An Item or two of interest

I don’t have a lot that I want to focus on today.

I will say that for the first time in years, I had to sign into my blog account (and into Y T & g m * il — all of it g** gle), which means they have new terms of service.

Interesting, right?

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see new terms of service pop up nowadays, I wonder who it is around here that’s new and might be in control now…

Just sayin’…

Okay. For the first time in over a year, I was finding chunks in every video I watched yesterday that I personally didn’t agree with — I felt it was perpetuating a false flag, or an optic that for me is a time waster right now. That doesn’t mean that they’re right and I’m wrong, or vice versa. It only means that I have next to nothing that I’m posting here today.

I do want to point out that the main y a h o o headline this morning blames all of us who are not va xe d for causing all the deaths in this country right now.

Of course, it is the opposite. The v a x ed are the ones dying in droves, from their own choices…

But I am still feeling the heat, gang. I truly am. Although, it’s odd that most of the anti- v a x er s are also pro gun; and the v a x e d and the m* sked are the ones most easily controlled — so what are they trying to set up here?

The primary answer: It’s not good, whatever it is.

I have my “No Trespassing” signs, stating that v a c c in e h a r ass me nt is prohibited on my property. But since I am loathe to turn my entire home into a blockade against the world, I am waiting until it seems absolutely necessary to post the signage.

But it really does feel like enough’s enough, already.

And I also spent a good deal of time yesterday going over the Springmeier stuff (that I posted yesterday). Of course, now we all know a lot more about this stuff and how pervasive m i n d c on tr ol is/was, but I still find it appalling that this specific book he wrote, and the video lecture, are from the 1990s, and he already knew all about this stuff — so many details — way back then.

It just blows my fucking mind, you know? It really does.

And the great big ton –fucking truckload — of people (already on gi t mo and various and sundry prison complexes allegedly peppered throughout the world) who were either at the helm of this shit all along, or who got swept up into it and became just as evil?

Sometimes, honestly. It just blows my mind. Luckily, there were only a couple of people in that bunch that I personally knew and that I personally held a high opinion of and/or even trusted. From movie stars, to Rockefellers, to people that I knew darn well were foreign spies but it never once occurred to me that they were outright evil. I thought they just sort of needed a job. I was always so willing to give absolutely everyone the benefit of the many doubts I always had.

But I also find it — is refreshing the word for it?– that since S a t a ni sm is truly at the heart of all of this and has been for centuries… well, it’s refreshing that the powers that be in “the Church” found my understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ to be unacceptable and therefore I would not be getting my own congregation in this life time. And so I have to wonder; how come I was literally born understanding that Jesus Christ is not who you’re taught he is and that all these various offshoots of protesting protestants are just as mind con troll ed as it was back in the 2nd Century A D?

Why is that? How come I knew that from day one (of this lifetime, anyway)?

Anyway. I’m ranting. But it’s that kind of day. I am getting just so fucking angry about the relentlessness of all this programing shit (regardless of whether it’s good vs evil or the other way around) (and that stupid fucking Ashli b a b b it charade is just more stupid fucking programming shit), and yet I am feeling more grateful, every moment, that my particular life, however it winds up being interpreted in the end, for whatever reason, has always rebelled against conformity.

I have dodged so many bullets; some I knew about at the time, most I am only seeing in hindsight.

Okay, gang. That’s it for now. I have to go back out in thethick of it now and try to help people survive. Have a meaningful Friday, wherever you are in the world. Okay? Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

[Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, “Rebels,” 1985)

Below: Meditation: Hug of Angels, binaural beats (ongoing):

Below: R*d P * l l 7 8 news (19 mins):

One thought on “An Item or two of interest”

  1. Your self-reflections make sense. I’m far from your conclusions on many aspects of what’s actual/factual because I am highly suspicious of both “official” info, when it has serious inconsistencies, holes, etc., AND of grand, common-sense stretching explanations of how things “really work”. The dangers on both “extremes” are great. “Conspiracy theorists” or alleged exposers also either have nefarious motives or are driven by non-rational, emotional forces in many, many cases.

    As to Covid19 and vaccinations, the great preponderance of evidence supports official scientific and governmental info, conclusions, and recommendations, tho it’s not always perfect. If you expect me to take seriously re “the opposite is true”, you’ll have to point me to some solid and extensive data and scientific vetting… which I frankly doubt exists in any significant way…. But please, refer me if that’s wrong.

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