Fingers Crossed, gang!

This is one of those week’s where I have to survive on .86 cents until Saturday…

For the most part, it’s okay because I have gas in the car, and my EBT (food stamp) card gets uploaded with my monthly allowance today, so I can go buy food after work.

But I’m all out of my CBD raw pills. Zippo. Took the last one last night and I usually take 2 a day to handle my anxiety, which is usually pretty much off the charts when left unattended by CBD.

“Raw” means that it doesn’t cross the brain barrier and make you sleepy. I have literally tons of CBD around here that is “full spectrum” because I get it free from the sales reps who come into the store. But that kind makes me so sleepy, it’s ridiculous.

So this week, we will go out into the world each day with .86 cents, no CBD, and a lot of prayers — and some high frequency water. We shall see how it goes!! (Below: Frequency download: Ends Meet: End Financial Struggle) (17 mins):

(Actually, though, these frequency downloads from Source Directives really work for me, gang. A new one was posted last night to help with vision problems and it began working for me in under 20 minutes! I’ve posted it farther below.)

As usual, these days, the news is sort of really promising, but also really really awful — as we make our way, all over the world, to the outcome of that “really promising” part.

I don’t know if you saw these photos, many months ago — around the days & nights of the (fake) in a u g u r a tion. When people were saying that there were gallows being built in front of the W H and that massive a r r es ts were being made in D C during the night (then there were those really odd fireworks after the a r re st s on the night of the fake in au gura tion). The photos re: the gallows were online then sort of disappeared. Then over the weekend, Rumor Mill News brought them back and did a handy recap, since M*n key W * rx is showing so many fucking planes these days going to g i t mo.

Anyway. Here are those photos again. I leave it to your own interpretation. It is indeed the W H. (From many months ago. The gallows are now gone.)

The full article is here. It’s intense and detailed. But if you are a regular follower of this blog, you pretty much already know all this stuff.

I also saw what I thought to be a really weird news comment on Ni c h olas Ve ni amin’s te l e gr am site yesterday. We all basically know that ex- U S S u pr eme Court J u st i ce Am y Con ey B ar re tt has been ar reted and taken to g i t mo, awaiting trial for tr e a son. But Ni ch o las is claiming that Amy is actually a “he” (hence all those adopted multi-racial children), and s/he is the thought-to-be dead daughter/son of j o e b * den. (The real one, not the fake one.) (j o e b * den had one daughter who it is thought that he killed, along with his late wife, in a staged car accident. Later, he had a son that also died.)

Ni ch ol as also goes on to talk about re p tilian hybrids and blood sacrifices of the S a t anic Cult, but that part, I can’t really say one way or the other. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see about that part.

I think that will have to be it for today, folks, because I am running out of time here! I’m hoping the news today will be a little more upbeat than it was over the weekend. I guess all we can do is wait and see…

But thanks for visiting, gang. Hang in there, since it could be a tough week. I leave you with a song that popped up on Y T this morning that I had forgotten all about but boy did I used to love this song, back in the late 1980s!! Dwight Yoakam, “Always Late with Your Kisses”!! Hillbilly, honky-tonk guitar twang. (NYC back then used to be so much fucking fun.) Okay. Enjoy!! I love you guys. See ya!


Below: New Source Directives frequency download. Play it near a glass or pitcher of water and then drink the water: Sight Restoration, Vision Repair (15 mins):

Below: This was so cool! I hope it’s an upcoming trend for M S M ( 3 mins):

Below: More awful shit about what happened to the p r e s i d e nt of h a i ti (not for the squeamish) (2 mins):

Below: Anti-c omm un is t protests all over C*ba yesterday (13 seconds):

Below: Please, PLEASE watch this horrible shit. It’s only 6 mins. These kids were to r tu red & ra ped and M k ultra’d with dis ney movies, then turned into $$ machines. D i sn ey has got to go, gang. (mirrored from (6 mins):

Below: Violence and looting in Johannesburg yesterday (1 min):

Below: Tr **p at C P A C, in case you missed it (49 mins):

Below: This was really, really sad. Tarot by Janine takes a look at the disappearance of a little boy in Australia many years ago. (20 mins):

Below: Ch *r lie W *r d and Danielle Stotijn talk 5D — uplifting (38 mins):

Below: Yes, that’s right! Absolutely nothing is the way we thought it was! The Anunnaki were all over Southern Africa! Fascinating architectural discoveries. Coast to Coast AM (45 mins):

Below: UFO Man: Guess what?! They lied to you about Roswell. Go figure!! (9 mins):

Below: Part 3 of Italian clothing designer Antonio Urzi and his uncanny connection to UFOs (12 mins):

Below: Secret Space Programs and inter-dimensional beings (20 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port: facts are coming fast & furious (56 mins):

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