions blooming and just marvel at them. They were noticeably more vibrant than I had ever recalled seeing them.

And then I noticed that the ones in my own yard looked the same way. And I knew that dandelion leaves are healthy in salads, and that the roots are good for kidney and liver health. But honestly, I do so many things already for my daily health and immune system, that I thought: I really can’t add one more intense superfood thing to my daily routine.

And now, it appears that dandelion leaves could save our lives. As if the dandelions themselves were calling out to us: Look over here! Look over here!! How cool is that? (If you missed my post from the other day: A new research study in Germany shows that dandelion leaf extract keeps spike proteins (in the fake v a x) from being able to adhere to our ACE2 receptor cells.)

So one more intense superfood thing gets added to my daily routine…(PS: Do not gather leaves from areas known to use pesticides.)

Also, yesterday, I finally took time out for my own career, and I reformatted “Half-Moon Bride” and 1954 Powder Blue Pick Up and put them both back online for sale. Later today, I will begin getting those links posted here on the blog. They are both available worldwide, as eBooks, through — which includes, Apple, Kubo, Barnes & Noble, and also international eBook sales outlets. And they will also be available through all Amazons worldwide on Kindle. PLUS, 1954 Powder Blue Pick Up will be available in print as a paperback through Kindle.

Both of these titles are shorter than regular eBooks (or books). “Half-Moon Bride” is a long short story. And 1954 Powder Blue Pick Up is a novella. (They were written specifically for Black Lotus Publishing, which has folded.) I am trying to keep them priced low, accordingly, but there are minimum prices I am locked in to, in order to get global distribution. But here’s hoping that won’t be an issue and that readers will simply happily flock to them, regardless of cost!! (But keep in mind, people, that these two titles, in particular, are absolutely hardcore erotica, meant for absolutely hardcore adults. They are not for the squeamish or for the politically correct and could be considered highly offensive by some readers.) (However!!! They ARE both romances. Seriously.)


Regarding interesting apparent NESARA updates… I do not want to put on my party hat just yet, gang. But here is my own personal observation about my own life. A couple months ago, my tiny little bank here in Tiny Town abruptly stopped all of our ATM cards, then assigned us new ones, with new PINs and new terms of service for our phone apps. And my home mortgage (federal) has been on a sort of ongoing moratorium since last September. My federal tax debt from 2020 was recently removed and instead they gave me a refund. My federal student loan debt from Divinity School (about $38K still owed) seems to have disappeared.

I will keep you posted on all this, folks.

Okay. From [17] The Storm Rider yesterday on t e le g r am:

Hawaii. U.S & French Air Force conducting Exrcs _

Russian exrcs. In Black Sea/ drills bombing Ships _

NATO Air Force in Black Sea>Air Defence Exrcs. _

Massive RU forces movement to UKRN. _

Philippines Troop plane crash/17 dead _

GITMO flights 900% increase

World MiL on High ALERT

Then followed by:

“Lots of Flights to GITMO
Past 8 days…

Tuesday night June 29 & June 30 early morning hours.

Over 700 arr ests were made through the United States
U K. E U. On the Cen tra l Intelligence A gen cy (C I A}


[D S] M S M is not reporting on the arrests …. But creating distractions…///

The Military Federal Marshals moved on behalf of Sealed indictments and important evidence, files and Servers provided by J*ng J*ng we i”

So things indeed are happening at a fevered pitch out there. Stay alert, gang.

And, late last week: . A d a m S c h if f finally gets convicted of t r e a s on? And allegedly got sold down the river by way of a zoom call from his wife. (Pulls pin; lobs grenade.) Don’t fuck with her anymore. Yay!! This m* li t ary tr* bunal apparently only covered the 20 millions in bribes, cars, and vintage Rolex’s that he accepted in his efforts to overthrow Tr ***p, and doesn’t include his alleged crimes against humanity (i.e., ra p ing and murdering at least one little black boy at a certain St an d ar d h ot el in Los Angeles…) (5 mins):

And here’s a little 4th of July reminder of what we were celebrating: “We are all made equal by the All Mighty hand of our Creator” (1 min):

And Mi ch a e l Y e a don, former V P of Research at p f * z er speaks his mind. Again. Forcefully. Not mincing words. He could be happily retired right now but he’s spent the last year trying to warn people what the p f * zer v ax is going to do to you. Listen to him. Don’t be among the stupid. (2 mins):

These guys in Spain are really going after it! I love this. They are now printing out the truth about the graph en e ox ide in the va xes, and what the serious side effects are, including death. They are leaving the printouts at health centers for the world to see. It includes a statement that any doctors or health professionals who continue administering these va x es will be liable in court for crimes against humanity. Taking it to the streets, gang!! (Spanish with subtitles) (58 secs):

Again, the English subtitles run by quickly on this, but please watch. It explains how g r a ph e ne ox ide links to 5 G, and why and how N A C and Glutathione (and i v er me ctin and hy dr o xy chlor o quine) work to protect us from g r a ph e ne o xi d e. (Spanish) (8 mins):

A very exciting international currency update with Ni cho las Ven i a min and Rod Steel. It is all happening, gang. Worldwide. (39 mins):

This was really interesting, gang!! UFO Man livestream with Pam Nance about her recent (and childhood) experience with non-terrestrial, non-violent abduction. Includes photos, and transcripts of conversations caught on video with missing or convoluted timelines. (2 hrs):

Meditation for whole body aura cleanse. Binaural beats. (ongoing):

S* mon P * r kes update for Connecting Consciousness (1 hr 17 mins):

The X* 2 Special R* port for 4th of July: Great things! Big announcement is coming. (42 mins):

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