Please feel Free to join the EffiNG Fight

Okay, this stuff is just sickening, gang.

I know that most of this has proven to be a white hat op to try to wake people up in the U K. But, you know, like NOW might be a good time to do that waking up…

Or, I guess, just keep watching football. Whatever.

But over here, on this side of the pond, just hearing about this crap, whether or not it’s false or true, it just makes me want to throw up.

Below: A reminder: Why those football matches could potentially fuck everything in the U K (4 mins; mirrored from Falcon’s Cafe):

And here’s something really cheery, regardless of where you live and whether or not you can even stomach football:

Below: Faux chi spent 191 billion $$ on bioweapons that we paid for and all sources of funds are trackable (mirrored from Great Awakening U K; 1 min):

And once again, gang: Football, football, football! U K will be first for the re- l*ck d* wn? Is it true? Pay attention (38 mins):

However, people are still getting the word out in U K. The va x is a bio weapon. (This looks like the High Street in Exeter, but I’m not positive. From yesterday ) (2 mins):

Holy McMoly, gang. What is going on in C a na d a?? The emergency is over; take off your effing m* sks & don’t get v x ed. (19 mins):

Oh — and C P AC is going on this weekend in T X. Tr **p is speaking there today. Below: Pr * j ect V er * tas has done so much to bring M S M to justice in court. (When do we get to stop preaching to the choir, though?) (26 mins):

I’m not sure if Tr ***p ‘s speech will be streamed on his r u m b le channel, but here is the link just in case.

Okay, so.

I had a nice evening last night. It was super quiet around here; there was a slight breeze. The light of the sunset was interesting, indeed.

I hung out on my bed and listened to the UFO Man live stream from Friday night: “58 indicators of alien abduction” (below), and came to the absolute, undeniable conclusion that I have never been abducted by any sort of alien, or c i a black op, ever.

I do not have any — zippo, zero — of the 58 indicators.

Thank goodness. Frankly, my life was complicated enough. And that is an understatement.

(Of course, this does not negate that I’m a non-terrestrial in the first place, so they saw no need to abduct me for any reason….) (I guess we need a live stream for “58 indicators that you’re a non-terrestrial” in order to know for sure.)


I had a pleasant night. And this morning was really, really peaceful. I woke at 3:45am, and my head was ringing like crazy. I guessed that it was those Schumann Resonance thingies, because that’s been off the charts again, lately (pun intended).

The birds were just beginning to chirp. I reached for the phone to check for Nick Cave photos on Instagram, only to be regaled with a photo of him with a soccer ball (football, in U K-speak).

And I thought: No, no, no, no. Why must we go there? Why are you doing this to me?

Yesterday, his wife, Susie Cave — at this point, probably the most visible, most famous, most social-media-savvy, most recognizable rock-star wife in the world — posted a photo of her ceiling to her Instagram account.

Yes, her ceiling. A woman who usually posts photos of super famous people wearing her super famous designer dresses. She posted a photo of her ceiling. After she was finished working out and, therefore, staring at it.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but, once you “couple” that with Nick Cave and a soccer ball… You know for certain that the d **p st* te has achieved its goal of bringing the whole damn fucking world to a complete halt. And especially — or so it seems — the U K.

I didn’t have a whole lot of room left inside myself, so very-early this morning, to even contemplate the reality of that, you know? There is simply not a whole lot that I can take these days. Everything is emotional barbed wire and landmines for me right now. It takes all I have to stay focused on the positive things; to tune out the negative bullshit.

So, I thought, I just want to lie here and meditate before I get out of bed. I want to just listen to the Earth — to those ringing sounds in my head; those Schumann Resonances. I want to block out every other planet, galaxy, life-filled constellation that’s allegedly alive and well out there that we never knew anything about until now (or — it’s all a c i a black op; it depends on who you want to believe right now). Anyway. I wanted to listen to the Earth. The birds beginning to sing in the trees outside my window.

But my mind kept drifting back to the absolute evil garbage that is going on all over the world right now. So I turned to my trusty binaural beats Y T channel, and look what came onto my little iPhone screen!!!!

“Schumann Resonance Grounding, Stability, Well-Being – 7.83 Hz – Earth’s Vibrational Binaural Beats”

Is this Universe awesome or what??!!

So I meditated for about 30 minutes. Then felt able to actually get out of bed.

It had started to rain, really gently, so the birds were still out there singing while the rain sort of serenaded everything. The sun had not come up yet. The cats were happy and doing their pre-breakfast frisky scampering when we were down in the kitchen. And Sunday is i v er me c tin day, so I took my dose of that, first thing, and celebrated the continuing death of the spike proteins invading me from God only knows who.

Honestly. everyone who walks into that store now; every hour, every moment; who seeks me out, while holding a little piece of paper with scribblings on it that they need help finding because something written on that paper will save their lives: I have anxiety. I can’t sleep. I have really bad acid-reflux. I have terrible arthritis. I have cancer. I have high blood pressure. I have diabetes. I have terrible night sweats. I’m in menopause and putting on so much weight! I need to cleanse my kidneys. I need to cleanse my liver…. And the one that comes up many times a day now: I have parasites. I have parasites. I have parasites. Can you help me???

And every single one of those people, I walk right up to each them, praying that God is going to help me to help them; and I’m always thinking: Oh please don’t be va c c i nated because spike proteins just fucking LOVE me.

And on we go.

But today is Sunday. My day to not interact with anyone at all, and hopefully get a break from va x ed people for 24 whole hours.

I get to sit at my desk and work on my own writing.

Oh! I wanted to thank everyone who is downloading Freak Parade over at Smashwords during their July Summer Sale.

I have no idea why Freak Parade is suddenly so popular, but it does not matter! I’m just really happy that people are wanting to read that novel again. (It is 10 years old already!!) So, thank you, gang. I really appreciate it. Even though the downloads are totally free right now; I am still always happy when anyone wants to read one of my books or short stories.

I have been a professional fiction author for 33 years now (a magical number), and I still never get tired of knowing that somebody somewhere wants to read something I wrote. It means everything to me.

(The direct link to Freak Parade on Smashwords is here.)

Okay. I guess I’ll get started around here. I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: David N* no Ro d ri gue z: Desperate times need desperate measures. Y T getting ready to go after any extremist out there. (38 mins):

Below: UFO Man livestream from Friday: 58 indicators of alien abduction (1hr 48 mins):

Below: UFO Man livestream from Saturday; weekly video recap and news updates (1 hr):

Below: X *2 R* port special interview with Brian Cates: D * r h am investigations will lead to ar r ests; the storm is coming. (53 mins):

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