Another Happy Saturday in Crazeysburg!

Okay. Happy Saturday, gang!

Since I have to go in and open the health food store every Saturday morning now, and then I only have to work for 3 hours, I’ve decided to post to the blog in the afternoons on Saturdays from now on.

I realize that for most of my readers, it is already Saturday night where you live. I hope this isn’t too inconvenient.

First and foremost, P* trio t Str ** t fighter and S asha S t* ne were over in Columbus yesterday evening, with their Arise Freedom! Tour.

I did not get to go, but my [17]-follower friend from work did go and she said it was phenomenal. And she got some great photos of herself with both Sco t t Mc Kay and S asha S t *ne that she showed me at work this morning.

Here is a photo she took of the bus:

And here is a photo of S c ott from his t e le g ram page last night:

P a trio t str ee t figh ter in Ohio last night. looking, GOOD, right???

Okay. S* mon P * rkes wants everyone to know that there is a fake Connecting Consciousness site out there. Don’t fall for it! The real one is DOT ORG. The fake one is DOT COM (1 min):

And from [17] The Storm Riders’ te le g ram page this morning:

_these p re sid ent rejected W.H.O (World Health mafia Organization/>C*A R*THSCH*LDs/Gat*s/Rock*fellers/V*TIC*N/GPMB/World banks runned Organization)… And VXES… These President had Dirt on C*A and MICR*SOFT.. FACEB**K.

_J*venel Moi se H*iti’s President denied WHO . & VxES
Mo is e had all evidence on C * A & HUMAN TRAF FICK ING through Cl*n ton foundation/Ep stein connections and hundreds of thousands of missing H*iti an child ren. Evidence on Stolen gold by C * A/Cl* nt ons

Tan z*nian President John Mag uf u li denied the Vxes and had full evidence on WHO, WEF Conspiring with Face b**k G** gle C * a GPMB WORLD BANKS…. >>He was then killed and replaced with a female President S* mi a H*ss an who is directly connected to WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM

_Pi *r re N k* run zi za President of B* run di Expelled W.H.O from his country and denied the Vxes… He had evidence on C * a>> W.H O WEF social media Face b**k CONTROLLED C * a operation >>to G ** gle and his countries Servers.


All right. So, anyone who knows me well, knows that I am pro-gun, however I don’t own a gun because I have suffered a life-long battle with suicidal depression and so guns are not a good idea in my house. People who do not actually know me, would never know this because I have a National Rifle Association decal prominently displayed on my kitchen door. (It came with the house!) Plus, I have a really cool (in my opinion) Tr **p flag hanging on the front of my house (guns blazing):

And now, with the recent declaration that it’s time for the National Guard to go door to door to strongly urge vax es on the nation’s un va xed (see my post from yesterday) — anti-vax er Ohioans have sent around a version of the suggested “No Trespassing” notice.

I posted my copy outside, just to the side of my kitchen door. It is visibly displayed not very far from my National Rifle Association decal. (PS: I fixed the typo in my printout.)

I truly hope it doesn’t come to needing to buy an actual gun, folks… (or borrowing one, since all of my friends around here own several). I guess we shall see.

Okay. I guess I’m gonna enjoy what’s left of my afternoon here in Crazeysburg. Thanks for visiting, gang. I hope you enjoyed your Saturday, wherever you are in the world! I love you guys. See ya!


All righty! We are lucky enough to have two videos with Dr, Reiner Fuellmich today. One is an interview with him (1 hr) And the second is more testimony regarding the world wide Nuremburg 2.0 lawsuit (1 hr 22 mins):

Sadly, more parents wanting you to be aware that the va x kills perfectly healthy children. (33 mins):

The Digital Warriors look at the poison, Graphene Ox ide; also updates on U K (U K/Spain) (39 mins):

Mel K and David N*no Ro dr i guez chat! (52 mins):

Nich o las Ven i amin and David W e st chat about sk ull & bone s involved in every major war and world crisis (38 mins):

This was interesting! What’s really underneath the Sphinx? Coast to Coast AM (42 mins):

And this ! Another lecture by Emery Smith about UFO crashes, underwater sites, working alongside non-terrestrials (23 mins):

From today! Tarot by Janine looks at the U S door to door va x threat; and what’s up with Kate and the P * pe? ( 18 mins):

X*2 R* port: b* g t e ch and c* ngre ss colluded (54 mins):

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